Krokus/Heart Attack(1988)


Krokus named there 1988 release Heart Attack and it was an appropriately named album if there ever was one. It’s basically Krokus flatlining once and for all after a  promising start career wise in the early 1980’s.  By the end of the 80’s Krokus and more importantly there creative gas tank was on empty….

The dry up started back in the 86 with the Change Of Address album where Krokus got all glammed up and put out a stinker of an album. I bought it…..Tbone bought it….we were fooled by the zany Swiss fellows…. Krokus man in that pic below would have had their asses handed to them if they were involved in a street brawl against the Village People!


Swiss Cheese…

Marc Storace – vocals
Fernando von Arb – lead guitar
Mark Kohler – rhythm guitar
Chris von Rohr – bass, piano, percussion
Dani Crivelli – drums

Tbone was smart. He zipped right off the Krokus Tour Bus after the Change Of Address fiasco whereas I stayed the course and bought the awful live album Alive And Screaming.  The awful part was the recording of  it. I think I only listened to it a few times as the sound was atrocious. The cover was Goofy….see pic below…


See what I mean….Gah!  Show a live action shot for Gawd’s sake! Crap Cover =Crap Album…

Yet still…

1988 and Krokus ditch the glam look that scared Tbone away and went for a street look and a back to basics kinda vibe with trying to release a Rock N Raw album. Like a true Music Fan Boy I bought  Heart Attack in the summer of 88 on cd….

The verdict….

Not Good! It’s surprising that outside the drummer this is the classic lineup that demolished my senses with the Headhunter release from 1983. Von Rohr split before the Blitz album from 84 but returns here to salvage a sinking ship but it’s too late ….

Code Blue…The Song’s..

Side one
“Everybody Rocks” – 3:50
“Wild Love” – 4:01
“Let It Go” – 4:31
“Winning Man” (Fernando von Arb, Chris von Rohr) – 5:15 (originally on Hardware)
“Axx Attack” – 4:24

Side two
“Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight” – 3:58
“Flyin’ High” (Krokus, Jürg Naegeli) – 4:14
“Shoot Down the Night” – 4:37
“Bad, Bad Girl” – 5:58
“Speed Up” – 6:24

The only song I recall even somewhat liking 1988 style is Let It Go(posted the video for it

The production handled by Von Rohr and Von Arb is decent enough but that isn’t gonna salvage the tunes…


19 thoughts on “Krokus/Heart Attack(1988)”

    1. Well if you were inclined to check them out. These albums were the Krokus albums I thought were decent and I will catergorize them on my score level..

      Pretty Good Krokus Albums…
      Metal Rendezvous(1980)
      The Blitz(1984)

      Classic Krokus(Real Good)
      One Vice At A Time (1982)

      Stink Jobs…
      Change Of Address(1986)

      There ya go HMO….seriously though One Vice and Headhunter are the two you would like as Vice is very ACDC like while Headhunter reminds me in spots of ACDC but with a side order of Priest tossed in….

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      1. Well more like Bon Scott ACDC…Headhunter they had Tom Allom produce them but he did a good job on the sonics end on that album….
        But yeah check those two out for ..
        Blitz was interesting as they recorded it with Fairbairn/Rock and went with a straight forward rock sound. Basic almost. They do a kller cover of Sweets The Blitz which was recorded off the floor live….
        Blitz is ok not great ….

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    1. I seen that…I dunno I’m real burnt out on the whole cover record deal’s that bands do now but thats good you found it excellent….
      I do like that Krokus is the original guys minus the drummer so thats cool!

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  1. If they’d waited 25 more years to release ‘let it go’ – they may have had some accidental sales on iTunes, with people buying their track by mistake instead of the ballad from Disney’s Frozen!
    And well said about the personnel & production not being able to make up for a lack of good songs.
    Enjoy the weekend Deke!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHAHA…imagine that! Some kid asking his Mommy whats a Krokus?!
      Yup even though they got the original guys back they just had lost it…..
      You too dude have a great weekend as well!
      Go Rangers!

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  2. I actually liked this album a lot – every song on it! My little love affair with Krokus goes way back. I saw them open for Ted Nugent at my very first concert ever (age 14), around 1981 or so. No one knew who they were including me, but I quickly became a fan back then. Their early stuff was fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed,we both saw the Nuge at the same age/same year! When he played here in Thunder Bay,Cold Chisel opened the show.
      Krokus just lost me after 86…i tried sticking with them but to no avail….
      Thanks for reading and commenting

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