“LeBrain Lost His Itunes Login Part 1”


Time for a real fun post Folks!

A little background info for those who don’t know but Mike’s site was the first WordPress site I stumbled on almost over 5 years ago after I did a Google search on Helix and Mike’s interview with Brian Vollmer came up. I clicked Mikey’s site and the fact that I thought it was cool that just a regular loving music fan could  just kick back and do an interview done by a fan like Mike  was more cool than some paid hack who knows jack crap! Mikey did his homework and after I read it I commented that I really dug it and what not and told him about the Helix Tbay shows I had seen and it went from there.

What was even better was that Mike’s site had a ton of Music Reviews like KISS/Maiden/Priest/Halen all the heavy hitters and the fact that it was written by someone who shelled out for said product was cool. I quickly bookmarked Mike’s site and became an everyday Creeper and from there met Aaron and The KMA/HMO and a ton of other great writers and I was off and running ….

Check Out Mikey’s stuff here…


One thing I learned from Mike was his love of the bonus tracks on albums basically you know the ones were in Japan they get a 13 song album whereas here in Canada we might only get say 10 songs…

Mike is hardcore and orders a ton of stuff from Japan(Physical CD Copies) and it’s fantastic but for myself I’m a iTunes kinda guy and I have my views on it as Mike has his views on it but then this email came through ..

Boom …

And yeah this is the actual transcription of our dialogue printed  without Mikes permission hahaha ….(but I think he will be cool with it!)

DATELINE…Thursday February 2nd 2017….

Here’s the Classic Conversation between Myself and Mike…..

From Mikey…

Hey dude, I was wondering if you can check something out? I can’t access my iTunes. Can you check the Glorious Songs “Union” and see if there are two bonus tracks that are for sale?”

Deke to mladano
“sure man…will go right there”

As per Rock Protocol I got right on it…..

Deke to mladano
“its a 13 track album….
last 3 are…
Mama (live)
Sometimes On A Sunday

Does this help?”

mladano to Deke
“YES! The last two are bonus tracks! Are they available for sale on their own?…”

Deke to mladano
“yep there a $1.29 each!”

mladano to Deke
“Done. I’m going to get my account back and buy them. THANKS DUDE.”

Deke to mladano
“no worries dude….I may have to blog about this at some point! hahaha”

mladano to Deke
LOL! “LeBrain lost his Itunes Login Part 1”

Classic Email Banter….I’ve  waited 5 years for Mikey to cave into ITunes…hahaha….





19 thoughts on ““LeBrain Lost His Itunes Login Part 1””

    1. YES AGREED. I did the math one time. I got all the bonus tracks for Alice Cooper’s Welcome 2 My Nightmare. I compared what I spent on that, with how much it would have been if just released them as single B-sides instead. It was about twice as much.

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      1. Don’t think I’ve bought that many… there was a Saxon one with Sacrifice. The KISS one with Monster (and I ended up getting that in CD later anyway). I’m not very good at keeping an eye on these things!


  1. Well Deke here is the good news! The Glorious Sons tunes ROCK. They are amazing. Well worth it. I will review the bonus tracks.

    I also bought “All Bad Things” by Motley Crue. That sucked.


      1. Well I sent you one more email, just advising that if you know of iTunes bonus tracks I want, just shoot me an email. As you said it’s been like 5 years so I have no idea what bonus tracks may be out there….

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