Teenage Head/Endless Party (1984)

Yup 1984 and it was a ‘Endless Party’ especially for Tbone as his parents split to Camp for the summer and left Tbone to his own devices (how about another Teenage Head tune “Teenage Beer Drinking Party” inserted below ) NUFF Said!

Hamilton Ontario’s Teenage Head as you may recall a few months ago when I blogged about   how I first came across these guys and that was due to my Cool Sunday Church Going Dad! Atta Boy Donnie…words of wisdom from yours truly can be read here about Frantic City….

SONIC WAVES….Teenage Head/Frantic City

From there I got onboard with these guys! ‘Some Kinda Fu’n came out in 1983 and into 1984 came the live release Endless Party!

This was a basic Live Rock N Roll record! Jammed live in the  bars/clubs and it’s a pretty cool piece of Canadian Punk Live as how many Canadian Punk Bands actually achieved some decent status amongest Canadians? Yeah exactly.

A1 Picture My Face 3:12
A2 Let’s Go To Hawaii 3:27
A3 Next Time In Town 3:12
A4 Lucy Potato 4:14
A5 Tornado 3:45
A6 Disgusteen 6:43
B1 Cock In My Pocket 3:26
B2 Drivin’ Wild 4:22
B3 Kissin’ The Carpet 4:31
B4 Wild One 2:32
B5 Let’s Shake 4:01
B6 Top Down

Teenage Head featuring the Usual Suspects as in Frankie Venom RIP(vocals) Nick Stipanitz (drums) Gord Lewis(guitar) Steve Mahon(bass) are joined by second guitarist Dave Rave on Endless Party.

Ready Records (long since defunct) put this out and it’s not a slick sounding album in any regards. It’s  a little rough sounding and the songs for being a live album fade in and fade out.

Check out track 7(posted right below) I ain’t typing it you all can read it! This tune  is a cover tune originally done by  James Williamson(No relation! Ha!) from Iggy And The Stooges and this song is sooo friggin catchy as Mahon punches the bass and drives the song forward as the drums and guitars crash and mash…. Frankie at the end says ” our next single!” Ha! Silly Ol Punker’s! ( Mr Books is gonna love this tune!…)

‘Disgusteen’ is a song as well as soon as you hear it you know it’s them so much so that Ladanos home boys Sven Gali did a cover of this tune on there debut album(Under The Influence-1992) and even had Frankie show up and toss down some vocals!

‘Let’s Go To  Hawaii’ and ‘Tornado’  both gained some radio traction back in the day (as singles)  but  I always dug the  riff oriented stuff from these guys like ‘Drivin’ Wild’, and’Picture My Face’.

For all my  friends in the U.S.A that read this blog(many a thank you!)  Teenage Head back in 1983 did get get signed to M.C.A Records in the States and as Some Kinda Fun was just released guitarist Grod Lewis I believe broke  his arm and all U.S Tour Dates and radio momentum with the single Tornado was lost and the shows were cancelled….

‘Endless Party’ was basically the Party that ended it for Teenage Head  as a few years later Frankie quit and was replaced by Dave Rave…



14 thoughts on “Teenage Head/Endless Party (1984)”

    1. Ha….Yep gotta love my Dad on this one! Frantic City …whenever I play it ..I gotta thank my Dad but he has no idea even back than..haha…great guy!


    1. Cool Dude! U can’t go wrong with the 3 albums….Frantic City/Some Kinda Fun and Endless Party…punk done Canadiana mid 80s style…


      1. I checked the shelves and for some dumb reason I don’t actually have any Teenage Head here, at the moment. Which is odd, because I could have sworn I had one… I’ll look some more, but I might have to start over!


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