Stevie Ray Vaughn/Live At The El Mocambo(1983)



Stevie Ray what can you say about this guy?! When he died in that helicopter crash outside Alpine Valley Wisconsin in August 1990 it was a devastating blow to the word GUITAR. The guy was a complete master of this instrument and for me being a Metal Boy at the time I could total appreciate his playing and singing….

First time I ever heard about Stevie Ray was when our pal named Farmer showed up to John Youngs place(another friend who is M.I.A) with two cassette tapes.(Circa early to mid 1983 )

One was Anvils “Metal On Metal” the second was Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Texas Flood”.

Anvil I knew about as they were getting some press and they were the heaviest band that I had heard coming from Canada.

Stevie Ray on the other was a different story! When I slapped those Orange Foamed Walkman Headphones on my head I could nor believe what I was hearing. This guy Stevie Ray was playing some real fused up Blues in power trio format and Texas Flood sounds like it was recorded in one take. Tommy Shannon on Bass and Drummer Chris ‘Whipper” Layton just laid down a whole new vibe that I had never heard as SRV was an artist you would  not read in Circus/Hit Parader or Rock Scene.(My current reading at the time) So I had to buy a couple of Guitar Magazines to read about the Buzz SRV was creating …..

SRV Blue’s Bug bit me big time and after that day. I the young Ding A Ling Metal Head became a Lifer of SRV! I  bought all his stuff and of course like I mentioned earlier when that Helicopter went down in August of 1990 and SRV and some of Eric Clapton’s Entourage Perished it was a Great loss to Music in general. For myself think this was the biggest shock a roo and the World lost an amazing talent!

But SRV’s Music lives on and what better way than to talk about it with  this Live show recorded in Toronto at the infamous El Mocambo  Bar as MuchMusic filmed this and straight to my VHS it went that day  when MuchMusic previewed it  and I remember me and my younger brother Todd watching it and basically it was Stevie Showing everyone how it was to be done on the 6 string! This is an amazing recording ….Just watch the clip below..

Love Struck Baby is the tune I posted and in 2 Minutes 51 Seconds Stevie lays down the law with his fantastic guitar playing I mean during the solo SRV oozes cool as he casually takes off his hat places it over the mic and lifts the guitar over his head and takes the over in solo-ville and just lift’s off.  When the solo’s finished the guitar flips back over and Stevie grabs his hat and Bam back on his head and plays the tune out!

PURE BRILLIANCE!! A true showman in every word but had the talent to back it up. Give it up for Tommy and Chris known as Double  Trouble who keep the Blue’s Boat afloat and let their Boss do the talking with the 6 string!

The Set list….

“Testify” (Isley Brothers)
“So Excited”
“Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” (Jimi Hendrix)
“Pride and Joy”
“Tell Me” (Howlin’ Wolf)
“Mary Had a Little Lamb” (Buddy Guy)
“Texas Flood” (Larry Davis, Joseph Wade Scott)
“Love Struck Baby”
“Hug You, Squeeze You” (John Lee Hooker)
“Third Stone from the Sun” (Jimi Hendrix)
“Wham” (Lonnie Mack)

Also of note from this show is SRV’s spin on Hendrix’s Voodoo Child. Wowzer’s is the first thing that come’s to my  mind as it’s an audio assault and how the roof didn’t cave in that night Toronto I’ll never know…watch and see for yourself… (Of note you gotta love Shannons Bass Cabinets in the video. Talk about Old School but they look cool)

Hell, I could post this whole show it’s that good! Stevie was and still is a Genius! 27 years have almost  passed since Stevie Ray’s death and he is one of the Best..EVER!




16 thoughts on “Stevie Ray Vaughn/Live At The El Mocambo(1983)”

  1. Thanks for showing some love to one of the all-time masters of the 6-string. This might be my favorite SRV live album. He & the band are on fire throughout. “Pure brilliance” indeed. I was fortunate to see SRV & DT twice. The first time was during his “under the influence” years (1985, I believe) on the Soul To Soul tour. It was something to behold but at time he was almost a little too overindulgent on the guitar pyrotechnics. My second SRV show was on another level. It was his joint tour with Jeff Beck on the In Step tour. By then he was clean & sober and playing better than ever, which made his loss less than a year later that much more painful. But his music lives on. Thanks for making me think of him today.

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    1. Thanks Rich! That is awesome that you caught SRV not once but twice! I recall going down to Toronto in late 89 to see McCartney and my buddies living there at the time raved about the Beck/Stevie show that rolled through town earlier…..
      For me personally SRV opened up my ears to a whole different way of mastering the guitar! It’s no secret around these parts that I’m a One Trick Pony when to comes to Music but Stevie and Double Trouble proved without a doubt you could rock just with a little different texture added!
      Still a great act! Going to cue up In Step this weekend!

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  2. I think you mentioned this one to me a while back, huh? Sounds pretty great… which I guess ain’t too surprising! Texas Flood is an incredible album. I was actually listening to it the other day and thinking “I need to post about this”.

    I’ll have a look for more of the footage on YouTube. I love his second appearance on Austin City Limits. I’ve watched that on there a few times.

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    1. Geez I can’t remember if I had mentioned to you or not. You can download the whole show from youtube and man oh man what a six string exhibition SRV puts on! Texas Flood yeah another great. 3 Piece Blues Rock at it’s finest! ACL’s is that the In Step performance? If so that one is Gold!

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      1. I’ll check this out on YouTube. Would be great to see the full show! And yeah, its the In Step performance, I think. He’s inspired… something else watching that one.

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    1. Yeah iTunes only has it in SRV’s Live albums that are all bunched together. I just downloaded the Mocambo portion…so good! Man i never get tired of this one. My brother watched this with me when it first aired on Muchmusic(83) and my brother being about 7 at the time was hooked he continuously watched this show with me on VHS…..than he wanted a guitar and still plays to this day!


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