DVBeers Review: The Who/Live in San Diego(1982)



I love The Who. Especially the 1982 whole Farewell Tour that they were saying at the time but of course we all know it was a  Bunch Of Bull!

Who cares really as The Who keeps rolling to this day and people still pay to see them so…


Roger Daltrey – lead vocals, harmonica
Pete Townshend – lead guitar, vocals
John Entwistle – bass guitar, vocals
Kenney Jones – drums
Tim Gorman – keyboards, piano, backing vocals

Myself and Tbone rocked out to my DVD Bootleg Copy of The Who when they rolled into San Diego back in 82 and I picked up this DVD copy at HMV for about $10 years ago.

I love Pete on this DVD and even the very last show in Toronto(which is reviewed around these parts) and man is Pete looking I dunno Mopey? Pissed off? Doesn’t like Rog/The Ox or Kenney? Who know’s but Man here’s Pete at the time of this Farewell Tour playing to 50,000 people in Football Stadiums and it looks like he want’s to be elsewhere! Haha… At one point Pete chirps  something about ‘‘Johnny Cougar” . Don’t know what Pete says as me and Tbone rewinded it about 10 times to figure out what Pete was saying.  We were about 7 Glasses Of Ale in at this point in  so to us Pete is mumbling who knows clarity from our end was open for debate at this point!

Who know’s whats going through Pete’s Noggin back in 1982 and why he would close shop on The Who. Maybe he thought with the success of 1980’s solo album Empty Glass that he didn’t need these guys anymore.

This is a pretty good Boot of The Who and the vid I posted is John’s The Quiet One as this tune just blows the Door’s off of the Stadium. I made the comment to Tbone that this kind of Reckless N Who style of Rock is the what I like best! Pete plays some real heavy devy Power Chords(Flinging some of his Patented Windmill’s!) while John just Zooms up and down his fretboard on his 4 Stringer Like no one’s business. Kenny as Tbone pointed out is ripped as in a physical specimen behind the drums while Rog just chills in the background and adds backing vocals to John’s lead vocals! I friggin love this tune! The studio version is from  1980’S Face Dances. Actually at the end of Quiet One Pete talks about Johnny Cougar so you can hear it for yourself…..

A Ton of Tunes is found here a real smorgasbord of Who material through the years right up to  their current release at the time It’s Hard.

image image


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