Peter Criss: Tossed And Turning!


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If you have been reading my Yammering for months now! Thanks I appreciate it. You would probably know or if you don’t recall my earliest favourite bands were AC/DC/Aerosmith/Cheap Trick/New England/Queen/Van Halen & KISS.

Kiss were the first band that I had started listening to back in 1977 and my first ever live show two years later in October 1979 on their Dynasty Tour which touched down in Duluth. You can read my first ever blog posted here at Arena Rock back in August 2014 here….

Seven months later (May 1980) Peter Criss gets the boot out of Kiss! Wowzers! Whut? This doesn’t happen to bands or does it? My 12-year-old noggin(1980) at the time couldn’t fathom it!

Sure Aerosmith had changed members but around 1980 they were caput kinda until 1982 when they released the criminally underrated Rock In A Hard Place.

By The time AC/DC came to me it was Back In Black! Sure there was a member change as Bon Scott died and Brian Johnson replaced him so that doesn’t count.

Cheap Trick,VH and Queen all had the four original guys that started the band so how does Paul Stanley,Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons do this?

Did Peter use all the Maybelline and the other guys in Kiss got pissy pants? Who knows! Dudes in bands don’t get divorced well not until now(1980) Silly young DeKEs!

I posted that clip at the top it’s interesting to hear $immon$ comments in regards to Criss quitting.  Simmons says Peter doesn’t want to tour anymore whereas Criss says the exact opposite that he will tour and he will be the Quarterback of the band  calling the shots! Did Peter even tour in the  early 80’s? Don’t be thinking so.

Who knows the truth? Like Nuno & Gary  from Extreme  said 11 years later in 1992.  There’s  Three Sides To Every Story.

1-Yours- which in this case is Gene & Paul

2-Mine- which would be Peter Criss

and #3 which is the …..

Truth– is there such a thing when a longtime member splits?Ha…none, all the way from Blackmore splitting from Deep Purple a couple of times to Sam Hagar being fired or quitting depending  on whose spin your believing. Tons of Drama with a lot of my favourite bands. You know the culprits! One of the funniest ones was the whole Motley Crue debacle of 92. I won’t elaborate as this is a KISS post but man I think I gotta post something about it in length….

Having said that….


When it comes to leaving a band it basically fizzles out the ex members career who splits while the band he quit from  continues and moves forward.

In Criss’ deal he splits Kiss when their career is in nosedive mode in North America but Pete soldiers on releases a solo album titled Out Of Control and it was like if Peter was playing his tune’s on the deck of the Titanic when it went  down in the Atlantic Ocean! No one cared even super Kiss Fanboys like myself and buddy Muc! We all passed on it.

Look Mikey! CD Japan!

Kiss hired Eric Carr(RIP) and after the dismal showing of 1981’s The Elder Kiss had a smidge bit of a bounce back with(the fantastic) Creatures Of The Night (1982)even Kiss knew they had to do something so off comes the war paint and viola a resurgence in sales and MTV video spins….

Peter Criss’ solo career went straight into the bars  and it wasn’t until Gene and Paul wanted to make quick cash decided to give Pete and Ace(Ace is another story for another time) another go round in 1996….





31 thoughts on “Peter Criss: Tossed And Turning!”

  1. Thanks for joining us on this one Deke! I’ll be reviewing both Out of Control and Let Me Rock You. Also I loved how you used the Extreme “III Sides” comparison.

    Thanks again man!

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    1. For sure man….Haven’t started anything yet but 1992 was crazy with Sleazy Vince/Robbo and basically Air Raid Siren bolting from there bands….
      Bu that Crue lead singer stuff man we will have some fun on that one…..

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  2. Great write up …. That Criss interview was interesting. Who could blame any of us for not caring about Peter Criss albums. His was by far the worst of the 4 solo albums while in Kiss, so it doesnt leave alot of hope in more. I do recall hearing Out of Control sometime in the 80s out of curiousity. Didnt last long on my friend’s turntable. And now? There is just too much great music to discover or re-discover, so who needs to waste those moments with shitty Peter Criss albums.

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  3. I’m getting a real Kiss education here these days! Not so sure I’d bother with this one unless I fell pretty hard for Kiss and their related releases.

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  4. Ah, the great rock and roll soap opera. I’ve always had this (probably naive) belief that if a band is gonna get that far, they need to be a tight unit of brothers, and all the petty crap just wouldn’t touch them. They’d be in for a penny, in for a pound. So when you started listing all of the crap that has gone on for bands, it just makes me tired.

    If I was ever in a band, that shit would not be allowed. We’re in this like Musketeers.

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    1. Business and pleasure are a fine balance! Some bands can do it but hardly any can once money comes in its dandy..when the career shits the bed thats when the finger pointing starts…


    2. For some bands the friction is necessary. Look at Van Halen. Possibly their best album (1984) was their most fractured. They hated each other at that point. Yet they made an album that nobody has topped since. That’s rock and roll! Crowes…Stones…Kiss…so many great albums come from dischord.

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      1. The Black Crowes are a good example Mike.. . Actual brothers with some hate. Oasis .. actual brothers with hate. The Kinks … Actual brothers with hate.


      2. Here is a great Crowes story, although I can’t remember which brother did what. They were recording Sting Me, and they had two versions : slow and fast. The brothers didn’t agree about which to use. A microphone stand ended up being launched at someone’s HEAD.

        Result? Arguably their best album.


  5. Band friction can be a bad thing mostly when a member or members need to dictate. I’m looking at you James and Lars. But it is also the product of passion, and the need for things to be great. For example .. Jagger and Richards have went through periods of disgust with each other. But keep comin back to each other. Like a marriage or relationship where they are civil but no passion? Who wants that? Most bands need atleast two perfectionist types to create great shit.

    Rock and Roll is a vicious game.


    1. I have to agree…when a band is passionate they will argue for their point of view. That’s one reason they have producers. Look at the Anvil movie. Chris Tsangarides took their passion boiling over, took their best ideas that came from the friction and made one of their best albums.

      When there’s no passion there’s nothing to argue over and then you get wishy-washy music.

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    2. This one just came to me in the shower this morning:

      The Beatles!

      Fought like cats and dogs over the music, but their albums only got better and better for it. Result is they are generally considered the greatest band of all time.


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