No Sleep Til Sudbury/Brent Jensen (2014)


Not to often I can say I have read the same book 3 times over cover to cover. But when it comes to Brent Jensen’s spin on his life growing up in Sudbury as a teen in the 80’s listening to Metal this book resonated with me on a whole other level and I will tell you all why its been read that many times!

For followers of this Blog(I thank you) you may be asking why now are you reviewing this book as you have already reviewed Brents other two fabulous novels in Leftover People that chronicles and documents Brent’s U.S.A Book promo tour for No Sleep with an American Writer Named Chris Long(Knock Knock) and Brent’s latest book All My Favourite People Are Broken which Brent journeys into the forest(literally) to a cabin with a buddy named Garvey and they put the iPod on random and dissect all kinds of music between them. Both Leftover and Fav People are highly recommended and have both have been reviewed here!

I first came across No Sleep via the Bravewords website and once i read about the fact that some dude basically wrote about the whole genre I grew up to and worshipping all things Metal, I clicked quicker than you can say Dogs D’Amour and No Sleep was delivered straight to my mailbox.

Once I opened the book and seen the Contents and Titles of Chapter 1 – A Shout Out to the Devil 

Chapter 5- Metallica,Slayer,Raven,and…Dokken? 

Chapter  6-Living on a Thrash Metal Prayer I knew I would be immersed in this book and it’s safe to say I read it within 2 days. I was hooked never being a junkie this 295 Page Book blew me out of the water and became my needed fix. It wasn’t before too long that I sent Brent an email telling him what I thought of his book and how it basically summed up my musical habits here in Thunder Bay within the same decade that Brent wrote about.

Brent emailed back and Like I have said previously I probably came across as some blabbering lunatic or a fruit loop, to be honest, going on how great of a read this book was. I also didn’t want to come across as some ass kisser. (Ha…maybe I did?!) but the damage had been done as Brent had emailed back.( Thanks Brent for not putting a restraining order out on me!)

In the book Brent you can see how music is the foundation of one growing up. You read all about Mr. Jensen’s first concert which was Iron Maiden/Twisted Sister back in December 1984 at the Sudbury Arena. Brent delves into everything about the show on how it wasn’t even marked on their tour program. How Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson said Maiden would come back. (Maiden never did) and you can sense the reason how this show would come full circle for Brent. More on that later!

It’s cool that Brent talks about the next two concerts he seen which were Metallica/Metal Church & Kick Axe? in December of 1986 and Alice Cooper/Sword in 1987 all in Sudbury.

Kerrang the British Metal Magazine had a huge impact on both of us as it was basically written by a bunch of Hooligans who had a real flair for capturing Metal at the time in the roaring ’80s unlike the American Magazines like Circus & Hit Parader which as Brent describes them as ‘Handlers for the Record Company’s”  in other words they just gave hand jobs to get the bands as the articles were bullshit! (ask Axl Rose) Kerrang was the real deal the only knock was always on import for $5 every two weeks yet the real plus was what you were reading was pretty current.

A ton of bands is reviewed from Brent’s own cassette collection. You name any band and Brent gives a paragraph or three to them.  Cinderella/Keel/Krokus/Saxon/Tesla/Van Hagar/Danger Danger/Vain/Sleez Beez many more acts are written and explained in detail and how they resonated in Sudbury. Tesla is one band that is written about and you see how it was a long process on how they finally won over Brent.

Must also mention that there is a Top 5 list of songs Brent never ever wants to hear again. Ha…I can’t divulge all the sordid details now can I?

One of my favorite chapters of the book is titled So Much For Hollywood where it is reviewed when the Blaze Bailey fronted version of Iron Maiden played Hamilton. I won’t say whether it’s a good review or a bad review but its friggin hilarious! Also in this chapter, Brent discusses when old members return to their bands after splitting. One of the best analyses of this is Aerosmith where Brent writes and I quote him..

“There is Old Aerosmith and there is New Aerosmith. Old Aerosmith is that slutty Jezebel that would take you upstairs to deliver the groceries at the end of a sloppy late-night boozefest. New Aerosmith was the beautiful prom queen with great smelling hair you were proud to bring home to Mom. Both got your rocks off but one cut through the artifice and did it on a much more primal level.”

That paragraph sums up Aero verbatim! Pure Brilliance!  Wish I wrote that!

No Sleep comes to Full Circle when Maiden announces their Powerslave 2006 Tour! Once you read this book you will know what I’m talking about here!

Don’t let the title of this book fool ya friends, You can be from anywhere in the world and relate as we are all fans of the genre of music.

Geez, how many dudes from Sudbury can actually say they had the personal emails of Tommy Lee and Wolf Hoffman at one point?

Such a Great Read is No Sleep Easily one of my all-time fav’s Get it!

(I must also mention that Brent is now doing a No Sleep Til Sudbury Podcast that you can download on iTunes for free and it’s a great listen as Brent Interviews people in the music industry and just plain music fans on the songs that make there skin vibrate! )


22 thoughts on “No Sleep Til Sudbury/Brent Jensen (2014)”

  1. Well, having spent my formative years in Sudbury in the 80s, I wouldn’t mind reading this! Although, I basically ignored the metal scene at that time, I remember Twisted Sister coming to Sudz, and my sis and I asked to go as a joke (there was no way Mom would let a 9-10 year old go)…

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    1. Sarca a lot of this book you can relate without being a metalhead. A lot of the acts you would know it’s such a cool spin on music and how it can impact …

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My sister and I loved Twisted Sister videos when we were kids! And their music was accessible, and not too HARD. Plus, here was a guy wearing lipstick that wasn’t Duran Duran lol

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      2. Meanwhile my sister hated them, too heavy and weird for her! She did like Motley Crue. She had a thing for guys with spiked hair, and Nikki Sixx’s hair was like static electricity style.

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  2. This book is kind of like your bible in a way eh? I mean I can’t believe I don’t have it right now. I need to get it on my next Amazon order.

    I like that comment about Aerosmith, and of course the Blaze fronted Maiden story…I need to hear that.

    I remember I posted a Blaze-era bootleg review and kind of trashed it. Aaron’s comment was something like, “Oh come on, it’s Maiden, it’s gotta be good!” And then I got him to actually listen to Blaze era Maiden. LOL

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    1. Yeah it is my Bible! HAHAHA…Great call! Brent also goes into some detail the whole Matthew Trippe pretending to be Nikki Sixx deal.
      Tons of stories even does a whole Chapter talking about the 8 Ozzy Sab albums and calls the chapter White Sabbath!
      Way to trick Mr Books! That right there is a chapter in itself!


  3. This sounds great! No better book (or anything for that matter) than one that resonates. Plus, that statement about Aerosmith is wonderful.

    … love the enthusiasm, Deke.


  4. I need to find this book and read what I missed out on. My high school years were mostly in the grunge era which I could never fully get into. Had no idea early Metallica made it to Sudbury.

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    1. You would love it! I have told Brent repeatedly that this book has resonated with me on a whole other level. It can be any one’s deal on the music that they grew up listening too!
      His is Metal and I mean ..the title itself is classic! No Sleep Till Sudbury!
      Plus your supporting a local Canadian writer!
      God I sound like I’m his manager! hahaha


      1. Awesome! Definitely let me know what you think of it! Trust me you will not be disappointed!
        Course you know I’ve been raving about it endlessly hahaha


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