Rock The Fort/Friday July 15th 2016 Featuring Starship/Platinum Blonde & Sass Jordan


So our Historical Park(Old Fort William) has started a yearly tradition of having a Two Day Outdoor Concert that they call Rock The Fort featuring a mix bag of Rock and this years lineup was no exception!

Friday Night: July 15th

Gates Open: 5:00pm
Entertainment: 5:30pm – 11pm
Starship ft. Mickey Thomas • 9:30pm – 11:30pm
Platinum Blonde • 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Sass Jordan • 6:30pm – 7:30pm

For Fridays Night reviews since all three acts above aren’t my cup of tea per say I thought I would ask my Super Duper Cool Wife Sue to toss down a rating for each act on a scale of 1-10! Her call no outside  influence  from moi! I will jot a few things down about each act and Sue will have the final call along with some Comments from those around me….Must also mention that since there are no vids from Tbay posted I will try to post these video clips as close as possible so you can kinda see where I’m coming from!

Sass Jordan started off the whole Shabang with a pretty good ass kicker Black Crowes opener in If Your Gonna Love Me that features a real slick groove especially during the verses so good on you Sass for hooking this Old Buzzard in Sonically off the get go! Sass had a pretty decent run in the late 80s early 90s on Rock Radio and of course she played those songs So Hard/Make You A Believer/High Road Easy and a long drawn out You Don’t Have To Remind Me that kinda went on a little too long with her screeching her lungs out. The Band that Jordan has is solid behind her and she mentioned  that the guitar player was playing with a broken collar-bone but the dude still brought it so good on ya pal!

Comments From The Peanut Gallery…..Darren my sister’s boyfriend said “First three songs were real good” than it tailed off somewhat. Sue liked the fact that Sass has no bell’s and whistles just a Live Rock N Raw Show…..

Sue’s Score- 8/10

Next Up…

Platinum Blonde back in the 80s these guys i guess you could say were the Canadian Equilivent to Duran Duran in sound somewhat and definitely in popularity! As quick as they rose to fame in Canada The Blondes  fizzled quicker than a Alka Seltzer hitting the water. Back in 1986 they sold out the Gardens here (4000 seats) quick. 2 years later in 1988 there show at the Gardens was axed when only 800 tickets were sold! Yikes!

So here we are in 2016 and 2/3’rds of the band are intact with singer /bassist Mark Holmes still to my ears sounding like the dude from 1983 vocally so good on ya!( Holmes co wrote the real good rock track Heart OF An Angel that appeared on Jeff Healey’s  1992 album Feel This) so what would there show be like…

My sister Kristin loves these guys as when I was back in High School I found a copy of there 1985’s Alien Shores in the parking lot of the school so I flipped it to her and she was hooked.

So here we are….Platinum Blonde 2016….points for the band having an intro video before they head out onto the stage showing just in case we forgot how massive they were with the Girls back than!

Here they are Bam…my sister i’m assuming loses her Shirt! Haha…I mean her Shit and we’re off! The band can play but to be honest the first half of the Blondes set i’m like ..WHUT?! 

As the set progress’ of course the Hits of Yesteryear start being played Standing In The Dark/Condition Critical/Somebody Somewhere and of course they leave the biggie singles for the end of the show as in It Doesn’t  Really Matter and Crying Over You.

The pacing of the set was bizarro was that new material early on? Dunno but whatever the case a lot of people dug it….

Comments From The Peanut Gallery…BMellis called it as Crying Over You and Situation Critical are almost in beat during the chorus identical to each other and to further his point he was singing along Well played BMellis but don’t go on The Voice just yet! Kristin liked it and why wouldn’t she..I will give them props for  not doing the were going off the stage routine so you can stroke our ego to play a couple of numbers….In other words No Encore….

Sue’s Score-7.5/10


Batter up..The Headliner….Starship …

Yup these guys were syrup poppy rock all over the video circuit in the 80s and they drove me crazy as how many incarnations of a band can you have but regardless I’m here and so is Starship!

No fanfare the Band hits the stage and plays and the light show has begun and Mickey Thomas can sing no doubt and almost opposite that to Platinum Blondes set Starship plays the hits at the start as in Nothing Is Gonna Stop Us Now/Sara and they even go back to the archives with White Rabbit…kinda trippy and  but good on Micky T for playing the hits and the deep cuts!  They kinda lost me at a certain point really not my cup of tea but I can respect there deal live as all the players can play and props to the female vocalist who did a ripping good lead vocal on Somebody To Love plus she smacked the tar out of a cowbell at times as well making the 4,000 plus in attendance Happy!

Starship showed up and we split a little early to beat the traffic out to the strains of We Built This City. Sue dug Starship as she remembers a lot of their songs so it’s her scoring on this blog she’s calling the shots…..

Sue’s Score-8.5/10

Saturdays Lineup features…The Cult/Cinderfella/Trews/Helix/54-40 and Doucette…

Review A Coming….










14 thoughts on “Rock The Fort/Friday July 15th 2016 Featuring Starship/Platinum Blonde & Sass Jordan”

  1. Deke this is awesome! What a flashback night, though, eh? Holy moley. I’m glad you guys had a good time!

    I’ve seen Sass twice (once with Bryan Adams on Waking Up The Nation tour, once with Jeff Healey) and both times her bands was great, and she went from being really good to really shrill. Often with no warning.

    Platinum Blonde in 2016? Holy hell. That’s amazing. I loved those guys. I still have my old original cassettes! What a trip.

    And Starhip? Oh man, I had Knee Deep In The Hoopla on cassette and loved it.

    Seriously Deke, I woulda loved this set, probably. Maybe even give it a 9! 🙂

    Have fun tonight!! Love to see Helix, Trews and Cult. I hope Astbury doesn’t make any more comments about lives mattering…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Both nights were good but obviously Saturday’s bill was my deal! Still though no dud shows….
      Ian was behaving man..showed up howling like a Wolfchild and rocked it


  2. Hahahah loses her shirt! Hahaha.

    Listening to the Starship performance now…they don’t sound bad! I was skeptical! It’s hard to have to fill Grace Slick’s spot on stage but that girl kicked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would have skipped this night altogether, so good on you for going.

    I bet my wife would have liked the other 2 as well. She could have come gotten me in the beer tent with my sound proof headphones on when the show was over.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well it was night out! Ha! Bop both days of music ran the rate of $60 for both days and you couldn’t buy individual day passes so $60 for about 10 bands over the weekend was a steal….
      About 4000 Friday night in attendance…
      Saturday i would put between 6-7000 people…
      Professionally run and beer and drink tickets were $5 as well…

      Liked by 1 person

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