Tom Keifer Live In Thunder Bay….July 16 2016….

Kudos to some YouTuber who goes by the name of Rock Soldier2007 who posted a couple of clips of Keifer and Company Rocking The Fort last weekend!

The two songs posted Somebody Save Me and Heartbreak Station are well performed especially Heartbreak Station which blew my mind as it was the third song played and Props to Keifer as this is how you do a slower paced rock track…(I’m not saying the term thats’s used! Ha!) especially when he shifts from the acoustic to the slide during the solo…..

Great show Ol Tom brought to Tbay with some saying Keifer stole the weekend!

16 thoughts on “Tom Keifer Live In Thunder Bay….July 16 2016….”

  1. Awesome man! We played that song when it was still on the charts at a club we played at. We NEVER played songs still on the chart…this one and Jealous again by the Black Crowes.
    I love the slide in this song. After this album I never heard much else from them.

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      1. I remember him talking about throat surgery….that was awful…yea grunge wiped out a lot and then vanished.
        Hey man…you are on tomorrow night?

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      2. No i’m off the grid tomorrow night! lol This Fridays show was suppsoed to be last Fridays show as we didn’t think Greg would be up to it but than Greg was so Mikey adjusted his schedule and bumped his Soundtracks episode to tomorrow night.
        I’ll be tuning in to watch but that’s it!

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      3. Lol. Thanks dude. Actually, me and my buddy are starting a online show the same way perhaps in October at some point focusing on our musical journeys growing up here in Canada.
        The length of each epiosde will be 36 minutes in length via Streamyard the same site Mike uses.
        The reason 36 minutes for each episode is that is the avg length the first 6 VH albums with Roth were lol

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