Canada Day Rock Out….Monkey Bars/Swinging Stars!



Now! Crank the video below as it’s a tune by a Canadian Act that in my humble opinion should have been MEGA and that’s CONEY HATCH

Monkey Bars( from the debut album Coney Hatch) Is a great rock track! Lead Singer/Bassist Andy Curran   has that real cool rock voice and stage presence and while the three other Coney’s (Carl Dixon/Dave Ketchum and Simon Brieley) hold down the fort musically and deliver the knock out Sonic Punch!

Check out below a snippet of lyrics I posted… So True!

We’ve got a job in the Amazon
Everyone’s a jungle, out to con
We drive for miles and see lots of trees
We get home in time to pay our managers fees

Enjoy  The Long Weekend & Stay Safe Kids!

Folks I’m gonna be easing of the posting Gas Pedal for a bit as it’s summer and such but fear not when I do decide to blog something its gonna be a whole  new eye poppin  category called Cool Vs Gah! ….watch for it!

10 thoughts on “Canada Day Rock Out….Monkey Bars/Swinging Stars!”

  1. Right on, Deke! Coney Hatch is a band I know, but never got into very far… maybe I oughta…

    Summer does indeed bring out the urge to do other things than blog, fully understood. I like the possibilities inherent in the name of your new category. Looking forward to it.

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    1. Next Wednesday and dude I’m pretty sure it’s a band a lot of people have not heard …….
      Should be interesting!
      Coney is a great band! Cool to have two lead vocalists in one band…


  2. Just found your blog – good stuff and Coney Hatch was a great band! Saw them in a few bars and also they opened up for someone at Maple Leaf Gardens, maybe Triumph NYE show?

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    1. Thanks man for dropping by…..Coney I never had the chance to catch live….check around the site here as i have reviewed both Coney and Triumph along with a ton of others..



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