So For This Week Mikey Ladano Issued A Challenge To All Of Us Blogger’s To Write A Few Reviews And Not To Go Over 200 words! 200 On The Dot Folk’s


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OK….200 word count starts below…….NOW!

1981 and Michael Schenker releases the superb MSG Album which features some serious players! Check out the list below….

Michael Schenker – lead guitar
Gary Barden – vocals
Chris Glen – bass
Paul Raymond – keyboards, rhythm guitar
Cozy Powell – drums

MSG was  my first dabble in the term Supergroup and like many Supergroups these guys dissolved after there next  release the fantastic double live One Night At The Budokan.

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Are You Ready to Rock” Michael Schenker, Gary Barden 3:26
2. “Attack of the Mad Axeman” Schenker, Barden 4:17
3. “On and On” Schenker, Barden 4:41
4. “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” Barden, Chris Glen, Cozy Powell, Paul Raymond, Schenker 5:21

Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
5. “But I Want More” Schenker, Barden 6:56
6. “Never Trust a Stranger” Raymond 4:24
7. “Looking for Love” Schenker, Barden 4:03
8. “Secondary Motion” Schenker, Barden 3:42
Total length:

The album is lock stock and barreled with a ton of Mikey’s fantastic soloing while Cozy Powell Drives the bus with his drumming! Gary Barden sings for his supper on this album…..

The album is of the 8 tracks 7 are flat-out rock tracks while Never Trust A Stranger is the lone slow mo like tune but good nevertheless!

A shame really Mikey could not keep this unit together!


40 thoughts on “MSG(1981)”

    1. Great idea that would have been Geoff! MSG never really took it to that next plateau though in North America….but than again in the 80s Mike went through 3 lead singers so it’s hard to keep momentum moving as well….

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  1. I haven’t listened to this nearly enough… the songs I recognise I know I like so I’m going to have to check this one out again. (And there’s Chris Glen after us talking about him the other day!) Well done on the 200 words. Even more impressive since you included all the album info too!

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      1. Oh I didn’t count it all, Deke. I’m lazy… I let my Mac do it for me! 🙂

        And no worries, I put song titles, artist and guest artist names in my 80 words posts too!


      2. I had a look, and Mike’s post about doing it says a 200 word review. It doesn’t specifically say you can’t include song titles etc, but Mike later said it’s 200 words about the album, then lists afterwards if you want because it’s a blog). Gotta think of it like a newspaper review.

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      3. It’s a definite challenge. I’m trying to stick to what Mitch laid out to me, which is to emulate what he used to have to write 20-25 years ago…


      4. There are no rules but the original challenge was to emulate the rigid format of a print review to force yourself to think differently. Print reviews don’t usually print band members and song lists because it takes up so much space.

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    1. Thanks HMO….those early MSG records are great even so I bought all of his 80s stuff until Save Yourself which was the last MSG I bought! Still Think One Night At The Budokan is the best out of the bunch ….
      Thanks for reading….

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      1. Budokan was rereleased back in 2009 with the full Cozy drum solo and added track as well. Can’t recall right now what the tracks are but too be totally honest with you get Assault Attack and thats a decent collection you have …


    1. Perfect Timing was a real intent to break into North America. New lead singer Robin McAuley so they became McAuley Schenker Group. Of the two Perfect Timing is the better. Save Yourself I bought upon release (1989) and basically Saved Myself from it…I thought it was a real step back ….


      1. Do you suppose they specifically went looking for a new lead singer with those initials, to keep the band name, or was that just a happy coincidence?

        When I get to those records, you can be sure I’ll slap ’em up on the blog!


    1. Thanks Rebecca for the feedback its much appreciated! Attack Of The Mad Axe Man is one of my fav’s of Mike’s it’s got that UFO vibe all over it which proves without a doubt how big of a contribution Mike made to UFO..

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      1. Yep Rebecca! Schenker played with Ratt in 1991 for their MTV Unplugged. Some tracks made it onto a Japanese CD. This is right after Robbin Crosby left Ratt. Schenker hooked up with them via Contraband which he was in, with Bobby Blotzer!


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