Bachman/Any Road(1993)


“Neil Went To Play For A While In Thunder Bay” sings Randy Bachman on the opening track Praire Town on the very good album by Randy simply called Bachman. The Neil that Randy refers to is of course Neil Young who hung around Tbay for a while than split to the U.S and we know the rest of the story right?!

Randy I would have to say writes awesome tunes of Blue Collar Rawk and to prove my point it just takes one listen to Takin Care Of Business from his band back in the early to mid 1970’s Bachman Turner Overdrive  to hear it. Randy writes simple yet good catchy Ear Candy and 1993’s Bachman album proves this point!

Randy snagged not only Neil Young but Margo Timmons from the Cowboy Junkies to round out the opening track Praire Town. Check out the vid below!

Dig that video with Neil! Those guitars must have been jacked up to 11 in the studio! They sound Loud while the band looks like there having fun! Like those Throwback Creeper Glasses Randy’s sporting while Neil looks like he rolled out of bed tossed on his ball cap backwards and said “Let’s Do This!!”

The Tunes From The Prairie Town…

1 Prairie Town
Guitar – Neil Young
Vocals – Margo Timmins, Neil Young
Written-By – Randy Bachman
2 Any Road
Written-By – Randy Bachman
3 I Wanna Shelter You
Written-By – Denise McCann, Randy Bachman
4 Overworked And Underpaid
Vocals – Callianne Bachman
Written-By – Randy Bachman
5 15 Minutes Of Fame
Written-By – Randy Bachman
6 Tailspin
Written-By – Randy Bachman
7 Vanishing Heroes
Written-By – Randy Bachman
8 One Step Ahead Of The Law
Written-By – Randy Bachman
9 It’s Only Money
Written-By – Randy Bachman
10 One Night In Texas
Written-By – Randy Bachman
11 Why Am I Lonely
Jew’s Harp – Denise McCann
Written-By – Talmage Bachman
12 Prairie Town
Guitar – Neil Young
Vocals – Margo Timmins, Neil Young
Written-By – Randy Bachman

This is a nice little 12 Pack Of CanRawk! I posted at the top of this article the other video for the second track called Any Road which the album is titled after. Any Road is a great track actually one of my Fav Randy tracks with a real slick chorus of “See Ya Later”. The song is a well crafted tune as Randy even has an organ adding not taking away from the song! Actually the Organ enhances this track! Did I just say that?

Signed Randy Bachman T Shirt and CD From Tbone's Rock Vault!
Signed Randy Bachman T Shirt and CD From Tbone’s Rock Vault!

Lot’s of great guitaring on this album different style of pickings! At times chill like I Wanna Shelter You.

Randy does dig into the Blue Collar Rock here with Overworked And Underpaid  whereas  Tailspin is old school ZZ Top Rock complete with ZZ’s mid 80’s Synth driving the tune along with Randys guitar!

Now the album ends with an acoustic version of Prairie Town which I  usually fret upon but this one Rocks! Well not that kind of Rocks but one which is chill,features some nice lap steel and Margo adds to the song with her angelic like voice! It’s not all boom and bust for the Rand-Man! Neil probably rolled a High Heater and had to take a Huge Toke A Roo to chillax for this one! Great ending to this album!

This would be up to that point (1993) the last Bachman album I bought until 2015’s very good Heavy Blues album!

If ya stumble across either of em….

Grab Em!

15 thoughts on “Bachman/Any Road(1993)”

  1. What is this!? Why haven’t I ever heard of this!? That track is awesome! Believe it or not I’ve never thought to listen to Bachman at all. Ever! This, though, is right up my street! Cheers for throwing this on the radar!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s funny. I always really like what I hear from him, but I never seem to buy it. But then I hear more and really like it, and… I should just buckle down, focus, and buy his damn records!


    1. Yeah when i was over at T’s last Friday..I had my iPad and showed him the inner workings of the WordPress site thru admin and the Reader on the blogs I follow. He was psyched out how cool it all was so I showed him some upcoming stuff that I had ready to go and one of them was this Bachman review and he said I think I got some stuff kicking around. I had the T-shirt but I don’t know what happened to it and T came thru ..i took a pic and viola….Swag!


      1. Ha! I think an Occasional blog like his Hip Review will be that kind of deal. He’s one busy dude. Owns and runs an company,has a young family and coaches Hockey and such….But man he does provide a ton of fodder for me thats for sure….


      2. I dunno, man. I work (not my own company, mind you), chase my own young family, maintain the house with my lovely wife outta town, and go to soccer, swimming and kung fu every week…

        HE CAN DO IT! If I can, he can! Just give up sleep and TV and see how much you can do! 🙂


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