DVBeers Review:ChickenFoot/Get Your Buzz On (2009)


Cold Beer & Kentucky Fried ChickenFoot….Does it get any better than Cardiac Chicken/Loud Rawk and Suds?

Yup…Here’s another fine instalment of DVBeers…..

So basically I got together with TBone  and we cranked DVD’s at his place! The first one being Triumph’s Live At Sweden Rock.. Which is reviewed here as the first ever DVD review I have done..

Now it’s time for Chickenfoot ….

Here’s the tracks that are featured on the Live DVD performed in front of an Vegas Crowd..

1 Avenida Revolution 5:56
2 Sexy Little Thing 5:32
3 Soap On A Rope 4:14
4 My Kinda Girl 4:54
5 Down The Drain 3:52
6 Bitten By The Wolf 4:41
7 Oh Yeah 6:17
8 Learning To Fall 4:34
9 Get It Up 5:13
10 Turnin’ Left 5:48
11 Future In The Past 6:38
12 Bad Motor Scooter
13 My Generation

In case yer wondering Chickenfoot is Sammy Hagar/Michael Anthony/Joe Satriani/Chad Smith..

You got hand it to Hagar as he’s worked with some pretty damn good Guitar players…Let’s take a moment with a bit of my Yammering and look at these Ax Slingers that Sam has been involved with…

The late Ronnie Montrose where Sam back in 1973 made his debut on a classic  album called Montrose but after a less than stellar followup album Ronnie booted Sam and after some hard solo slogging, Hagar by 1984 was pretty big news with his V.O.A album selling big time which shot him into the Arena’s as the Top Dog..

Following that Sam hooked up with Journey Guitarist Neil Schon who Neil himself was  looking to find the volume knob on his Marshall after being diluted by the Soft A.O.R Mush of early 80’s Journey. Neil found  some heaven in the great H.S.A.S album which was just a one-off. Search for the H.S.A.S song Top OF The Rock. You will not be disappointed!

Course we all know what happened next Sam hooked up Van Halen. They all loved each other for  a number of years and then got divorced reconciled and then divorced again and blah blah blah…

Sam is  not one  to laze around so he went solo (for a second time)but was itching to form a band so he hooked up with VH buddy Michael Anthony who we all know was punted from Halen and they together got together with Chill Pepper Chad and here come’s another Super Duper 6 Stringer in Joe…

Together ChickenFoot put out a decent debut and of course comes the Live DVD and these songs kick it up a notch Live…

Satch is on fire! Joe is more than just a shredder he can dip n slide with the best of them. Look no further than opener Avenida Revolution as Satch does his Boogie and  teaches us how it’s all done on the 6 String.

Now before you start thinking “Is this DVD  just a Guitar Macho Man workout?” Nope…..

My Kinda Girl is a Great Great Rock Track. Sam slams down a great vocal along with Mikey’s great backing vocal driven by Chad Smith’s drums.(Tbone even commented on Smiths Bad Co. T-shirt.in the video) This song oozes cool and Sam is a great live performer as he continuously high fives Fans in the front row. I know this from first hand as back in the day when I seen Sam on 1984’s VOA Tour he turned on the houselights to see and read the homemade banners that were decorated throughout the Duluth Arena.  Many years later on the 1991 Van Halen tour in Winnipeg Sam high fives the front row all night and off to one side of the stage there was about a dozen Fans wearing homemade Juiced For Halen T’s written on a white t-shirt with a black marker and when on of the Homemade T’s was tossed on stage it was a matter of seconds before Hagar put it on and made those fan’s day! That’s all it takes man…a simple gesture….

Ok sorry for the Ramble Flashback but yeah My Kinda Girl is a great track …just watch it for yourself straight from Get Yer Buzz On!

14 thoughts on “DVBeers Review:ChickenFoot/Get Your Buzz On (2009)”

      1. I saw them mostly in 80’s and early to mid 90’s. Fun times.

        Now it’s all separate limos, dressing rooms etc.

        Dave so much as says so on stage and in interviews. In it for the cash. I’m sure the later stages with Sammy were the same.

        I’m one of those rare people that like Van Halen and Van Hagar.

        Shitty about Michael Anthony though. Seems like such a friendly, nice guy. He was too nice to Sammy probably and got.the boot.


  1. I only have the first Chickenfoot album. I like it well enough, but I’m not a fan of Hagar. Good at what he does, but I don’t find him particularly unique in any way – quite generic, unfortunately. Dare say he’s a nice enough chap, but that’s about it.


  2. HAHAHAHAHAH I love the KFC bag!!! Well done dude, this is awesome. Keep this series going!!!

    I don’t have this! I think there is a live CD called Chickenfoot IV? That is the one I want just because (as we discussed last week) I prefer the convenience of listening to a CD over watching a DVD.

    Keep ’em coming buddy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Mikey..thanks for noticing my photogenic nose for detail! HaHa…That pic was taken at Tbone’s place within the first 5 minutes! I rummaged through my DVD’s while Tbone poured a Glass Of Suds!
      I would like a copy of that cd as well. This was another DVD that I only watched about 2-3 times…picked it up at HMV years ago for about 10 bucks…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it didn’t dawn on me. We wanted to grab something quick to eat so i suggested the Dirty Bird and once we got out to T’s place …Ding!!! A light went off in my noggin!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I approve of this experience, except for the KFC. Ugh. I understand the chicken connection (very clever), but I’d have thought something that greasy and gross would have been a Crüe night…

    Anyway, good friends, good tunes, good night!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha..yeah its once in a blue moon i touch the KFC but man that night with cold beer it wasn’t actually that bad. Now saying that I won’t touch the stuff for a long time again…..hahaha


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