Kim Mitchell/I Am A Wild Party(1990)


That Ol Quirky Baseball Cap A Wearing and Guitar shredding(with Class) genius  Kim Mitchell put out this shortie of a 8 track(two new studio album tracks make up part of the 8) Live album in the summer of 1990.

Opener I Am A Wild Party is a great rock track period! Crank the video posted as this reek’s 1990 Good times in Loud Rock mixed With Beers and it’s plain out fun rock!

That’s The Hold is track number 2 and Live Track Number 1 and this is where Kim and his pals including long serving bassist Peter Fredette shine. This song just cooks and what a Grade A Crash Course in writing a damn Catchy Chorus! During the  guitar solo on this track Kim takes off sonically into a whole other stratosphere!

The Two Best Ever Akimbo Drinking tunes are neatly wrapped up here in Go For Soda  and Lager And Ale. While Biggie solo tune All We Are  features that great vocal from Fredette is included as well!

Kim doesn’t forget about his latest release at the time RocklandWonderland as he gives us his Rock N Roll Duty while creating a Buzz Buzz Buzz!

The only drag is  this album is so short!




6 thoughts on “Kim Mitchell/I Am A Wild Party(1990)”

    1. HAHAHA….yep i kept the words all at 200 incase some one is counting! Ha! Well WordPress version of 200 Words!
      It was a fun way to contribute….thanks for taking the time to read….

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  1. I love this album though to be fair it’s so short that they should have called it an EP. It was my first time ever hearing Battle Scar! And the new songs on here were awesome. I know a few people have stated that this is the best version of All We Are.

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