Triumph/Live At The US Festival(2003)


So  1983’s U.S Festival was a 3 day Rock Festival that had thousands upon thousands attend over Memorial Day Weekend (1983)..

Hows this for a backyard party?

I couldn’t even fathom the thought of attending this show and I remember the reviews in Circus Magazine and all you could see was people/people and more people!

Sunday, May 29 (Heavy Metal Day)

So Van Halen was the headliner of Heavy Metal Day. But take a little lookie and there’s some Can Con on the bill and pretty high up on the list is Triumph.

Not bad man as they were ahead that day of Ozzy/Judas Priest. Thats saying something! Only Klaus and the Stingers and Roth An Ensemble were ahead of Triumph on this day!

The Tunes Of Triumph….

  1. “Allied Forces” (Gil Moore, Michael Levine, Rik Emmett) – 3:41
  2. “Lay it on the Line” (Rik Emmett) – 4:30
  3. “Never Surrender” (Rik Emmett, Michael Levine, Gil Moore) – 6:37
  4. “Magic Power” (Rik Emmett, Michael Levine, Gil Moore) – 5:49
  5. “A World of Fantasy” (Rik Emmett, Michael Levine, Gil Moore, Tim Patrick) – 5:32
  6. “Rock & Roll Machine” (Gil Moore) – 10:31
  7. “When the Lights Go Down” (Gil Moore, Michael Levine, Rik Emmett) – 6:18
  8. “Fight the Good Fight” (Rik Emmett, Michael Levine, Gil Moore) – 8:07

Pretty cool as Triumph plays in the outdoors and it looks hot! Hell even Bassist Mike Levine with his cool 1983 white slacks and ball cap   fit the dress code that day.

Triumph show up folks and especially Rik Emmett who plays brilliantly as there are a ton of heavy Guitar Hitters here on this bill.  Drummer Gil Moore drives the bus with his playing and how about a view of the brilliant  tune Allied Forces! 

Don’t muck with Triumph as they will kick your ass and send in the Rock Troops. Emmett though on all the tracks  plays AWESOME! I will say at the 1 minute 23 mark of the video posted  is my favourite part! Wowzers! Hopefully Mr Books doesn’t pass out!

Too bad these other bands didn’t jump on the ball and release this show especially Halen as Roth is off his rocker at this show. Missing vocal lines/rambling on/telling stories. Was it all for show! For sure and don’t you just love Halen as they flat out refused to show up unless they were paid $1 more than David Bowie who headlined on the Saturday Night! Basically Halen was making over a cool Million for one nights work! Just recently the 3 Triumph Fella’s got together with radio guy Eddie Trunk and Eddie asked the guys about what it was like backstage at the US Festival.  I think Gil or Rik said that VH had what they called The Compound backstage which was basically a huge wall from the outside that was made of bamboo!

Ok Enough ….Actually Judas Priest released there live portion from this show on the deluxe edition of the excellent Screaming For Vengeance as well! So two bands had there Shit together in releasing footage of this show….

Triumph though on this flat out rock and with 8 tracks including a crazy great Guitar solo from Emmett in Rock N Roll Machine.

Triumph Live At The U.S Festival took 20 years for a proper release but I think this may be the best Live Triumph album I have heard..

If you come across it …pick this up!


28 thoughts on “Triumph/Live At The US Festival(2003)”

    1. Rock Troops! My starting point was Allied Forces! Cruise around my site as I have reviewed a few!
      Allied and Thunder 7 are my two faves
      Thanks for reading!


      1. Great post on an awesome band at the peak of their live powers. As for the best entry point, there’s no doubt that Allied Forces is the way to go. After that, my tastes point others to Just A Game and Never Surrender. The bulk of my favorite Triumph songs are on those three…although “I Live For The Weekend” (from Progressions Of Power) is such a mighty track, and was my introduction to them in 1980.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Thanks Rich!
        For sure ‘I Live For The Weekend” is a corker of a track for sure! Actually Progressions is a pretty decent one as well.
        Allied Forces though was so good and still is! Actually they had a decent run until Sport of Kings….


      1. Yeah thats true it did have more oomph. You should check out Ed Trunks podcast where he had all 3 dudes on his podcast.
        Levine i think said he preferred the old mixes but understands making it sound wise sound good across the board.
        Check it was cool to hear them getting along…


      2. Triumph comps are ok..I mean I would probably skip the Sport of Kings stuff that is on the completion stuff.
        For me though Triumphs strength is in albums whole like Allied Forces and such…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Allied Forces Scott! Both me and Rich cannot be wrong now can we? Haha….
        Well I know the Triumph Greatest Hits set bonus track I believe was “Love Hurts” the Nazareth cover so ummmmm….yeah …
        Allied Forces it is HMO!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You know what, I am missing this! I remember when it came out, and I remember listening to it at work. But I didn’t pick it up…must have been knee-deep buying Maiden singles!

    Liked by 1 person

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