Rock The Fort Day 2…The Cult/Cinderfella…….

Saturday July 16 2016…ROCK THE FORT……

First of all the Sun was shining and that’s aways a good thing for outdoor shows as I’ve been to a few where it’s downpoured rain but today it’s about heat!

At around 2 pm our Crew which included along with myself,my wife Sue,Rockin Roberts,Jenna and Uncle Randy parked inside Old Fort Williams Grounds and proceeded to set up shop! Well Randy did as he provided all day Food and Drink for us as we set up shop right in the parking lot! Thanks a bunch Dude!

Uncle Randy along with Jenna. Uncle Randy was the Host as he provided Food And Drinks all day long for the Bunch of us!
Uncle Randy along with Jenna. Uncle Randy was the Host as he provided Food And Drinks all day long for the Bunch of us!
Uncle Randy In Action! Steak Tacos,Bruschetta   Couscous along with beverages were provided all day! Your The Best Randy!


Jerry Doucette kicked things off with an energetic hour-long set! Impressive as basically  we all know him as the Mama Let Him Play(his big single back in the late 70s) guy. But make no mistake of it he kept us entertained with his singing and guitar playing! Rocking Roberts loved it! Doucette was a good opener…..

ChuckD and Jen....
ChuckD and Jen….



Helix Vocalist Brian Vollmer and Bassist Daryl Gray...
Helix Vocalist Brian Vollmer and Bassist Daryl Gray…

Brian Vollmer I stated many a time you got to hand it to him and give him respect as he takes his craft seriously! Helix today once again delivered and as they hit the stage opening with the title track from 1985’s Long Way To Heaven segues right into Wild In The Streets and the boys aren’t fooling around! Lead and Backing vocals were tight and the boys played fantastic especially Kaleb Duck who has taken over all of previous guitar dude Dr Doerner’s parts and plays real good! I dug the fact that Helix went a little deep into the catalogue(Six Strings Nine Lives was played) given the fact that they had an hour to do so. Walking The Razors Edge was well represented with 6 songs being played! Holy crap was drummer Fritz Hinz singing backing vocals during Gimmie Good Lovin? Helix showed up and delivered a serious rock show in the heat!

Helix Guitar Dude Kaleb Duck and Drummer Fritz Hinz
Helix Guitar Dude Kaleb Duck and Drummer Fritz Hinz



These guys have been around and were real big during  the mid nineties and like Helix they take their craft serious. Leader Neil Osbourne has a good knack for writing good catchy rock numbers. Case in point opening with a one two punch of  Nice To Love You and  Lies To Me. 54-40 as they keep playing you realize just how much of a deep catalogue they have in regards to music and how it resonates with many. Case in point Uncle Randy said 54-40 were his University  band many moons ago and it was a great seeing them live! One Gun,Baby Ran,I Go Blind, and my personal fav Radio Luv Song the hits were all here! Another great act….First time seeing  them live!

Rockin Roberts/BMellis and Deke's rocking out to 54-40
Rockin Roberts/BMellis and Deke’s rocking out to 54-40


Another act I  had never seen but have heard things about! Trews brought it and delivered a well oiled professional set. They did not fool around as they rocked from start to finish and what a great sound along with songs to go with their  show. Paranoid Freak is a monster track and give it up for lead singer Colin MacDonald who has a real good rock voice!


Trews N Roll!
Trews N Roll!

Tom Keifer….

Or CinderFella as I call him since he’s solo came out with no fanfare and ripped right into Once Around The Ride ( From Cinderella’s Night Songs debut) and I was hooked! How can you not be as he still has the voice and the dude seems to be in good shape. Keifer wrote all the Cinderella stuff so it’s basically his deal anyways and man he did not disappoint. 3rd song in and it’s Heartbreak Station which is a real good track even on the ballad side of things…Course you know you have a deep catalogue of hits when Shake Me is played early on.

Shake It Don't Break It...
Shake It Don’t Break It…

Keifer man is Old School as in the guitars he uses and he whipped up a cool batch of slide playing on Night Songs. Tom even did justice to The Stones It’s Only Rock N Roll/ Prince’s Purple Rain as an end of the set jam and took it home and finished off his set with Gypsy Road.

The Cult….

Wowzer’s the build up to this was huge! Wolfchild and Duffy in our backyard of Tbay Ontario! Did someone say Yah Yuh?


The Cult showed up and Kicked ASS! Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy/John Tempsta along with Grant Fitzpatrick and Damon Fox took to the stage opening with Wild Flower and Astbury took charge with both stage presence and the Tambourine. Duffy meanwhile took charge with a succession of guitar riffs and basically schooled everyone on how to do it with class!

The Cult are a band moving and progressing forward as shown when the 2nd track of the night is Dark Energy from their current release Hidden City. Kudos to these guys for  not just  playing a KISS like same set list tour after tour as 5 songs from the current album were featured with Hinterland being my fav…Destroy The Destroyer sang Wolfchild and I hollered like a lunatic! Case in point see the pic below with my pal Brother Bryce as we were just feet from the stage!


Phoenix from the Love album was a set highlight as Tempsta pounded the shit out of his drums while Duffy played like there was no tomorrow.

Pacing of the show was good and it was great to see the addition of a live keyboardist/guitarist to the fold as it enhanced the sound in song’s like  Sweet Soul Sister and the newer tracks as well.

Astbury was chatty and in a good mood seemed  appreciative  of the crowd and what were those three lights way up in the sky? Astbury must have thought ” Where the F&^k Am I?”

The Cult ended the night with G.O.A.T and Love Removal Machine.

The Cult apologized for showing up late and said the issues weren’t there deal but thanked everyone for sticking around! The Cult could have not taken the stage till 2 am and I would have stuck around!


32 thoughts on “Rock The Fort Day 2…The Cult/Cinderfella…….”

  1. That’s a great tailgate setup!
    Nice call Deke on Radio Luv Song, so many great 54-40 tracks – Lies to me would be in my Top 5 for sure.
    ANd the Trews, a group I rarely listen to, but yes, the singer, great voice! And they seem like a band that never phones it in.
    Glad to hear the Cult delivered Deke!

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  2. Man, I just found a Doucette LP at work! The Douce Is Loose!

    Frickin’ Helix, man. RAWK! Plus, you just made Lebrain a little jealous… 🙂

    54-40 OMG. Love those guys. What a band! Funny, all these years I’ve raved about their records and never once seen them live. Something is broken. Good on ya for getting to see them, I’d love it! I’m a huge fan right here, yessir!

    I have all the Trews records except the latest one (I need to correct this) and there isn’t a bad one in the bunch. I knew they’d nail it. Yes!

    Man, kudos to Keifer for rockin’ it, and for putting two highly unlikely songs together: It’s Only Rock N Roll/ Purple Rain? Haha wow, double points to that guy!

    And then the Cult. Man, how were you still standing? What a day! That show must’ve been amazing. I love that band too. They do a thing, and I love that thing! Did they play Soldier Blue? It might be my fave.

    Deke, thanks so much for the reports from the front lines. You’ve gotta be exhausted. And you gotta work tomorrow!

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      1. The real secret isto just alternate beer, then water, then beer, etc…

        You’ll piss like a race horse but you’ll go all day and never feel nasty.


  3. LOL someone let fly with three of those chinese lanterns, way back the other side of the river, Astbury turned around and noticed them red and floating on the west wind, and stated something like ” there coming to take us away..” LOL…. he looked back a few times the next few songs.

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  4. I read this yesterday but didn’t have a chance to come and give a good comment until today! This was a great post buddy, so nice to see the cool pics too.

    So as a result of this, I put Hidden City on yesterday, played the whole thing, and man it’s such an amazing album! So many great tunes. GOAT is definitely one. I think Hinterland is my favourite too. Gonna be a hard album to review for me, it’s sort of defying analysis.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words dude and for noticing! This was one of the more Fun Blogs to post as it was such a great day with friends and the bands were beyond awesome!
      Everyone showed (Bands) up and gave it there all!
      Astbury even quipped “we’re in Northern Ontario Eh!” More than a few times! He was a slick cat that night! No attitude just did his deal!

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  5. Great post, Deke – sounds like a helluva time … and I’m glad the Cult rocked it. Especially after showing up late! Brilliant. I still need to get the new album! Shocker! Few other bands in there I know about and I’ll give them a bit more attention, too!

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    1. You know what J it was a great day of spending with friends and rocking out to music and when the weather cooperates its a win win…
      The Cult were awesome they delivered no questions as did Tom Keifer!
      The Canadian acts Helix,Trews and 54 40 were awesome as well…
      A full days worth of great music …

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    1. HA….rumour has it and its very early on is that there trying to get Tesla for next years lineup as a headliner!
      Considering they got The Cult/Keifer this yr I wouldn’t put it by them….

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      1. No offence to Tesla. I have their music and love them, but they can not fill a concert venue in 2016 the way The Cult can.

        I would say they are on par with Keifer as an awesome Hair band. If they were a opener/middle band great, but not a headliner in 2016/2017 IMO.

        It looked like a really good lineup, especially Saturday, and hopefully 2017 is great as well.
        In KW we lost our festival this year. Big Music Fest was awesome thenlast 2 years and for some reason they cancelled it. It was well run, and the bands were great.
        Hopefully next year ours will come back, and yours stays as well.

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      2. Fair points Bop but I’m gonna disagree as I have seen these guys once as opener and twice headlining once in TBay even where they sold out a pretty decent sized bar around 1,000 or so ….see what happens though as it could just be be that …rumour!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I guess I am thinking of larger markets and venues.

        Often down here hairband shows have to have 3 or more bands on the bill to draw a crowd. The people that love them are out there still, but they are getting older, have to work next day etc etc so they make excuses not to go.

        Again, not slagging hair metal bands. I love them, but the people with liquid cash(read 18-30 with no mortgage, in school or young enough to party and do not love them unfortunately

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      4. Yeah I know what your saying but Tbay is a hair band town as when your HoneyMoon Suites/Helixs/Harlequins show up the draw well….
        The Fort for both days was $60 flat! Beer and liquor tix were $5 …very reasonable and people will show up in this city as this kind stuff rolls around once a year!


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