Tesla/Mechanical Resonance Live(2016)


New Release….

Smart move by Tesla to release a Live Album saluting their debut from 1986!(all the songs from the 1986 studio album are given the live treatment 30 years later)  I first heard of these guys back at the time of the original studio album when I used to watch on a local Tv station a show from Detroit hosted by Doug Powell. The name of the show I can’t recall but was on late Fridays. (Thunder Back than got U.S stations from Detroit and Duluth! )

One episode they played Tesla’s leadoff single Modern Day Cowboy and I was hooked instantly as the vocals by Jeff Keith were real good and also the dual lead guitars of Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch we’re very solid as well. Plus the fact that smack dab in Hairmetal Hairspray Land(1986) bands were becoming the norm but  here’s Tesla in T-shirts and jeans plying their own brand of Tesla Rock!

The first time I caught Tesla Live was 1990 on Motley Crue’s Dr Feelgood Tour when it touched down in Winnipeg(review is on this site) Tesla were awesome that night! They opened with Cover Queen which blew mine and Tbone’s minds like…..Whut? But it worked.

I was fortunate to have seen them headline in 1992 on the Psychotic Supper Tour in Duluth(review of this show is on this site as well) and again in 2006 when Tesla showed up in Tbay and jammed out a 700 seater and did a whole acoustic set(one day I will get around to reviewing that show)and Man they were so good!

Shortly after Tommy Skoech split Tesla and was replaced by Dave Rude as he joined original dudes Keith/Hannon/ Troy Lucketta and Brian Wheat.

Tesla  also had a real good run of 4 albums( 1986-1994 which included Mechanical Resonance/Great Radio Controversy/Psychotic Supper and Bust A Nut) and to this day they still put out occasional albums as they tour none stop.

So here we are 2016 and Here’s the Live Album …

“Mechanical Resonance Live!” track listing:

01. Rock Me to the Top (live)
02. Ez Come Ez Go (live)
03. Gettin’ Better (live)
04. Comin’ Atcha Live (live)
05. Changes (live)
06. Before My Eyes (live)
07. 2 Late 4 Love (live)
08. We’re No Good Together (live)
09. Love Me (live)
10. Cover Queen (live)
11. Lil’ Suzie (live)
12. Modern Day Cowboy (live)
13. Save That Goodness (bonus studio track) (written/produced by Phil Collen)

Boom! So the running order of the Live album is different from the studio one of course and even though the crowd is included in between tracks you can hear a quick change of crowd noise as I think these songs may be have been pulled from other shows and tossed together.

I’m cool with this as it’s live and I have said it before that at times Jeff Keith can wail like a male Janis Joplin. Always dug the man’s voice and why not as here we are 30 years later with his voice still intact. The boys behind him can play. The one thing I did notice is Tesla misses the Loose Cannon style  Riff Rock Guitaring of Tommy Skeoch. Make no mistake new boy Dave Rude can play and he plays’s Tommy’s parts but it’s a little more refined whereas Tommy was the renegade on the 6 string. Not a fault to anyone just a different style to my ear’s….

Real cool to hear some of these tracks live(some were on Replugged Live From 2000 but others like Love Me  and especially Cover Queen are real good especially during the groovy verses ramping up into the chorus.

Must also mention opener Rock Me To The Top is areal good ass kicker of an opener as Hannon and Rude drive the song with the guitars and I always have and still to this day dig this track!

Save That Goodness is a new studio track produced and co written with Phil Collen (Def Leppard)  and its the last track and for Tesla 2016 it’s a good song and its neat to see the boy’s moving forward with a real cool opening like riff that carries the tune. It would be interesting to hear a whole album produced by Collen mixed with Tesla.

Hey maybe they could call it Modern Day Hysteria!

This is a worthy purchase…..





50 thoughts on “Tesla/Mechanical Resonance Live(2016)”

  1. 30 years omg.

    Tesla is one of those bands that I always like when I hear them, but never go out of my way to listen to with any regularity. It’s no slight to them, you know, it just happens that way. Weird.

    Anyway, good on them for still cranking out the goods all these years later. Who cares if it’s glued together from different shows? Rock on!

    Nice one Deke!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Brotha!
      I’m glad Tesla went this way with this release instead of just remastering the original studio album. Shake it up a bit so good on them.
      As far as deluxe editions go two of the better ones lately were The Hips Fully Completely with that awesome Horseshoe Tavern gig and Bryan Adams Reckless with the 1985 Hammersmith show added…
      Those two are excellent…
      This one for a single release is solid….updated versions so to speak…


  2. These guys have a long history with Def Lep, but it’s nice to see the crossover again with that writing credit!

    This has a Japanese bonus track (as do pretty much all Tesla albums) so I’ll be putting together a CD Japan order soon to grab a copy! Thanks Deke!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha CD Japan! Well I checked out there site Mikey after the had discussed it the other day!
      The bonus track is Hang Tough…Cool Site…
      You will like this album. just straight ahead Rocka Rolla…..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh of course. But when it comes to these tracks that are only in the nooks and crannies, sometimes you gotta strike while the iron is hot or spend years in regret.


    1. Thanks for coming aboard and posting! Awesome! Tesla is a quality rock act there’s a bit of talk that they may next years headliners here at our 2 day rock festival next summer….I’m Hoping…The promoters got Tom Keifer and The Cult this past July here in Thunder Bay so I wouldn’t put it past them….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That would be great. I have really enjoyed Keirfer’s album as well. And can’t complain about the Cult either. Love the site. We have a lot of the same taste in music and I am enjoying the reviews. Was just reading the Hardline review.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks! Much appreciated! I tend at times to angle a bit of sense of humour. I started just over 2 years ago and my writing was a mess. Spelling was atrocious etc and than about 6 months ago my wife said ” you do have proofread on their” Whut?!! So now I’m trying to clean up around these parts! But the Community of Bloggers has always been solid with support Aaron/Mike/Rich were the ones who told me to get it going….tons of fun…thanks again for joining….

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I started a little around 5 months ago so I have a long way to go. The support from other bloggers has been incredible and that makes me want to get better and I need to go find that proofread button!

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      4. No worries Dude your site looks fine! 5 months! Great job! Keep it going! When I first started I went Bonkers as I was bashing out 10 posts a week! Hahaha….I kept a pretty decent pace but last Christmas I reviewed all of Rush R40 …track by track (32 Songs) and by the end of it I hit the wall…It fried me worse than a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken!
        So I started instead of doing full track by track album reviews I would pick a couple of tracks focus on the vibe of the album post a couple of youtube clips and go from there…
        I may still do it for certain albums but in general for myself less is more and I got back into it…
        I did enjoy the 200 word limit last week it kinda refocused and charged up my batteries and well all my next posts are more than 200 but less than 1000 per post as I like to pass on a little bit of personal history on how I came
        across said band or artist!
        Geez this response is morphing into a Post! hahaha….
        Your right also its what Aaron calls community…So True as were here to help out/read/comment…..


  3. A band I’ve heard bits and bobs from, but never a full album. Anyhoo, I like the idea of this release – who needs a 30th Anniversary remaster with a bonus live show when you can have a single disc like this? Save the fans cash!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup agreed J! Sometimes certain albums could use a fixing up and to get stuff I have never heard is cool but other times yeah your right. Less can be cool!
      I purchased Live Resonance for $7.99 Canadian which is a deal….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. $7.99 is certainly better than double that for the live stuff and a remastered (meaning volume turned up a lot of the time) disc that you already own, eh?

        Liked by 1 person

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