2:22 to 5:31

What is Deke’s going on about now you ask?! Well the title say’s it all!

2:22 to 5:31 is  time it take’s Neil Peart  to  demolish his Red Tama Double Bass Drum Kit During his solo that is all brilliantly captured sonically on the Classic  Double Live Exit Stage Left from 1981.

The tune is the Musical Only YYZ.

I don’t need to go on about how great the other two Fella’s from Rush are and that’s Vocalist/Bassist Geddy Lee and Guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Together they mash up up a jam. Call it YYZ where each guy can play snippets of brilliance on there instrument but for me hands down it’s Peart who goes to town on this one…

Some background History I would like to share with ya’s…

I was raised in Rock with Solo’s as in Guitar Solo’s and Drum Solo’s. The first two Rock Guy’s that I had heard on vinyl that had solo’s were No Stangers to this Blog and that’s Ace Frehley and Peter Criss From KISS. Back in 1979 when I caught KISS live this would also be the first show that I had seen and the solo’s Ace with his smoking guitar and  his mish mash playing of  notes and Peter with his Drums rising high into the rafters had an impact on me. It was like Wowzer’s these guys are God’s. Well kinda….

A few years later I heard Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption  which to this day I think is the best guitar solo live or in studio I have ever heard. Sorry Ace!

The first KISS album I owned  was KISS Alive 2 which I got back in 1978. Smack dab on Side 2 of KISS  Alive 2 was Ace playing a bunch of wacka doodle notes during his solo on his own tune Shock Me. 

Peter Criss was interesting. On Side 3 of KISS ALIVE 2 is Peter slamming his Drums on God Of Thunder.  Criss I thought at the time was the best drummer I had heard. I mean the opening of his Drum solo as simple as it is still sticks in mind 38 years later….

Case in Point….

Years later back in January of 1991 as Myself/Tbone/Rugg and Oink’s were headed on a Party Bus to Winnipeg to witness Poison put on a Half Assed Live show one dude on the Bus that we knew as Brighton even talked about the Criss drum solo from Alive 2 which garnered a good discussion about solo’s! In case your wondering why we called the dude Brighton. It was simple he was wearing a Brighton Rock T shirt. (Canadian Band). See Aaron we got nickname’s for everyone!

But back to the early 80’s and as everyone know’s KISS is struggling. Criss is tossed from his drum stool and here comes Neil a blazing and when I heard the live YYZ for the first time I was like…..


Now you have to remember it would be a few years later that I would discover Led Zeppelin and the Late John Bonham who is also Master of the Drums. But by than Zep was finished and I was digging into Bands that were still out there at the time doing it.

YYZ I could go on about it but I’m no Drummer so basically play YYZ or just start it at the 2:22 mark….. That part that Neil does with his cowbells is just ridiculous! Like …WHUT?

How can this dude play at this level that quick during all those Kooky  Time Changes that Rush song’s have and still have enough Sauce left in his tank to bash out a Drum Solo?

Who know’s but Neil does. He is indeed The Professor! Come tot think of it I can listen to all of Neil’s Drum Solo’s on the various Rush Live Release’s through the years but man YYZ on Exit is just a Sonic Explosion….!

The Greatest Drum Solo I have ever heard or will hear for that matter!



40 thoughts on “2:22 to 5:31”

      1. speaking of Rush ..Today Is By Tor & The Snow Dog Day here in Tbay as we got about 30 cm of snow last night….few sections of Highways closed as well….
        First snowfall of this year!
        Last Saturday it was 14 above and i was barbecuing wearing T shirt and shorts….


      2. Oh that sounds wonderful! I love big snowfalls like that!

        Was same here. Yesterday it hit 20C, we spent three hours in the park having fun (all wearing shorts and tees). Today it’s 6C and pissing rain. Talk of flurries tonight. And the Santa Claus parade is this morning! Miserable for the folks on the floats…


      3. Sure thing! Though we got our own wee dusting here overnight (nothing to match your 30cm of snow just yet). But I will not lie – I am excited to see the white stuff on the lawn again. I just love it!


      1. Yeah its kinda a thing of the past. Not too many left doing them! Thats ok but i can vouch that when I seen Rush back in 2002 the whole Arena stood during Neil’s solo….not to many can do that!

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  1. DIdn’t know what the post would be based on the title alone. Good one Deke!

    I have a neat Neil Peart DVD here…I think it’s called Anatomy of a Drum Solo. It’s like 40 minutes of him breaking down his live drum solo hit by hit and showing how it’s done. MIND BLOWIN’.

    All hail the Snow Dogs!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Brilliant light!

        Exit is pretty damn awesome…probably my favourite Rush live album. Though they are all amazing in their own ways, I like the single CD format!


      2. Itunes has the new 2112 for preorder. All it features is the regular album and the covers of songs by artists! Like c’ mon man…Skipping this…no digital book nothing.
        I’m totally happy with the Deluxe from a few years back which included the digital book etc!

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      3. Live disc plus the dvd has a show from 76 ..Black an White..think its from Jersey…..It’s worth it yeah for sure but like how many times to remaster a master and add that to another remaster! haha

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      4. Honestly Deke I would have preferred if they released it as its own thing. Call it “2112 Concert” and put out the DVD, CD and that tribute CD in a set.

        But maybe people wouldn’t buy it, because it’s not “the original 2112”.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yeah dude! It’s all down to marketing. Perhaps the Old Dude shopping at Walmart who had a copy of 2112 back in 76 will stumble into the music section and see it and buy upon the fact that it is 2112. I see your point though as we are Hardcore Fans!

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      6. Yes we are! At least with the computer I can put all the different versions together in one folder and have it all together. I really dislike having to own multiple versions of stuff like this though. And I also have the Rush Sectors box sets…!!!!!


      7. yeah for sure ….it’s like 10 years from now what will be added to the 50th Ann. of 2112? Package of Official Rush Attends? haha..
        Seriously though I just have the 2112 deluxe from 2012. I’m still deciding if I wanna preorder it. iTunes has made about 4 tracks available upon preorder. Weird thing is they don’t have it listed in there Preorder section. Yet Armoured Saint is in there with there soon to be released live album…

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      8. Your a Fan Dude..no doubt about that! Even that stuff add bonus material than a few years later re release it add more…Kiss is an band that could go an extra mile instead of Greatest hits after Hits…Blah and Gah….
        I’ll give Rush credit though they do go the extra mile with bonus stuff…..

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      9. Actually Mikey…
        Rush on the new deluxe has them playing all of 2112 Live as the bonus after the cover’s portion…God Damn It …Now I gotta think about this!


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