Kick Axe/Welcome To The Club(1985)



Kick Axe slammed down a great debut in Vices(1984) and in 1985 here comes the followup Welcome To The Club.

WTTC is a more polished sounding album than the debut but make no mistake this album can still pack a wallop when spun! George Christon delivers these songs with a great rock voice especially on the title track and Make Your Move as these songs also feature  the wickedly great guitar dual of Larry Gillstrom and Raymond Harvey.

This album is a more progressive sound from the Saskatchewan Bunch.

Kick Axe could write more than just cheese like tunes as they had bands like King Kobra and an Ozzy Less Sabbath checking out there song’s.

The one set back for Kick Axe was Spencer Proffer. Proffer signed Quiet Riot and a bunch of other bands and used the same production team for these acts so the sound of each artist albums sonically was the same. Shame really as Kick Axe had superior songs than what QR and K.K were putting out at that point.

Kick Axe is in the record books here in Tbay as they were the first ever band to headline in our Shitty Auditorium back in 1985!

Metal Shuffffffle!



18 thoughts on “Kick Axe/Welcome To The Club(1985)”

  1. I quite like that song, Deke. I can also hear a bit of that Quiet Riot similarity in the production that you mention. I dare say I’d have put this down to standard 80’s metal production if you hadn’t mentioned them having the same production team.

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    1. Standard 101 Metal Production for sure J! This Proffer guy snapped a bunch of these bands up and he tried to Metal Health all of them and none of them came close in sales …

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      1. Yes he was all those bands had the same was crazy ..yet I still bought this stuff so it was I who was crazy as I was lining Proffer’s wallet with $

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      1. Haha yeah I know, eh? Doesn’t really fit the usual for me. But I got the Vices tape through Columbia House and loved it. I remember sitting with my radio listening to it and my Mom saying “what the hell is that you’re listening to?” Hahaha

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      1. AGREED, I only like Kick Axe with George!

        But they played at Deke’s Palace in ’85? Was that place even open in ’85? I bet they didn’t have their liquor licence yet.

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