Age Of Electric- “Remote Control” Live At Crocks-Thunder Bay

Here’s some Remote Control for you’s out there that I filmed on my iPod at Last Friday’s (April 7th Show)…Yeah it’s ruff n roll and Hey this is my first stab at doing something like this…

Still though….

Crank it!…And where is the damn Remote Control??



12 thoughts on “Age Of Electric- “Remote Control” Live At Crocks-Thunder Bay”

    1. Thanks Sarca…I wish i had filmed more especially the new track ‘Kids Break Bones”. These guys are solid musicians it has to be one of the best Bar shows I have ever been witness to as they are just relaxed and Todd Kerns knows how to interact with a crowd and keep the show flowing.
      Add to the fact they are all great guys! Well the 3 I met that is…I’m Sure Kurt is as well but he was gone…

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    1. HAHAHA…well I dunno about my videography skills especially after a beers..hahaha…I will relay the message to Tbone….
      Like I told Sarca wish I would have filmed more and of course it wasn’t till the last song i decided to roll tape so to speak…haha..
      Damn a missed oppurtunity!

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      1. But I think the lack of video is actually a good thing – having the one clip is nice of course, but you don’t want to see the whole show through a camera lens.
        No video means You were present, fully & completely enjoying the show!

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      2. Yeah absolutely a ton pf pics as well but just at certain times I would pull out the iPod and start snapping…
        Classic Tbone move was some girl was talking to Todd and Tbone was mucking around and didn’t realize he had the flash on and almost blinded Todd…hahaha….he was cool did not flinch but it was funny…

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  1. Freakin’ awesome! Loved it. Nice work for a first stab, Deke! It may be personal preference, but I say next time try filming with the iPod horizontal rather than vertical. Also, your iPod makes video? Jeebus I’m old. Mine doesn’t do that!

    The band sounded real good though, awesome sauce!

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    1. I totally thought of that when I posted it on you tube..I was like sheeiiiiit thats why people around me were filming that way..
      Rookie move!


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