Motorhead/No Sleep Til Hammersmith(1981)

Amazing how a cover could sell the album to you! No Sleep Til Hammersmith did just that to me back in early 1982. That album cover with the Bomber airplane being used as a lighting truss and another power trio band(Power Trio being the term used lightly here) playing METAL!

Lemmy(RIP) Fast Eddie and Philthy  Phil blew my brains out with their style of Metal. It was loud/noisy/fast but there was still hooks buried somewhere in between Lemmy’s vocals/rumbling distorted Bass and Eddie and Phil’s thrashing about on the Guitar and Drums respectively.

Ace Of Spades opens the 11 song album and Spades just destroys anything in its path. Welcome to the world of Motorhead as an 15-year-old! Stay Clean/No Class/OverKill/Bomber and my favourite tune on this album We Are The Road Crew just reek of booze/smoke! Just general chaos!

This fellow in high school with me at the time David Kunis bought all of Motorhead’s stuff so the next album I had heard was Iron Fist but it didn’t take to me at all and it wasn’t until 1992’s March Or Die that I would purchase another Motorhead album!

Make no mistake though No Sleep is Live! No OverDubs!

Loud Metal!

10 thoughts on “Motorhead/No Sleep Til Hammersmith(1981)”

  1. I have always loved that big “bomber” lighting rig. Nice job on the 200 words! I have one more 200 word review in the bag. Then I would like to invite YOU to join me in the #0wordchallenge! I will review an album without using any words. I know what I’m going to do, but there are lots of ways to do it.

    I don’t own any live Motorhead but this is the one I would buy.

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      1. It’s fucked up but there have been some great ideas so far. I won’t tell you what I have planned, but some people had the idea of reviewing with numbers only, almost like code…another had the idea to review it in emojis.


  2. Love this album! I remember Lemmy saying how he wanted to bring the “bomber” lighting back a few years ago but the shows didn’t make enough money. Too bad. Would’ve been good to see. Iron Fist was definitely the weakest album from the classic line up. 1 or 2 good tracks at best.

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    1. Yeah I only remember a couple of tracks….No Sleep is a great ass kicker album …noisy/obnoxious is a good formula that these guys had going back in 81…

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