Motley Crue/New Tattoo(2000)

The 90s were kinda brutal for Motley Crue…

QuickTime Line…..By Deke…

1992- Vince Neil (singer) gets canned! 

1994-Crue release what I would consider there second best album (after the debut) in the self titled Motley Crue or as I call it Motley Corabi  featuring John Corbai as the new singer.. Album and Tour Flop!

1997-Corabi gets the Boot. Sleazy Vince returns and the Crue release Generation Swine(Flop #2) which I consider a better record than most others but  doesn’t really do much sales wise!

1999-Tommy Lee splits and is replaced by Randy Castillo(RIP)….

So at the start of the New Millennium( 2000) Nikki Sixx dusts off his Dr Feelgood Leather Trouser’s for one more kick at Hair Metal  Throne Of Yesteryear to see if there’s another shot  at Success…

And Guess What Folks?! This one kinda fuses out but there are a few good ones here….

Now for me at the time I bought all this stuff the day of or the week of when new releases would come out….I would play the album non stop of course but over time some fall to the wayside and New Tattoo does.

Having not listened to this album since 2000 pretty much I’m gonna steamroll through some tracks and to be quite honest let’s see how my memory holds up….


Hell On High Heels- Pretty decent track. I thought it was a typical throwback Crue tune which would have fit nice and snuggly on Side 2 of 1987’s Girls/Girls/Girls album. These are the kind of tunes that Motley could excel at but by this time not too many were caring. Motley raised the Musical Bar High(and probably drank it dry) on the 94 Corabi album. There playing on that album is phenomenal to say the least as they went from Chucky Cheese Rock of Dr Feelgood into a Music Blender stuffed full of Pissed Off Feelings mixed with a slab dose of Dirty Grunge tunings and no one Fuckin cared! Except Myself/Robbo and Tbone!

Treat Me Like The Dog I Am- No dice Amigo….

New Tattoo-The Title Track and well …….Next

Dragship Superstar- Oh Boy a pattern is developing here…

1st Band On The Moon-Ah …Sixx reaches down into his Musical Bag of Trixx and nails off a Gem! This has those 80s Trimmings of a Kewl Chorus. Go figure as Sixx is the lone co writer on this song. Perhaps he should have taken a few more years and just wrote the album himself.

She Needs Rock n Roll- ?

Punched In The Teeth By Love- I wish Nikki would have had this title back in the Crue’s 80’s Heyday and used Punch In The Teeth By Love and written a Power Ballad for it and placed it once again on Side 2 of the Girl’s album and taken off that Your All I Need track. Yeah that one where it Sounds like Vince has taken his cue from Mr Stanley from KISS’s 1984 Album Animalize and sung in the Highest Vocal Registry possible. Hey don’t bash me I actually like Animalize but man Stanley sang so high-pitched on that album my cat went bonker’s……Since were keeping score here…I have no idea what this song is about but what a  Great Fackin Title!

Hollywood Ending-  For $1  Alex (Trebek) I’m thinking Ballad? Can’t recall….

Fake- I like this track. Sixx writes whats Fake around him. Fake People/Fake This/Fake That. Great Sludgey like tune, Dirty Crue  even Vince sounds Sleazy Good on this track, They should have called the album Fake/Fake/Fake. 

Porno Stars- No recollection of remembering this tune Judge Judy.

White Punks On Dope- This is an Iggy & The Stooges cover and I don’t even know how this tune goes…..

I’m sure there are some out there that Dig this album and for that I Salute You! Seriously I do…

For me …Man it’s on my iPod but I skip it all together. Maybe I’m being a tad harsh but cut me some slack man I littered Sixx’s and The Crues pockets full of dough through the 80s into the 90’s so if its  dud  I’m calling  ya out on it!

If anything the titles on this album are Cool! Sixx though was trying to keep the Crue afloat by  putting out product and touring. By the time  the tour rolled around Castillo got Cancer and had to give up his drum stool….I think Ladano reviewed this album so check out all the Nitty Gritty Details over at his site……

I even bought the new Crue album  Saints of Los Angeles.

See! Bands still can put out mediocre at best stuff and I will still stick around. I’m Kinda like the Dude who doesn’t  know when to leave the party after everyone has left and all you wanna do is sleep off your Late Night Drunkenness…

Party’s Over So Get The (Bleep) Out!




31 thoughts on “Motley Crue/New Tattoo(2000)”

  1. Haha, nice review. You’re just a sleazy addict yourself. I give bands one, maybe two bad LPs and they come off the must buy list.

    Some great track titles wasted on this album too, by the sound of it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAHA……Sleazy Addict….Its funny though some Bands you just can’t shake…..and like an addict I dabbled right into the next Crue album as well…..
      Review of that one will be done at some point….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The thing about Crüe is that they never grew up and I did (and some would say that’s debatable). I have fond memories of the early stuff but there is no way I’m getting into White Punks on Dope. This is the first song I heard, and really the only song I can recall from this album. I think Crüe will always be a nostalgia band for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nostalgia is the key with these guys and Sixx is smart enough to realize it as they circled the globe playing the same 18 tracks every night for the last how many years!?? I mean they stuck out that one track “SEX” on iTunes and I still didn’t bite on it!
      Like Who care’s but it’s sure fun to write and chat about em!


  3. Poor Randy. What an album to go out on. I was excited for him when he joined Crue, what he might bring to the table. But he never even got to play live.

    3/4 filler…this is probably the worst Crue album of them all! Either this or Swine…


    1. Dude! It’s hard to get off that carousel when your committed to an act for a long period of time. Mind You I bid adios to Jovi for good after the Bounce album. They just became a Lounge Act in Sleepy Power Ballads 101!…
      Motley you would know it would be more Rock Orientied but the songs were not there….

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  4. Man, I have to applaud your commitment to this lot. After a few mediocre albums I tend to throw bands on the ‘check out if you get time’ list. Even if it’s a band I loved (Pearl Jam, for example).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah i have no idea why …call me Sucka! Haha…
      Than again when Motley hit i was 13-14 yrs old and the filled the void that KISS had left behind (Kiss ditching makeup) and Crue always put on live spectacles in the 80s…so i stuck with them and that may just be that not too many new bands catch my attention…
      Having said ..Alterbridge/Rival Sons/Monster Truck/Temperance Movement have all put out killer records that have converted an Ol Buzzard like me…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Top 5 over at Ladano HQ’s is going to be Tuff! So what I decided to do was I’ll do my top 5 studio releases at your site as its tradition and I’ll post my top 5 live albums of the year at my site….I think I have 5 live albums…..hahaha….
        It’s too hard to squeeze studio /live albums Into a top 5….


      2. I get that. The bands that I’ve been into since I was a youngster made such an impact that I have a big connection to. Weiland’s was one of the biggest… I loved Atone Temple Pilots. One of my favourite bands. Even when Weiland was releasing fairly average stuff I was buying it. I guess it’s what we do, eh!?

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I still needed a shower, after reading this. Dammit, Motley Crue!

    Man this one sounds forgettable. I have Saints Of Los Angeles (Mike gave it to me!). I think I reviewed it…

    Anyway, good on ya for flying the Crue flag even when they suck.


    1. HAHAHAHA…..When I just read it the first thing that popped in my noggin was how funny it was coming from your typing than Vince’s Mouth! haha….


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