Twisted Sister/Metal Meltdown(2016)


2016 Release….

Wowzer’s after about close to about 350 Post’s on all things Hard Rock round these parts  I think a Twisted Sister Review is in order!

AJ Pero Twisted’s original drummer passed away early  in 2015 so in the short space of a few month’s comes the Metal Meltdown Live From Las Vegas album which is a Tribute to their late drummer.

FYI- This is an iTunes audio review as you can buy it as well on DVD. I’m sure Mikey Ladano will review the DVD so sit tight kid’s!

The Player’s…….

Jay Jay French – rhythm & lead guitars, backing vocals
Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Dee Snider – lead vocals
Mark “The Animal” Mendoza – bass guitar, backing vocals

Twisted Sister did the right thing in replacing Pero  with the great Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater/Winery Dog’s) and this dude can drum folk’s…..

The Song’s…

Twisted Sister, ‘Metal Meltdown’ Track Listing
1. “What You Don’t Know”
2. “The Kids Are Back”
3. Stay Hungry
4. “The Beast”
5. “Shoot ‘Em Down”
6. “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll”
7. “I Believe In Rock ‘N’ Roll”
8. “Under the Blade”
9. “I Am (I’m Me)”
10. “We’re Not Gonna Take It”
11. “The Fire Still Burns”
12. “The Price”
13. “Burn in Hell”
14. “A.J. Pero Tribute”
15. “I Wanna Rock”
16. “Come Out and Play”
17. “S.M.F.”

17 Live Tracks! Ton of F Bomb’s tossed around by vocalist Dee Snider! You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll Crank the video below….

Speaking of Snider. Give him props as the 17 song’s here posted he wrote and let’s face it he has the knack at writing pretty decent catchy song’s. Call a Spade a Spade if it wasn’t  for Snider’s whole schtick as a frontman back in 1984 I don’t think they would have lasted as long as they did….albiet back than in 1986 it was all over for them but for 2 years these guys ruled video channels and album sales…..

The Songs on Metal Meltdown are performed excellently! Portnoy on the drums is the key who drives the pace with his playing while Snider’s voice is still top-notch and the dude has kept himself in shape!  The sound is Raw almost Bootleg like direct from the soundboard that night. At the end of each song there are fade out’s in between tracks which is ok on one hand as you don’t get all the babble between songs but on the other hand there is no continuity. Too me it’s about the tunes …Let’s talk about a couple shall we?

Like the fact that We’re Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock the two biggest tracks of their career  are played early and not  kept to the end of the show and that three songs(I Believe In Rock N Roll/Fire Still Burns/Come On Out And Play) are featured from the ill-fated Come On Out And Play album.

As I said a few sentences ago Snider is a good songwriter. What You Don’t Know  the opening track is a Runaway Train going off the tracks this track flat rocks out. Eddie and JJ’s guitars are raw sounding and they play some decent chops as I can respect their playing more now as back in the mid 80s when your up against the Dave Murray’s/Adrian Smith’s(Iron Maiden) of the world you’re gonna be scrutinized but 30 years have pretty much passed and we’re all a little more chill in the comparison angle of Rock!

Love the Sabbath like opening of The Beast and more for the fact that it’s on this release. Portnoy does a Bill Ward like Rumble N Grumble with his drums. How can ya not love this kind of stuff? Keeping with the Sabbath Vibe how about Burn In Hell? For every cute like single that came from the Stay Hungry album like We’re Not Gonna Take It/I Wanna Rock Snider could pull out some Sab like heaviness to keep the Hardcore Fan Base Happy. Portnoy slams out a real heavy like drum solo at the end of Burn In Hell….

Speaking of Portnoy he takes the drums to a frenzied clip on The Fire Still Burns and what a powerhouse track. Have not heard this tune in years and was a real cool revisit in 2016!

Snider could also write a decent slower paced track as The Price proves! Nice balance of the guitars that play a real hummable like Riff! Snider writes decent Pop Tracks delivered at High Volume.

 7  song’s from Stay Hungry (album) are featured as that was indeed the album that Shot them to Stardom. So if you’re looking for an update of how Twisted sounds in 2016 look no further than this one.

I guess the word on the street has it that these Sisters are folding up shop  and calling their last tour Forty And Fuck it.. If so Metal Meltdown is a fitting Farewell.








30 thoughts on “Twisted Sister/Metal Meltdown(2016)”

  1. I hope this is out in a DVD/CD set…I think it is! I don’t want to buy iTunes downloads….

    Real shame about AJ…but Portnoy…I can’t wait to hear what he sounds like on this album.


      1. Haha Knowlton Nash. I think that’s my favourite of all the nicknames you’ve given me. Hahaha Anyway, it was just ten seconds on Amazon and putting two and two together.

        It also helps when Wiki says this:

        “Twisted Sister will release a live CD/DVD under the title Metal Meltdown – Featuring Twisted Sister Live At The Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas on July 22, 2016”


    1. Also iTunes just has the audio as far as i know so thats up my alley. Too be honest I don’t really buy live dvd’s anymore as its all on youtube….i’m a audio only geezer!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly….Me and Tbone have said we would have never made i to school if we had youtube back in the mid 80s…We would be watching Halen live shows….


      2. Honestly Deke I am the same. The last music DVD I bought was…?

        There’s youtube for a lot of stuff, and Netflix has changed my life man. I’m going to be selling off hundreds of my DVDs.


      1. Yes and no…riding the bike yeah, I agree. But if I’m in the car with Jen, I will shush her so we can listen to Paul rapping between songs 🙂 Ah WOAH yeah!


    1. Ha….I will pass on that one Geoff! His autobiography ” Shut Up And Give Me The Mic” is a great read and It is not $339…Bought mine at HMV for $6….Check it out if u come across it….


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