Tesla/ Live In Thunder Bay Ontario(Oct 22 2005)


That above friends is proof of purchase that the Mechanical Resonance Cowboys known as Tesla rolled into Tbay playing a full on (kinda) Unplugged Set.

Fellow Blogger asked for this review…so here we go!

So when Tickets went on sale Tbone pounced on Tickets quick as this show was gonna be sold out and by golly it did. Kinda funny and cool in the same breath that it took 15 years after the original 5 Man Acoustical Jam to reach these parts but then again up to this point Tesla never really played Canada that much. Sure me and Tbone caught em opening for Motley Crue back in 1990 in Winnipeg but for them to come here was a good score.  Tesla played this  dump called Warp 9 which is long gone in which originally was a movie theatre(Odeon Court). Little known fact that this was the building I had seen Star Wars back in 1977 with my Dad! Movie Trivia time Mikey Ladano!

So the Tesla dudes that being guitarists Tommy Skeoch/Frank Hannon,vocalist Jeff Keith,bassist Brian Wheat and drummer Troy Lucketta  stepped up to the stage and  the crowd went nut’s and the boys launched into Cumin Atcha Live and I tell ya it was like it was off the record. Keith’s vocals 15 years after the original release were clear and crisp and the dude did not lose an octave in that throat of his.

Once the opening tune was finished it was onto the current album and title of said record and that would be the tune Into The Now. Tesla was firing on all cylinders and this continued throughout the show as all of Tesla’s catalogue was played. Edison’s Medicine/Gettin Better/Paradise and one of the coolest ever swampy acoustic like opening riff’s and that would be Heaven’s Trail. Not to be outdone Heaven’s Trail was followed by Hang Tough.

A real cool part of the show was when Keith announced to the crowd that they were gonna jam around in which they did and when Bassist Brian Wheat hoped on the keyboards Guitarist Frank Hannon took over on lead vocals and sang The Beatles Get Back.

One of my personal fav’s from the Acoustical Jam album was Tommy’s Down Home in which Skeoch takes the lead vocal over for a quick hilarious acoustic rip of a track. The Lyrics are funny and Tommy man he ain’t no lead singer but man he can make a tune fun! I will say that Tommy is the real deal of Rock N Roll and Tesla has missed his edge since he left over the fact I do believe was he could never handle the Bass Player running the business part of the band. Too bad …Anyways below is a clip of Tesla unplugged from 2005. Since there was no decent Tbay footage(there is but the audio is brutal) Caught In A Dream  I posted…Check it out!



18 thoughts on “Tesla/ Live In Thunder Bay Ontario(Oct 22 2005)”

  1. Man, you saw them in the same place you saw Star Wars! That’s an awesome wee bonus… Tell me, Tesla better than that Motley lot when you caught that show?

    Thanks for digging into your memory banks for this. Sounds like a really good show (and a really different vibe, too).

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    1. Your welcome buddy! I reviewed the Crue show a ways back and the Crue 1990 was a great arena rock show…Vince could sing and the show was over the top and with Tesla opening they just did what they do and thats just get up and jam. Case in point they opened with Cover Queen which I did not see coming at all….

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  2. Sadly Deke I’m not sure what theater I first saw Star Wars in, in 1977. My dad would know. I do remember going to see it and it was sold out, so we couldn’t go. My dad said “Sorry son, they’re out of seats”. I said “But dad, I don’t need a seat! I’ll sit on the floor!” Good memories. I also remember I got my very first action figure the next day which was R2 D2.

    I forgot this period of Tesla…I have Into the Now but haven’t played it in a long time. Skeoch…what the hell happened to him eh. I downloaded a solo track of his…he couldn’t resist taking a shot at Wheat.

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    1. Very good show. For Tesla it was all about the tunes as they did not follow any fashion trends either. Coming out in 1986 amidst Poison Mania they took a different path and had great success even when Grunge destroyed everything Tesla’s Bust A Nut album still managed Gold…Thats saying something!

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