What You Think Is Cool Is Not To Others



So being that today is October 6 2016 it serves an important date in my life as October 6 1979 was my first ever live  concert and that was KISS/John Cougar( Judas Priest were a no show! Gah!) at the Duluth Arena, 37 years ago=Yikes! Here’s some footage from the Dynasty Tour that I saw as a young Whipper Snapper! Cool to watch this now after so much time as KISS is unravelling at this point! Peter Criss plays Black Diamond at super speed while  hollering the lead vocals while Ace is completely Blitzed! Give Em Credit Folk’s at least Ace and Petey emphasized Rock N Roll.

My folks were real cool. Got my 11-year-old ass down to Duluth and friends of my parents eldest son and his girlfriend took a young geeked out Deke’s to the show and basically ruined me forever! Ha!

Actually I reviewed this show as my first ever post from Aug/14. Check it out …..https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/08/10/1979-the-return-of-kiss-2/

So Kiss was on the decline in 79(great album title wouldn’t it be? Decline In 79? Better yet a better name for my blog!) I didn’t know Kiss was hitting the skids. I was too young to notice. Kiss wanted it that way! I bought 1980s Unmasked ( sold it to my pal Tbone than shortly after required it back) 1981’s The Elder I bought it along with my pal Muc. I made it known publicly I had bought The Elder whereas Muc kept a lid on it….haha…

So once I entered Highschool (Grade 9/Sept 1981) Kiss was finished in the minds of many. Fair enough but being 13 just about to turn 14 I didn’t care so once day I wore my Kiss Dynasty Tour Shirt to school and I received t a tongue lashing and smart ass remarks about Kiss not being cool! What was I to do?

Like a smart 13-year-old I kept my Trap(mouth) shut! It did not matter as the Grade 11’s looked huge so I wasn’t gonna mess with em! One of them even doused me with their Mothers Perfume for a real beautiful like stench that lasted the whole afternoon at school! Ha!

Basically the Dynasty shirt got put away and it didn’t stop me from listening to Kiss but it did stop me from wearing my Dynasty shirt to school.

1982’s Creatures Of The Night was a step in the right direction but Kiss was still hurting as there Duluth show was cancelled due to lack of tickets being sold. Kiss though soldiered on and it’s funny as once the Makeup came off and Kiss released 1983’s Lick It Up many were back on board!

So much so that a fella named Jeff Law seen the Lick It Up show in Toronto and he picked me up a Lick It Up T-shirt from the show! He told me KISS packed out Maple Leaf Gardens….

Yup I wore it to school! No problem/No comments not even from the 5 Knuckleheads( who were in Grade 13 at this point) who were bugging me two years earlier!

Kiss slapped off the makeup had a bounce back while I took the Kiss T out of the drawer and wore back at school…….

This post you may think  has irked me all these years. No it has not one bit but it just goes to show you how you may feel about one thing whereas the General Public is not thinking how you re thinking….

Stick To Your Guns….

What comes around goes around comes around! 37 years later I came across this T-shirt site in the U.S and I clicked a bunch of bands and viola they had in stock the  retro Dynasty Tour T’s(see pic below)! This is an exact duplicate of the Shirt I bought at my first ever concert! Wowzers! Instant Purchase By Deke’s….


Try Dousing Me With Yo Mama’s Perfume Now MotherF**Ker!

As you were…





18 thoughts on “What You Think Is Cool Is Not To Others”

  1. DULUTH!!!

    Great post. I was supposed to join you with my ‘in defense of Kiss’ post today, but the video was all distorted and unwatchable. Too bad.

    Great post…the 5 knuckleheads can F off!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We have all done knucklehead stuff when we were younger that’s for sure! I stayed out of trouble in highschool! I avoided it and tried to get along. There were a few bumps in the road, but those are for future tales!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hitting the skids creatively or due to the whole band relationship issues? Still cool that you say them back before they became something of a self-parody thing (well, that’s how I kinda see them – apologies if that’s maybe a bit negative!).

    Shame Judas Priest didn’t show, though! How very dare they!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was probably a combination of both J! Kiss entered the 80s lost but i still believed! Haha…..
      I also got Unleashed by Priest as if u recall the cover its a supposed Live Shot so I was hooked and than at the show i’m like what….?? HA ..Welcome to your first Gig Kid!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Unleashed… is one of my favourite Priest albums. Have they ever made up for that no-show? You seen them live?


  3. When I dropped off my daughter this morning, one of the kids at her day care brought a KISS(!) 8.5″ x 11″ picture with him today, I’m hoping to get the story from his folks later – so it appears some 4 year olds at least still think KISS is cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHA….Cougar was still a good 3 years away from Jack And Diane/Hurts So Good shooting up the charts for him…Seeing Kiss blew my brains imagine if JP had actually showed up?


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