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unknown-7What do Tom Cochrane,Judas Priest,The Tragically Hip and Bryan Adams have in common?

They all have in recent years have reissued Classic Albums from there back catalogue and they show us all  how a reissue is supposed to be done!

Reissue of what? You say! Well back in the 80s when I was snapping up everything Rock/Hard Rock and Metal (on Vinyl and later CD). Bands would put out certain albums that would  become what we  call now  Classic’s!

In this day and age and  in my case you really have to go that extra mile to get me to buy a reissue of an album I already had owned! Here are some Albums you should all check out!



The Hip reissued a deluxe edition of there 1992 Classic album Fully Completely. The Hip added a couple of unreleased studio tracks but the real score was the live show recorded in Toronto the day Fully Completely was released. Gord Downie and posse play the album from the stage. All the song’s from it are played! Too be quite honest this is the best live Hip Recording I own. A close second would be the live Roxy album from 1991(Roxy is a Bootleg).


Judas Priest have released Three Great Reissue’s! The first being 1980’s British Steel in which Priest back in 2010 added to the rerelease a couple of studio tracks plus a show added recorded that year of the full album being played front  to back with a few Old School Priest tracks tossed in.


In 2012 came Priest with Screaming For Vengeance. Once again Rob and company pull out the stops with this one. They included a couple of bonus tracks and Live tracks from 1982’s Vengeance Tour. The bonus disc is a DVD from 1983’s  U.S Festival. Priest is on fire here at this show as they are playing in broad daylight in front of something like 250,000 People. Once again Priest step up with a great reissue.


2014 came the 30th Anniversary of Defenders Of The Faith. This is another super-duper add! The original studio album is added of course but the real score is the second disc which is a Live show from 1984. All of Defenders is pretty much played live. A real great live show. Priest show everyone that if you put some thought into it you can make it really interesting.


Not to be outdone Bryan Adams in 2014 reissued his 1984 Classic Reckless which is one of the all time greats! Adams added on a bunch of extra studio tracks that he had intended to use but other artists like Krokus( who cover Boy’s Night Out) and 38 Special (who cover Teacher Teacher) are done by Adams and Crew and you can hear these versions  for the first time ever. I still can’t believe Blue Oyster Cult turned down Run To You. Sucked for B.O.C but we all know what Run To You did for Adams! Bryan also with the Reckless reissue added a full show from England on his 1984-85 Tour. Another super-duper reissue …..

Tom Cochrane. This is the most interesting reissue of the bunch. I  had no intentions of buying this guys stuff. Sure when I heard or seen his vids back in the day I would watch and listen but I just never got into Cochrane’s music. Even 1991’s Mad Mad World I never purchased as we all know Life Is An Highway as the song and album sold by the Shitloads here in Canada. But here we are 25 years later and I was reading an online  interview with Tom and he had mentioned about how he reissued  Mad Mad World. Cool.  I thought as Tom talked he spoke of how he added a live show from Chicago that was recorded on that tour. The live show part intrigued me! Was this the time I take my first ever plunge into buying some Tommy? Yup I did folks. 25 years later! Better late than never. The live show covers even some Red Rider( One of my buddy Muc’s fav bands from back in the day) all the way up to 1991! Tom made it interesting  by adding the live portion. Atta Boy Tommy!unknown-15unknown-14





Recently Tesla (with Mechanical Resonance) and Extreme(Pornograffatti) went and put out live product of these two albums this year  with all the tracks being played.  Extreme’s with  the Porno album played it front  to back. These are just single disc releases and are awesome as well.


Oasis is a band that I dig. There Like Rush in that your either in or your out in liking them. I found there string of 90’s albums quite good particularly 1997’s Be Here Now. They have now reissued this album with the album Remastered/Out Takes/Demo’s/Live Tracks.

For some reason I’m still undecided whether I’m gonna purchase Be Here Now. Again.  Noel Gallagher doing the press rounds for this reissue was basically saying  it was a Big Bloated Album that should have never came out when it did as they should have taken a break instead.(kinda funny as he trashes yet  promotes it at the same time) Also the fact that a bunch of Blow was consumed maybe had something to do with it also. Still though the fact that on the demos it’s Noel doing the singing which is kinda cool but I wish they would have added a full live show from the 1997 Tour. Just a few live tracks which is a disappointment. Still man to this day Do You Know What I Mean and My Big Mouth are Gems!

There are many more Reissues that I may tackle again at some point but for now…

Thanks For Reading!


10 thoughts on “Reissue & Issue….”

  1. I hear Tom Cochrane’s hitting the road to commemorate the anniversary of Mad Mad World as well – if tickets are reasonable, I wouldn’t mind seeing him!
    Some nice reissues here, with the exception of Tesla, I surprisingly have all the rest of them in one format or another!


  2. I’ve been tempted by the Vengeance and Defenders discs for a while, but haven’t quite mustered the courage to buy some CDs!

    I do have a couple of reissues that I’ve bought over the last wee while… makes snagging some vinyl albums easier (and cheaper) than the originals. Biggest disappointment tends to be the lack of effort in putting something special together.

    That said, the recent No Code reissue is splendid and I can’t wait to get my hands on the 3-LP Black Love reissue (complete with bonus tracks!)


  3. I fucking love that Oasis album! I hated it, once — maybe for a whole two or three years, I hated it! Then it clicked.

    Here’s my beef Deke. Why, in 2016 am I buying Paranoid AGAIN and buying 2112 AGAIN? When I got them both the last time — 5 years ago for Paranoid and 2 for 2112 — didn’t they think to include all this extra material? It really pisses me off, because ,most likely these new versions won’t replace the old ones. Something will be missing. I think Rush is missing the blu-ray in 5.1 surround plus the live bonus tracks. I think Sabbath is missing the Quad DVD. That pisses me off a lot. Because I WILL buy them again, it’s not even a maybe.

    End fucking rant! LOL

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    1. Not a Rant Mikey! I hear Ya. I got the deluxe 2112 a few years back when Brother Bryce bought it for me for Xmas. I had never owned it til than which is crazy but Tbone had a copy so I always borrowed his! This new one with that live show looks slick but I dunno ……..
      Sabbath though with the live stuff from 70 looks cool but man how many times can these guys reissue……
      God bless Noel telling like it is….he said that he wanted to shave down minutes off the tracks but after he did the remix to Do You Know What I Mean he said Fuck It! Hahaha… is a very good record…..thanks for reading ….

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  4. I still need to get that Bryan Adamd set! Seriously, what am I waiting for?

    I saw Tom Cochrane at some point in the late 90s, with Emm Gryner opening the gig. Great show. The man is awesome.

    Sorry, I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on Oasis if they were on fire. But I am happy for the people who like them, ‘cos it’s a big world with room for everybody!

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