Toque  are the Canadian Supergroup formed by Four Cool Canucks! First of all love the name as that’s about as Hoser as you can get with  Back Bacon along with a Two Four Of Molson Eh!?

Todd Kerns/Cory Churko and Brent Fitz along with newest member  Shane Gaalaas  have put out a 12 song album(available on iTunes) that feature songs that we (the 40-50 year old age bracket) remember hearing on the radio and  video  on MuchMusic. But You can be any age to enjoy these tunes done by various Canuck’s like Streetheart/Trooper/Honeymoon Suite/Harlequin/April Wine and others.

The Classics Redone By Toque…

“Working For The Weekend”
“Thinking Of You”
“My Girl”
“Go For Soda”
“Crying Over You”
“On The Loose”
“Lonely At Night”
“New Girl Now”
“Raise A Little Hell”

Toque though redo these songs pretty much to a T but of course with an updated sound. When the song calls for Synth action like Saga’s On The Loose or Loverboys Working For The Weekend The Synth is added to enhance the song not deter it. It also helps that the guitars recorded here have a bit of punch to them and even Toque pulls off Platinum Blondes Crying Over You with a bit more of a punch but still staying true to the original.

No easy feat as well when it comes to Chilliwacks My Girl as Kerns does the “Been Gone So Long’ vocal line perfect. Todd lays down superb lead vocals thorough out as well Fitz and Churko back him with a ton of Musical Muscle Firepower.

My Fav’s currently are Toque’s spin of   Aldo Nova’s Fantasy (Superb Dual Lead Guitar Action),Queen City Kids Dance  and well to be honest it’s all a fabulous listen! Sooooo Good!

Check Out Dance Below….

Nothing serious around these parts…Just Some Good Fine Rawk!

You don’t need to be Canadian to enjoy these songs as many people outside our borders will recognize these tracks…

Congrats Toque on bringing back the Classics…

Well Done!

33 thoughts on “Toque(2016)”

    1. Yeah I came out of my sabbatical to post about Toque. Kerns has an awesome Rock voice so his singing is superb considering he’s covering 12 different bands/artists. I’m not big on these cover albums but this one being 100% Hoser Material I was onboard!


  1. I don’t know any of these songs! Does that mean there’s no chance I’d gain entry to Canadaland? Anyhoo, I do like the idea that these guys hooked up, plugged in, and belted out a bunch of songs they dig.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. For sure check it out as you will recognize some of the tracks and may dig some others as well! Cool that you posted about meeting Aldo Nova earlier today and than here you are checking out Fantasy!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Na Tattoo Dave you will always have the Nuck in you! Awesome that you will crank this in house! You should check out fellow blogger HMO’S Site as his name is Scott! And he’s located in England! Scott The Scot we sometimes call him….Tons of Metal at his place!


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