Bring ‘Em Bach Alive(1999)


So SEBASTIAN BACH gets the boot from Skid Row in 1996 and 3 years later he assembles a  studio band consisting of these players..

Sebastian Bach – vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – guitar, background vocals
Richie Scarlet – guitar , harmonica , background vocals
Dave Linsk – guitar
Jimmy Flemion – guitar
Larry Fisher – guitar , bass, background vocals
Anton Fig – drums

Do ya recognize any of these dudes? I sure do Wolf Hoffmann is the lead guitar from Accept and lead off track Rock N Roll is a great Accept like opener! Baz isn’t lazing around and he and the Wolfman lay down a AssKicker of a opener track!

Anton Fig of KISS studio albums(Dynasty and Unmasked) Frehleys Comet and David Lettermans band for about 3 Decades lays down the drums and as added bonus hammers some cowbell on various tracks!

“Rock ‘N’ Roll” – 5:52 (Sebastian Bach, Wolf Hoffman)

“DoneBleeding” – 5:07 (Bach, Larry Fisher, Richie Scarlet)
“Superjerk, Superstar, Supertears” – 2:38 (Jimmy Flemion)
“Blasphemer” – 2:26 (Flemion)
“Counterpunch” – 3:55 (Bach, Fisher)

These 5 Studio Tracks are good songs that even in 2016 I can attest too. Lets put it this way I would rather listen to this than buy anything a Baz Less Skid Row is plugging with however many lead vocalist changes those Knuckleheads have done in recent years!

Baz and the Studio crew roll up there sleeves and get to work and smash out some good songs.

Done Bleeding,Superjerk,Superstar,Supertears and Blasphemer are well written tracks and Bach even keeps the songs short n sweet in most cases and the last track of the studio portion Counterpunch  by the lyrics that Baz wrote sounds like he’s sending his ex bandmates a message…

“First you date me, then forsake me
Rape me
Top of the mountain, then we
Drown in the fountain
Blood brothers. Godfathers. Sweet sisters
Blah blah blah
Best of friends
Stabbed each other in the end

You’re so sweet
Sweet enough to smack
Or maybe we’re just tough nuts to crack
When you hit the wall
Scale the heights and take the fall
When nothing’s all there is
You’ve hit the skids.”

Ha …I  love these  Rock Band Bust Ups! Dudes that act like a bunch of Drama Kings! Hey Guys! Grow up  for God Sakes isn’t  Snake Sabo a manager of some Rock Acts that are out there?  Seriously man as a Manager wouldn’t it be better business ($$$) to bring back the Original Singer and play the Nostalgic Rock Circuit festivals instead of hiring yet another vocalist who really no one gives a F*^k About and play Backyard Parties  and Bowling Alleys? (Tbones Wife should hire Skid Row to play Tbones 50th Bday Party !) Dunno man ….. I posted the audio of Counterpunch so listen to it and tell me what ya think…

Too be honest I haven’t bought any real Bach solo studio albums  as well I dunno why. Just haven’t but when I need a hit of Jersey Rock I will dial in on my iPod Skid Rows Slave To The Grind to this day it holds up quite well!

Give Baz credit here he pulls his shit together and with the help of some friends blasts out some decent Studio  Sonics Of Rock!


“Slave to the Grind” – 3:10 (Bach, Rachel Bolan, Dave “the Snake” Sabo)
“Frozen” – 7:00 (Bolan, Sabo)
“18 and Life” – 5:10 (Bolan, Sabo)
“Beat Yourself Blind” – 5:23 (Bach,Bolan, Scotti Hill, Sabo)
“Riot Act” – 1:58 (Bolan, Sabo)
“Mudkicker” – 4:04 (Bach, Bolan, Sabo)
“In a Darkened Room” – 5:07 (Bach, Bolan, Sabo)
“Monkey Business / Godzilla” – 9:30 (Bolan, Sabo) / (Buck Dharma)
“The Most Powerful Man in the World” (Flemion)- 2:44
“I Remember You” – 5:59 (Bolan, Sabo)
“Youth Gone Wild” – 4:21 (Bolan, Sabo)

Sebastian Bach – vocals
Richie Scarlet – guitar, background vocals
Jimmy Flemion – guitar, background vocals
Larry Fisher – bass
Mark “Bambam” McConnell – drums

So the live portion of Bring ‘Em Bach Alive was recorded in Tokyo and features mostly the same guys in the studio except for the Late Mark McConnell drums on the live stuff  and this Band smokes!

Slave To the Grind(song) rockets at hyper speed and this band means business! Frozen is a menacing like stomper.  Beat Yourself Blind is a great song and one of the best tracks from the  Subhuman Race 1995  release by the Skids that sold peanuts! Dig the bass on this track by the coolest bassist name ever “Larry!”

Riot Act is played at hyper speed and if this song doesn’t get Ya Movin,nothin will! My all time fav Skid Row tune Mudkicker is represented well and like I  said in my review of Slave To The Grind that how cool it was to hear the the word Sapsucker used!

Dig the mashup of Monkey Business and Blue Oyster Cults Godzilla! More cool Bass thumping with Baz leading the crowd charge in some. “Whoahs and Heys” Love that Godzilla track. Lyrics are so fruity yet it’s so catchy! Than again Poison made a career doing it this way! Check the video below at around the 4 minute mark Godzilla kicks In! Watch for those Powerlines Kids!

The live portion is ends with power ballad  I RememberYou(Meh) and Youth Gone Wild which I dug in 1989 but I can’t really wrap my head around that philosophy nowadays! Like maybe call it Geezer Gone Wild and I can appreciate it more and have a giggle with it!

Baz 1999 rocks this out  as I bought this just to hear the Skid Row stuff  Live but he stepped up his game in regards to the studio tracks! Good stuff Folks!

The live portion drives down the tracks like a Runaway Locomotive as this band is built for speed and they deliver the goods(Ha) live!

A few years back he stuck out a double live album titled Abacholypse that sounded pretty doctored up in the studio and the production was kinda ….Meh!  If I was to pick between the two Bring Em Bach Alive is a good representation of Baz at a time when Metal (well this kind ) wasn’t selling  but he just went for it ! Kudos Dude!


51 thoughts on “Bring ‘Em Bach Alive(1999)”

  1. Can’t say I’ve listened to this for umm… at least a decade! But I did enjoy it a lot when it came out. Might have to give this a listen now, you’ve put me in the mood! I agree, it’s a pretty good release. The only other Bach solo I bought was Angel Down and it didn’t really do much for me.

    Couldn’t help thinking Superstar… was probably about Jon Bon Jovi!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Great call on Superstar! Guess Bach was sublimially bashing everyone in the lyric dept! Better way to do it than to “Out” the person in Blabbermouth so to speak!
      This is a decent album! Come to think of it I got Angel Down as well but never got Into it as tunes like American Metalhead were too cliche…..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I remember him being pretty vocal about not liking JBJ… I think to do with Skid Row’s initial deals and all that kind of stuff? Anyhoo he seems to have an ever-growing list of people he doesn’t like… he just added Bill Shatner to it the other week haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah I read that. I tend to ignore that goofiness as I’m more interested in the whole Old Male Ego Drama Beatdown Of Band Members.
        You can’t really beat the whole Old Dude Drama as I call it between X Band mates…kinda sad,pathetic but makes for some good reading as like Skid Row the band are a joke now …..Bolan has flushed that band down the shitter ….


  2. When this came out it was $40 on import. I paid $20 used, because I like Skid Row and I like the idea of a guitarist with big green bat wings. Unfortunately I don’t like the album. I thought the new songs were weak and the live stuff boring.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll be the next William Shatner — starting a feud with Bach for no particular reason!

        I think that Shatner feud is a hoax — they must be doing it for clickbait and giggles. Right??

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  3. Here’s Deke, still stalking Sebs! Hahaha Geezer Gone Wild – he’s put a teaspoon of sugar on his All Bran! Everybody look out!

    I think it’s likely Skid Row will reunite. I mean, the Eagles did it. So did GnR. Animosity can be overcome.

    Sounds like a fun mix of new tracks and live stuff. I didn’t even know this existed, so thanks for informing!

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  4. Interesting, Deke. Not familiar with this one at all, but know a few Skid Row bits and reckon you can definitely draw a line between both. Much of a muchness …


  5. Damn! Okay – I can dig it – I always did like a harmonica and that guitar is wicked! I’ve always loved Skid Row, and YES they should get back with Sebastian and rock it out!

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    1. Mitch Lafon just did an interview with original drummer Rob Affuso who is now playing with ex-Frehley’s Comet members in Four By Fate — he agrees, he in on board for a reunion. The one hold out seems to be Rachel Bolan who has been adamantly against it. And he co-owns the name.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. yeah I listened to it as well Mike. Its good to see Affuso out there,good drummer..How is the Four By Fate album? I sampled a couple of tracks and it didn’t do anything for me…i will wait for your review…


      2. Well I’ve only played it once so I gotta give it a couple more.There are good parts in the songs, but I’m not sure about the whole songs. Also Tod remade his old Frehley’s Comet ballad It’s Over Now again. You can’t remake something 30 years later and expect it to be as good.


      3. Yeah a sap track …Howarth was good on the debut but the second as I heard him say that Ace did not have to much written….not Howarths fault….


  6. Not heard this one, but he was a brilliant live singer and frontman; I just wish he hadn’t looked so much like a young Nastassja Kinski when he started out – it was confusing!

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      1. The one I feel really bad about was Robert V Conte. I criticised his liner notes on a Kiss CD pretty badly…it’s not like he had any creative control over it…had to write what he was told to write. I do feel bad about that one. I just saw Robert Conte’s name in a Star Wars photo book I just bought, he was one of the contributors and it reminded me! And then Aaron made fun of him for Googling himself…

        I’m sorry Robert, I wasn’t thinking when I trashed your liner notes.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Dude, I’ve had Miranda LARRSON after me. Candice is a pussycat compared to the wrath of Mrs. Joey Tempest.

        (Deke, expect your Europe hits to start rolling in. Here, I’ll add more Joey Tempest keywords: “Joey Tempest wife” “Joey Tempest married” “Is Joey Tempest married to Miranda Larrson”. There ya go, that should do you.)

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      3. I’m sorry that was not intentional. My work here is done.

        “Joey Tempest demon” “Joey Tempest devil” “fake Joey Tempest” “Joey Tempest imposter”.

        Now my work is REALLY done.

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  7. No worries this Miranda can drop by and she will know that Ladano is behind all the shenanigans going on around here!
    Dekes is old and tired…he’s not like you young whippersnappers or hooligans(take Yer pick)…


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