Riot/Restless Breed (1982)


Riot’s Restless Breed back in 1982 was my first Riot purchase.  I had seen the ad for this album in Circus or Hit Parader and outside of the goofy looking seal cover inside this album packed a bunch of NYC street rock filled with riff’s and vocals delivered like a punch to your throat.

Riot I dug and when I reviewed their classic 1981 album Fire Down Under you get the sense that they were real close to breaking it big but singer Guy Speranza(RIP) abruptly quit  and In Through The OutDoor kicking it off its hinges is new lead throat Rhett Forrester(RIP)

Restless Breed gets under way with Hard Lovin Man with a straight kick to your gut like rock track. Rhett sings it like he lived it. The guitars of Rick Ventura and Mark Reale(RIP) are real good with each guy trading off a barrage of solo’s while Rhett just wails away.

CIA features a slick melodic chorus. CIA is a take no prisoners tune. Don’t muck around with the CIA as they will come hunting with their magnum!

The title track Restless Breed is an absolute beast of a track. It starts off simple enough and then ramps up come chorus time. Restless Breed I cannot emphasize how awesome of a track it is. Check out the vid below….it’s live…

When I Was Young kinda has rock radio written all over it as Rhett takes a chill pill and sings the tune and has a galloping like beat to it. Very autobiographical like song.(original version was done by The Animals I believe) Nice guitar work by the boy’s.

Drummer Sandy Slavin  and Bassist Kip Lemming rock the shit of their instruments to start off Loanshark. Rhett is jacked up and collecting payments over due! Tons of ride cymbal..

Hey man the first 18 seconds of Loved By You sounds like Dokken’s Into The Fire but played in a different key mind you. Than again maybe it’s me. Another great rock track. Hey man is Rhett dabbling on a harmonica on this track. Yes siree some one is…sounds like a party going on int he background.  Great track.

Over To You pulls no punches another great song in the Riot catalogue and once again they shift gears into a melodic chorus mind you not losing their edge!

Showdown takes a step back and Rhett is taking a walk out the door on his woman. It’s official a Showdown while Dream Away keeps the Riot hard melodic train a rolling while the chorus has Rhett and the guitars trading off.

To end the album Violent Crimes kicks you square in the crotch. Ouch! No fooling around. Violent Crimes just flats out rocks as the Riot Train may come off the tracks. Great chorus and real cool Bass ripping by Kip!

So here’s the deal…

I purchased this deluxe edition of Restless Breed which includes a 6 song live Ep recorded in July 1982 that at the time  was sold separate and there weren’t many copies floating around. These live Rhett tracks are the clincher with a total ripping version of Swords And Tequila. The other 5 songs on the EP are from Restless Breed.(Hard Lovin Man/Showdown/Loved By You/Restless Breed/Loanshark)

The reissue itself is pretty slick as well on cd. A mini gatefold sleeve. Mini poster and lyrics on the back. The powers that be went all out on this one.

Better yet when I stumbled upon this on it was listed for $9.98(purchased it right away) and a few days later it went up to $19.98??

This is a great hard rock album.

These Dudes in Riot were not Quiet!

29 thoughts on “Riot/Restless Breed (1982)”

  1. Sounds like you grabbed yourself a bargain, Deke! That title track is pretty rocking.

    The Rhett guy’s ending is pretty tragic, though. Fuck.

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    1. Rhett was carjacked and murdered. Never been solved. That happened back in 94. Speranza the original vocalist dies from cancer and Reale passed away from crohn’s disease…
      It was a great deal! Have no owned a copy of this since I had it on vinyl years ago!
      The fact that it included the live 6 song Live EP was the clincher!


      1. Yeah they don’t know if it was a failed car jack or a drug deal gone haywire.
        Too bad this band like J has had its share of tragic…but we still got the tunes….

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      2. Yeah I flipped through the Popoff book and basically Rhett got shot still drove his car and actually drove it into a cop car at which time he died…
        don’t know if it was a shady drug deal or a carjack …

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      3. All this bad stuff happened later on which is never a good thing but it’s really too bad as they had the songs and presence to make it..Shitty luck along with management issues and add to that record company politics…

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      1. I finally was able to listen to Restless Breed. The first listen was so so for me, but since traffic was so bad going home I got to go through a second time and it started getting a lot better. Songs started standing out like Hard Lovin’ Man, Restless Breed, Loan Shark among others. I probably wouldn’t have liked it when I was younger, but I am seeing the appeal now. I will keep listening. Thanks.

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    1. Yes I scored a CD! Hahaha….Always wanted the 6 song Live EP. Rhett is right off the rails but keeps it together….
      Your Right Slavin drummed with Frehley and before that Adam Bomb….
      On Slavin’s Facecrack page he posts a lot of Riot antedotes which is kinda cool and of course the Popoff book was a great read as well…..

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    1. Ha! Well the message I was trying to get across was this is NYC Street Rock…basically a punch to your throat and a kick in the nuts…hahaha…
      Guess I should put a disclaimer on the post…Bring a cup …

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    1. Geez I dunno Bop!
      What’s even funnier is I barely browse Amazon but the Boss(Suzi) was ordering a new keyboard so I just thought hmmmm…Riot? Bingo we got a winner!


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