Santers/Guitar Alley(1984)

being Rick Santers/Mark Santers & Rick Lazaroff for their third album hired Triumphs Rik Emmett to produce the album Guitar Alley. 

Guitar Alley  comes across at times comes  as a slicked up steroid shot of Foreigner in the sonic department! Rick does double duty here in the singing and guitar heroics on this album. His playing is fluid when you need a slick bunch of 80’s Hard Rock Riffs with an ear  towards an AOR Single Can’t Shake You fits the Bill to a T. When you want Guitar Hero action Black Magic does the trick nicely.

What I should also mention is the pretty decent cover of Free’s All Right Move where brother Mark plays some great drums while Lazaroff holds down the bottom end with the bass! Believe it or not I heard Santers version of All Right Now before I heard the original version!

For a power trio coming out of Toronto no one ever talks about these guys and its a shame really. These cats could play Rock!

Emmett does his part putting the guitar at the forefront of the mix. The  album actually still to this day sounds good. All 10 tracks are worth a spin.




17 thoughts on “Santers/Guitar Alley(1984)”

  1. Another great choice Deke…you are really picking some under rated bands. I don’t own any Santers! All I have is one song “All Right Now” which is on Masters of Metal 2. It’s the only Santers in my collection.

    This track you posted sounds great. Great riff, and musically a lot more muscular than I expected.

    Yeah so I guess I’m going to look for Black Magic on vinyl!

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    1. Thanks Mikey! You can’t go wrong with any of the Three Santers albums of all which I have reviewed now. I believe they recorded a fourth album called Top Secret I believe and it was shelved than added to some box set of theres….
      Great band should have had better luck….On Youtube the Bass Player Rick Lazaroff posted a soundboard track of Black Magic from Detroit from 85 I believe. These cat’s could play!

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      1. By the way I probably heard Santers version of All Right Now before Free as well. Probably assumed it was an original!

        A box set eh? Maybe that’s what I should look at.


  2. It has been very educational for me with this series. You guys have covered bands I knew of and liked and never realized they were from Canada (Ontario more specifically) and some new bands to me that I am adding to my playlist to check them out. I have enjoyed it.

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  3. Wowzers, Deke, where do you find these people? Hahaha I have vague, dim memories of you mentionng this group before, but jeez man, what a cool find.

    That’s our Dekester, folks, bringing us the rawk!


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