Judas Priest/Live In Kansas City(1986)


Here is the review of the bonus material that was added to the Turbo 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. 

I have said before and I’ll say it again. Priest knows how to reissue their albums as for myself this is the fourth Deluxe Reissue following British Steel/Screaming For Vengeance/Defenders Of The Faith.

This is the full show from the 1986’s Fuel For Life Tour and all I gotta say is Holy Shit is this ever good! It’s amazing how guitarists KK Downing  and Glenn Tipton broke out some new sonic’s on the Turbo album and dived headfirst into some metal like synth blasts that come alive so much more on the Kansas City show than the studio versions of Turbo. Case in point the track posted above is Locked In and when the song at the 2 minute 10 second mark mashes up the Guitar Synths with singer Rob Halford’s vocals along with a tempo change this is complete Brilliance at taking a song in one straight ahead motion and shifting gears mid-flight! At the time when Turbo was released I was 18 and a total Noob in ignoring such genius Axe Craftsmanship put forward by the Tipton/Downing Duo!

It only took me 30 years to realize the errors in my thinking! Haha! Better late than never I suppose. This night in K.C Priest is on fire and I love the crunch of the Guitars live. Actually all the songs sound huge with even Heading Out To The Highway aided with the Priest Synth to thicken up the sound not to subtract from it. The whole band rocks and this is another great throwback Live Album from Judas!

If you recall when I reviewed the Defenders Bonus live album which was recorded on the 1984 Tour I mentioned that Priest basically played all of Defenders live which was a ballsy move to say the least and because of that I won’t ever have to review the studio album as it’s all live!

(Live at the Kemper Arena, Kansas City)
“Out in the Cold”
“Locked In”
“Heading Out to the Highway”
“Metal Gods”
“Breaking the Law”
“Love Bites”
“Some Heads Are Gonna Roll”
“The Sentinel”
“Private Property”
“Desert Plains”
“Rock You All Around the World”
“The Hellion”
“Electric Eye”
“Turbo Lover”
“Freewheel Burning”
“Victim of Changes”
“The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)”
“Living After Midnight”
“You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”
“Hell Bent for Leather”

Wowzer’s! Hows that for a set list! Pretty A-OK by my standards. The thing that stands out as well is that the Turbo tunes when played  come across with a lot more ooooomph live especially Rock You All Around The World. This track has a lot more bite in its attack live than on the studio. Private Property is another with the guitars having an extra snap to em and even the backing vocals are rough sounding which add to the coolness of this show. Kudos to Priest leaving off Parental Guidance here!

Priest did release a live album from this tour back in June of 1987 titled Priest Live.  Course at the time I bought it but It never really caught on with me. The packaging was beyond lame with that sappy cover and the songs to me sounded like they were doctored up in the studio big time especially the audience participation levels…  It didn’t help that as far a live albums go I would compare everything to Iron Maiden’s Live After Death in regards to packaging/album sonic’s/performances. Priest man, didn’t have a chance back than!

Speaking of Performance’s!……

So ummm I stumbled across this chaps site who goes by the name of Jonathon Valen,  Who is Jonathon Valen you ask. Well he was hired by Priest as a second drummer to augment everyday Priest drummer Dave Holland  to supplement drums offstage(behind a curtain). Kinda of an interesting twist to things round these parts  but man oh man what a great read at Valens site. The dude has proof as guys like Jeff Pilson(Dokken) have posted this..


C’mon Rob and Crew. Give credit where credit is due!

Downing and Tipton should be commended for breaking new ground here back in 86 with the playing that came from the Turbo album. Still remember at the time of Turbo’s release reading in Sports Illustrated Magazine an article on KK and Glenn taking up Golfing while on the road between tour dates! I thought that was kinda cool as back than no artist would talk about that kind of stuff so not only were Priest forging new tones  on Turbo but the two lead guitarists were trading in their Metal Spandex for Golf Slacks on days off.

You can click the link below to read the original article from Sports Illustrated! It’s quite a cool read especially the comment of “Just Worship The Devil At Night”….haha….Silly Metal Brit’s!


Still though here we are 30 years later and what I would consider the official live album from 1986  is finally unleashed!

Well Done!





56 thoughts on “Judas Priest/Live In Kansas City(1986)”

  1. I’ve not heard the whole live album yet but what I’ve heard sounded great. Much more “live” and crunchy than Priest Live!

    Not the first time I’ve heard the supplemental drummer story either. But if baffles me… if Holland wasn’t cutting it why not just replace him?

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    1. I heard that as well about the drummer Just can his ass if he’s not cutting it. I guess by 1990 Priest had enough and got that Travis guy in… Holland would have stroked if he would have had to play that intro to Painkiller!
      Yup this is a great Priest live album! All 6 Priest members should take a bow!

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      1. Hahah the thought of Holland doing the Painkiller intro is hilarious. They’d need another couple of drummers to help him out haha!

        I was looking into the whole “extra” drummer thing. Supposedly it was more to add electronic drums to Holland’s normal drums than to replace what he was doing. Hmmm…

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      2. They could have worked around it I mean Allen drummed with all the electronic gadgets with one arm!
        Something fishy and 30 years later i’m gonna unravel this mystery once and for all!


    1. Recall years ago people spouting off on Cinderella/Cheap Trick/Kiss doing the same thing as well…guess it made the image look wimpy with all the crucifix’s/explosions and whip and chains going on…haha
      At least when I see Ozzy back in 92 he didn’t hide the guy he was in clear view…no biggie though the dude’s keyboard mix was buried under Wylde anyways….

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    1. Hahaha…it’s quite a cover up but at the time I had no idea but Kerrang magazine when they reviewed the Turbo tour from L.A mentioned Valen in the review as a second drummer. The writer of said article got a nasty call supposedly from Priest after it was published. That was unfortunately the one issue of Kerrang I missed…hahaha…
      Than again I did read in Kerrang a few years before that Michael Schenker had a hidden second guitarist back stage and for a few issues that started a fury over that. Micheal said it was his tech the writer said ‘umm the fella was doing more than tuning guitars’
      I would love to read a book on all these guys road stories, paid by bands to augment the sound but keep your mouth shut! hahaha…

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      1. Only if you agree that ‘it’s Saturday night and the Priest is back’ and ‘It’s time to grab hold of something soft and make it hard’ are two of the best things ever said to an audience on a live LP!


      1. Oh come on – I always show mine off at every live performance I ever go to. Mind you got me banned from the kids’ nativity plays quite quickly, well that and shouting for ‘Free Bird’.

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  2. This sounds good. Worth having a look at the album for this bonus gig then, eh?

    Also, the drummer scenario is interesting (as is the Kerrang! story!). When I caught Modest Mouse a few… well, 10 years ago! They had two drummers onstage. That was pretty phenomenal. No “get ye behind the curtain” shenanigans going on there.

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    1. No shenigans indeed! hahaha….those silly ol Priest Dudes….It’s great that they bring this stuff back to life 3 decades later. Basically to tye over the pushing 50 crowd(Me) for another 20 years…

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      1. Always happy to offer some encouragement! 😁 I was keen to learn how good the bonus stuff was, cause I don’t think the album on its own would appeal to me.

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  3. Dekearoo! Just got this today, ripping it to PC now, haven’t even pushed play yet. Back in the day, I loved Priest Live, it was my summer album for ’87.

    So it seems it’s Monday night, the Priest is back, and I got Turbo in my deck again. Weird that they didn’t include the bonus tracks from the previous edition. They did that with British Steel!

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    1. Awesome Mikey…Your gonna love it big time! Sound is so good…..1537 will appreciate your Summer of 87 album…1537 is Hell Bent For Deker after I kinda said it sounded kinda monkeyed around with….haha

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      1. Priest Live was very monkeyed around with, I can confirm that from a 1987 Guitar magazine interview.

        Still love Out in the Cold as an opener…ballsy. Playing it now. I would it sounds ballsier than Priest Live. They must have recorded a bunch of shows on that tour. The VHS video was from Dallas. The album was different again.

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      2. Glad they didn’t just put the audio of the Dallas show in as a bonus. This live album is awesome i think at some point i’m gonna order the physical copy from Amazon…at some point! hahaha

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      3. Me too, they can release Dallas too at a later date, but this is better than Dallas so far!

        A physical copy! Wow Deke way to go! It’s a lovely digipack with a notable shortage of Dave Holland photos. He is the only one that is only in “group” photos.

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      4. Ha! This reissue along with my scrambling of Turbo studio and live have renewed my interest in the period of this band more so than the original time of it’s release…Too much tunes back than…smart marketing move on JP’S part!

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      5. Yeah man! Right on, hard to believe it’s been so long. For me this is when I got serious about Priest. I loved Turbo. I still love Turbo. I loved old Priest too, but Turbo was so current. Halford was growing his hair, he looked cool. And even though the album got mixed reception the tour was hugggggge.

        If you ever want to a joint post about “Twin Turbos” let me know, I could write about the time I tried to burn a 2 CD set that would have been an approximation of Twin Turbos.


      6. Yeah some songs were on Ram It Down, some were bonus tracks. Red White & Blue was supposed to be on Twin Turbos. There was a site a long time ago that had a purported track listing, but there are two songs on that track listing that are unreleased. And one song “Heart of a Lion” seems like it was never meant for Twin Turbos.

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      7. Rock You All Around the World is way better. No fake backing vocals! Man this really illustrates how much fixing was done on Priest Live. I knew it was a lot, but this really shows it.

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      8. Even Robbo’s lead vocals on The Sentinel have some grit in em! Listened to it back 2 back it was that good of a version. Priest Live we were young at it’s release! I was 19 and did not know better! haha


    1. Thanks man! Sorry bout your Falcons! They hung in there and if anything a Super Bowl worth watching….
      Yeah it’s been a real cool revisit with an old friend called Turbo! You should check out Valens website he has the Kerrang article posted from the actual Turbo tour where the beans were spilled….so crazy as how did I not lap that up back than….hahaha…

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      1. Naaa dude! They had Brady stunned at one point. I couldn’t believe it myself but than the door was creaked open a tad…still though take pride in the fact that Atlanta almost slayed the Evil Empire….They did make it a lot further than a bunch of other teams…

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  4. Wow, this sounds amazing. A lot of love for this release lately, I think you guys are trying to spend my money again…

    That drummer-behind-the-curtain thing made me think of that Blues Traveller video…


  5. The article in Kerrang! that broke the Valen story is obviously written by a confused person as it mentions songs never played on that tour – “Hot Rockin'” and “Wild Nights, Hot and Crazy Days”. Tipton later described Valen as “delusional”, a “tech who thought he was a rock star and got into his stage clothes to sit behind a backup kit behind the stage”. The backup kit was in case Holland’s electronic drums would fail. You can hear on tapes from the Euro tour that there wasn’t any additional drumming on the US shows where Valen worked.
    Also, Valen is credited on a Legs Diamond album where he didn’t play either… go figure.

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