Motley Crue/The End(2016)


This is an audio only review of the 15 songs that were released on iTunes!

Crue releases or should I say cash’s out the Final ever show recorded in the city where it all began in the early 80’s Los Angeles.

As is tradition with every single rock act nowadays is to release current tour on DVD/CD and since no one buy’s full albums anymore why not!?

The End is indeed here and it was a real interesting listen through this live(Cough Cough) set.

1.) Intro
2.) Girls, Girls, Girls
3.) Wild Side
4.) Primal Scream
5.) Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
6.) Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
7.) Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room
8.) Looks That Kill
9.) Mutherf***** Of The Year
10.) Shout At The Devil
11.) Louder Than Hell
12.) Saints Of Los Angeles
13.) Live Wire
14.) Dr. Feelgood
15.) Kickstart My Heart
16.) Home Sweet Home

Basically it’s the Greatest Hits Live Album Set…

The Culprits….

Vince Neil – lead  vocals
Mick Mars – guitar
Nikki Sixx – bass
Tommy Lee – drums

Once again I drank Sixx’s Kool Aid and thought this might be a decent spin through but as it turns out it kinda is and isn’t!

I dunno what it is but I’m kinda glad they closed up shop and I hope it stays that way. Will it over time? We’ll see but this Live Set could have been done real good and for starters the audio sounds a little on the sterile studio side with the audience cranked in certain sections. The backing vocals sound  pre recorded on the song  Girls Girls Girls  Are those the original  Female singers from 1987’s Girls album still being sampled live?  Or is that prankster Sixx making me  think that?!

The musical chops of Lee/Sixx/ Mars is pretty solid especially Mick’s playing as the guy in the band who is in a mess physically can still show up and carry the music is very commendable. Still have to give props to Mars playing on the Motley Corabi record as Mickey took his playing to a whole other level back than. Kudos MarsMan!

Vince! Why are you singing so angry  like during the verses of Shout At The Devil? I don’t get it man….Just sing  the tune Dude!  Simmer down Rock Star!

Case in point…where on the studio version of Shout At The Devil  Vince sings the line of…

Sure you’ve heard it all before
He’ll be the risk in the kiss
Might be anger on your lips
Might run scared for the door
But in seasons of wither
We’ll stand and deliver

The live version sounds like this to me…

Aaaaaaaaargh fore….grrrrrrrrr ar kiss ……crawwwww lips…blah door….waaaaargh wither…arrrrrrgh deliver……

I was going to post the video but nah! Brutal at times….haha….but at time’s like on Don’t Go Away Mad Just Go Away Vince steps up and sings even on Same Ol Situation and he carries it well but ah man where’s Corabi?

I mean this guy gets repeatedly  ripped for his Live performance and in spots here it’s decent enough but at times Sleazy Vince just makes me want to skip the whole song….Next!

I really wish these guys would have released a Live Dr Feelgood album back in 90/91 and capitalized on their success. Me and Tbone caught the Feelgood show and it was a great indoor Rock Show. Instead in 1991 they released the first of many Greatest Hits sets/Canned Vince and even after Corabi took the fall for whatever reason  after Vince returned it was over as the Crue could never regain that momentum that they had built throughout the 80s into the early 90s!

Some may say I’m being harsh here..maybe, but I dumped a ton of Loot into the Corporation Crue’s Pockets so I’m gonna say it how I hear it!

I will still say that one of the best quotes came from Mars back in 1987 when they cancelled some shows and he stated that “The snow caved in the roof” or something to that effect! Haha…Mick earned a ton of street cred in my book for that one liner! (literally)

Fret not Kids. Sixx has a new band calling itself Sixx AM.(cool name but I just cannot get into it) Tommy Lee? Who knows what he’s doing spinning  albums with his baseball cap spun a little to the left. Vince is out playing parking lots/pizza parlours/basement’s/fairs and playing Crue tunes(Yawn). I should hire Vinnie to play at Tbone’s 50th Bday Party!  Mick Mars from what I have read is recording a solo album and has recruited John Corabi to sing on a few tracks! Now, what Mick is doing is actually something I’m interested in! Atta Boy Mick! In this day and age of Social Media Mars is the only one I follow on FaceCrack…can’t be bothered with the rest of  em!

Check out My Blog Pal 2Loud2OldMusic’s spin on The End as well by clicking the link below….

Motley Crue ‘The End: Live in Los Angeles’ – DVD & CD Review 

Don’t Go Away Mad Crue….Just Go Away!



35 thoughts on “Motley Crue/The End(2016)”

    1. HMO….. Thats the great thing about Apple Music…I downloaded this album listened to it about 3-4 times and deleted it. In other words Crue did not hose me out $7.99 this time as if I was to pay for this i’m stuck with this slop job!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s a great setup. I do the same witj Spotify… I can just download albums on to my phone and check them out / delete them when I’m done. Still don’t think I’d want to waste my time in this one though! Hehe


  1. Awesome! That is how I felt about Vince on the CD version. He missed the mark, but I did enjoy the DVD. Seeing it improved everything for me. Plus you got to see the lady backup singers. Thanks for the shout-out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries it’s always cool to read other peoples spin’s not he same review as well….
      My buddy Dean-o at work read this as he has it but hasn’t watched it yet and i told him you had said the DVD is worth watching….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. At a staff meeting today Deke – I was tempted to quote the Crue.
    There was a debate as to what to do about the Smoking area at the school, it felt like an appropriate time to chime in, “everybody knows that smoking ain’t allowed in school!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha…you should have piped up with..
      “Sitting in a classroom thinking it’s a drag” haha..
      Someone would have looked at you like you head two heads!
      You could have told them to go on down to the Brownsville Station….
      That would have mucked em up good!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Where do I start…. well first off I guess I miss coffee breaks with you and getting updated on new releases. I had no idea this was out there. Then I listened to it. Now I’m an old school Crüe fan and Vince just took a dump on my childhood. I mean he sounds horrible, like an asthmatic whinny hamster who can’t remember all the words to songs he’s been singing for forty years. Someone should let Frankie know that he messed up by canning Robbie and bringing back the dead bloated corpse of Mr Neil. I’m glad this is the end.

    Now I’ve got to Go and find that liquored up turtle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now I’m an old school Crüe fan and Vince just took a dump on my childhood

      That just says about all we need to know right there…
      Great call about the Liqoured Up Turtle…Man I gotta use that line again….


    1. Awesome! Thanks BMellis for dropping in! Crüe man ran there ship straight into an Iceberg! Basically Sixx ran this band way too long… Some bands have sustainable lasting power. Crüe had a window and that window closed a while back….


  4. I still haven’t finished watching the DVD. Seizure kinda took the fun out of it for me.

    Mick is the STAR — he clearly has the most talent. Vince can suck a dick. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Me too. To me it sounds like every other band out there today, and the singer doesn’t have any character. Motley sounds like Motley…and Vince sounds like Vince. Sixx A.M. don’t have an identifiable sound.


  5. Man, I don’t know why they kept on if the dude can’t/won’t even sing the songs anymore. They claim to love the fans but then foist that crap?

    I loved the Corabi record, shame they had to let the weasel back in.

    Liked by 1 person

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