Kiss/Rock N Roll Over(1976)

Since It’s Halloween Today …Ummmm  How About Another KISS Review….???

Gonna try to keep this one short but when it comes to my fav KISS studio albums my TOP 3 would look like this..

1-Alive…..2-Rock N Roll Over….3-Creatures Of The Night..

Yeah I know Kiss Alive is a Live album(cough/cough) but we all know the deal as it was tweaked merciless in the studio but on any day of the week if we’re actually talking about studio albums I could flip between Number 2 and 3 all the time….

Starchild/Demon/Space Ace & Petey The Cat belt out some decent Kiss N Roll…. 

The Song’s…

1. “I Want You” Paul Stanley  3:04
2. “Take Me” Stanley, Sean Delaney  2:56
3. “Calling Dr. Love” Gene Simmons  3:44
4. “Ladies Room” Simmons  3:27
5. “Baby Driver” Peter Criss, Stan Penridge  3:40
6. “Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em” Simmons  3:47
7. “Mr. Speed” Stanley, Delaney  3:18
8. “See You in Your Dreams” Simmons  2:34
9. “Hard Luck Woman” Stanley  3:34
10. “Makin’ Love” Stanley, Delaney  3:14
Total length:

Ah Man… I miss those under 34 minute albums and Rock N Roll Over delivers as Kiss teams up with producer Eddie Kramer and everyone roll’s up there sleeves and get down to it…

Stanley shows up with 5 tracks the best being Mr Speed that has a real cool like opening Riff and even though it’s a rock track it’s got a different vibe than say Take Me which is your typical Stanley straight ahead Goofy lyric rock track but on those day’s when its Goofy Time Take Me fill’s a void as it’s a Crash Course  in C#*K Rock.

$immon$ throws his 4 cents in with 4 pretty good rock tracks and he’s no ballad Guy well maybe the lyrics to Dr Love are about as close to a ballad as you could find but nice use of the cowbell on this track and Gene’s other tracks Ladies Room/Love Em Leave Em/See You In Your Dreams are just your simple straight ahead Chick Tracks! Not Rocket Science here Folk’s but catchy never the less!

The most interesting  track here has to be Hard Luck Woman written by Stanley but sung by Peter Criss who sounds like Rod Stewart and this is a well crafted rock track with nice acoustic playing with Criss’ drums propelling the Kiss Ship forward.

Speaking of Criss. He even gets his own tune here.  Baby Driver which is an ok track but still to elbow something on here with the Gene and Paul show calling the shot’s is saying something unlike Ace Frehley who did not contribute anything song wise but still plays some real good lead guitar on Rock N Roll Over….




23 thoughts on “Kiss/Rock N Roll Over(1976)”

    1. Gene and Paul I Betcha gave Ace fits of anxiety attacks when Ace was to submit material and the solo album opened up the creative floodgates which in turn more Ace songs were on Dynasty and than Unamsked where Torpedeo Girl was unleashed to us all! Hahaha

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    1. probably right Geoff. I never looked at it like that but than again KISS was releasing like 2-3 albums per year for a few years during the Heyday so to speak plus add tours and press… …They were striking when the iron was hot thats for sure…
      Great call dude!


    1. For sure….KISS makes for great conversation whether it’s good or bad but people always have an opinion especially over a 40 year period …
      Especially since Stanley/Simmons can’t stop due to the mighty $$$

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  1. Cool write-up of a record I must admit I’ve never heard. I’m the KISS noob, around here. All I have is what Mike sent me! 🙂 Anyway, you’ve made me wanna hear this one! Love your enthusiasm for this band!

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    1. Na your not a Noob! This album out of all there 70s output flies under the radar so maybe that’s why I dig it along with Creatures so much as those are the two albums that didn’t sell as much (esp Creatures) as others….
      Sometimes the masses miss the albums while the diehards dig it more …I dunno ….Shit Deke’s Sez!


    1. BMellis…..Thanks for dropping in and checking things out! Kiss as you said will never die! Man….when they actually shut it down it will be the ultimate shock to the system!
      Of all the acts I scribble on about KISS is the easiest to write about as everyone who is an hard rock fan knows there deal…..or have at least heard Beth..HAHAHAHA……


  2. HAHAHAHAHA I love that you call Alive a studio album! You’re about 75% right!

    Just getting caught up here, good to see more Kiss reviews.

    Ace write a song, “Queen For a Day” but it was not used for the album. I don’t know if he would have sung it or not!

    This is a favourite of mine too. It was actually the last Kiss album I got. Just worked out that way! It was hard to find on tape.

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    1. Kinda crazy how it flew under the radar of many as everyone is always fixated with Alive and Destroyer….I knew you would like my comment about Alive being a studio album….

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      1. You could probably put Alive II in there as well!

        Yeah it kind of flew between two albums I knew better. Destroyer and Love Gun. But when I got this album and heard Mr. Speed for the first time, I knew that Kiss were way more than just their hits.

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      2. Yeah Alive 2 is decent as well but that audience level is just a little too jacked…Kiss was broke when they did Alive by the time Alive 2 came 2 years later they were millionaires

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      3. Especially with the Crowd from the Super Bowl that year or so I read years ago….plus Hard Luck Woman and Tomorrow and Tonight just had crowd noise added as they recorded those songs at a soundcheck…Bunch of Sliders! hahaha…

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