The Wild/Wild At Heart(2017)


It’s 2017 and do you want your Ass Kicked with a Straight Forward Take No Prisoners Approach?

Call British Columbia’s own The Wild and they will deliver…

Check out these dudes….

Dylan Villain – Vocals/Lead Guitar

The Kid – Guitars / Backing Vocals

Boozus – Bass/Vocals

Reese Lightning – Drums

These Four Cat’s have the science down to a T in the format of Barroom Brawl Rock! In other words how about getting hit over the Noggin with a Sledgehammer with straight dose of Old Bon like AC/DC  riffs and singing  being splattered all over the place?

Than this Lot is for you….


See by that Pic I am not fooling! Seriously these guys I have been reading about and their debut album Wild At Heart is just a fun crank it loud album. But let’s not get fooled here as The Wild can play those instruments and when you listen to the grooves laid down there not afraid to make the odd tempo change to give their songs their own identity.

The Wild’s 10 Pack Of Boogie Rock!

01. Ready to Roll
02. Livin’ Free
03. White Devil
04. Another Bottle
05. Best In The West
06. Six Hundred Sixty Six
07. Rattlesnake Shake
08. Run Home
09. Down At The Bottom
10. Kansas City Shuffle

Opener Ready To Roll gets the party started with just a great fun rock track and Lead Singer  Dylan has a great whiskey drenched vocal where at times you hear the Late Great Bon Scott and almost with a tinge of Old School Marc Storace tossed in as well in his delivery. Just Barroom Rock delivered at High Volume! I posted the video as well! It’s  a pretty damn cool video in today’s World..Watch!

Livin Free is a currently my favourite as are others but I like the use of a second vocal courtesy of Boozus who adds to Dylans vocals and this tune is carried by the two vocals as no bands really do this. It’s also to The Wilds advantage which will separate them from others! Using their strengths and Livin Free has the great chorus or as I call it. The Money Shot!

Don’t be fooled though by the first two tracks as The Wild are straight ahead rockers where White Devil has a different verse chill tempo but as the song heads to the chorus the song ramps up with some solid straight ahead drums mixed with another great chorus!

Another Bottle is has a different vibe about it. Perhaps its autobiographical  as someone is being strung out since 17.” Another Day Another Bottle” as Dylan sings with the boys keeping the tune musically on track.

Best Of The West love the charge of this tune and man the solo by Dylan on this just smokes. Best Of The West! Indeed. More No Frill’s RNR!

Six Hundred Sixty Six has a real cool shuffle where Reese inner channels some kind of crazy drum demon and keeps that Rock Shuffle ploughing straight forward!

You want to get a fist full of RAWK? Rattleshake Snake is a speed demon of a track with all hands on deck as the guitars are jacked Loud! I  must mention this album was produced by Mike Fraser who has basically been AC/DC’s Engineer for the last 27 years! The man knows how to produce Rock.

Run Home has  slow down n dirty blue’s like Swagger which proves that The Wild came shift a few gears down and proceed with caution while still dialing up enough Kick to make the song not Puss out!

Want big time Power Chords going in sync with vocals and drums? Toss in some  big vocals well do we have a song for you. Down At The Bottom just reek’s cool. People will have to look outside the AC/DC Box with these guys to see that they are forging their own style but hey who doesn’t borrow from there hero’s?? Ask Zeppelin!

Kansas City Shuffle ends the album with a fiery like sendoff! Big rocket riff’s slammed over the drums along with Dylan going on about a “Bitch and a Itch” I think?!

The Wild have delivered a Great Rock Record here in the early stages of 2017! It’s nice to put on a new band with a throwback sound but with a current edge of later day rock!

Check The Wild Out….

Crank It!


34 thoughts on “The Wild/Wild At Heart(2017)”

  1. Hey I like it! Visually these guys look more like Monster Truck, but I hear that hard AC/AC – Storace vibe. I think I have been hearing these guys on the radio without knowing it. I think I assumed it was Jackyl!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I had a phase where I considered that to be a rip off…like for example Tool released Lateralus and Weezer released the Green album on the same day. Lateralus was twice as long as Weezer, almost 80 minutes. I thought Weezer were ripping off the fans.

        But I’ve changed my tune on that considerably. I’m very much supportive of the “less is more” approach to an album now. A long album is fine but only if the songs deserve it.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Totally agree with you. The two recent releases that are long but are excellent is Hardwired and Book Of Souls…
        But yeah it’s nice to just slam out an under 40 minute 3-4 minute tracks….
        Don’t bore us get to the Chorus….

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I wonder if Mike Fraser whittled the album down to 40 minutes.
        He turned their first album into an EP by only choosing the best songs.
        I was concerned that that their first album would have a lot of the filler cut from that EP. I guess that is not the case.
        I am still waiting patiently(not really) for my copy.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. To me that says a lot about the writing prowess of this young band. They brought a lot of good to the first EP, and it seems like a lot of good here.

        There are only so many ways to write about chicks, cars, and partying.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love these guys. 9.8 for their last EP. Saw them open up for Airbourne at bar in my hometown last year. Got some scribbles and shot the shit. Their intensity on stage is as high as on the album.
    Cool, cool dudes. I want, no, scratch that, need this new album.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear! Man what a double bill with Airbourne! I purposely stayed away from comparing The Wild to them as they are both newer bands and when I first listened to Wild At Heart I could hear the Bon AC/DC influence right away and by White Devil i could hear some Storace in Dylans vocals…
      Great album. Blown away by it!

      Liked by 1 person

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