Teenage Head/Some Kinda Fun(1983)


Teenage Head will always hold a special spot in my Musical Library as being the first Punk band I had gotten into as a young fellow.

From Hamiton Ontario Frankie Venom(RIP) Gordon Lewis Steve Mahon and Nick Stipanitz created a 11 Song Punk Classic and called it Some Kinda Fun.

Fun is what you get! From the opening track Drivin Wild to the final song Let It Show and all points in between  you get a good slice of Canadian Punk Pie here!

My personal fave’s are the real Rock N Punk tracks like Drivin Wild. Teenage Beer Drinking Party reeks fun! Shag Shack is just straight ahead fun and that’s the thing with Teenage Head is that they opened my eyes back in the early 1980’s as there was more to music than just being enlisted in the KISS ARMY! 

These guys could play as well. They had some real decent song structure going on as well. Frankie had that unique voice that sounded well like Frankie! Dude is the Godfather Of Canadian Punk!  A real shame he is no longer with us.

Cool to see this album get certified Gold in Canada back in 2014! 31 years after its release!





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