Europe/The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show.(2017)

30 years ago already? Whut? EUROPE unleashed the mega selling The Final Countdown back in 1986 and it’s kinda funny as if we were to talk about my listening curve with Europe back in 1986.

The Final Countdown had some great rock tracks like Cherokee/Danger On The Track and Rock The Night.

Course the song The Final Countdown song and video was played to death (will say that Europe Guitarist John Norum plays a great solo on the track)  as was the ballad Carrie(no comment) but things kinda went south for me when Lead Singer Joey Tempest sang into a Heinz Ketchup bottle on the Rock The Night video( I posted a story about Joesph and The Ketchup Bottle)…

So Europe basically that year 1986-87 flatlined for me. Even when Europe released in 1988 Out of This World it didn’t do it for me(my brother Todd bought Out of This World on cassette tape) even after hearing it. Superstitious was a great track still though….

Than EUROPE closed up shop and then in the year 2000 EUROPE reforms with the same 5 guys and they still continue on to this day which is remarkable as they look  and sound in decent shape. Case in point check the vid below with a recent tune from 2015’s excellent War of Kings album called Nothing To YouKiller track with Norum soloing like a lunatic on  guitar! Norum is an underrated guitarist the guy is a genius on the 6 string….

The first part of this show is the full War of Kings album played in its entirety. A great slick move as Joey and the boys are like keeping it fresh and current and just not relying on some huge nostalgia only rock act….

So here comes in 2017  the actual  release of the Final Countdown show recorded last year and it features a ton of tunes. On the first disc as i mentioned EUROPE plays a bunch of new stuff from the War of Kings release. These new tunes stand up well.

Remember earlier on I was talking about my listening curve with EUROPE?!

Let’s put it this way Joey and the boys have blended on there last few releases  the sonics of Deep Purple and UFO into their music and have become a great straight ahead hard rock act that know the role of the keyboards just as UFO did in their heyday.

Funny how time changes one’s mind in this case whereas I have no problem listening to EUROPE now especially with the recorded output they have recently put out in the last few years.

I cannot say the same about Bon Jovi currently and even UFO for that matter. Now don’t get me wrong folk’s what I mean is when I do listen to UFO or Jovi it’s a certain era. UFO its everything from the brilliant Strangers In The Night to Making Contact. For Bon Jovi it would be Slippery thru to Keep The Faith. Basically anything these bands have put out since than I really couldn’t care less about…

EUROPE on the other hand its a role reversal with Jovi and UFO…

Europe has ramped up there sound/mixed things up sonically(hiring Rival Sons producer Dave Cobb was a brilliant move) and have made it interesting to say the least! Speaking of which EUROPE has a new album coming out this October titled Walk On The Earth. Friggin rights I’m getting it….

I can listen to Europe in 2017  whereas  in 1987 I had issues with them! Haha..

Better late than never!


32 thoughts on “Europe/The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show.(2017)”

  1. Europe didn’t get back with the same 5 guys…They came back with 6…and then Kee decided he didn’t want to do it so it was just John Norum.

    Yet ANOTHER live album I need to get caught up on. Too much stuff coming out man.

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      1. Yeah man they have…they got the vibe and having Dave Cobb produce as well is a total score….
        Love the raw edge and not to much polish he brings to the Rival Sons and Europe albums…


  2. If I never hear Final Countdown again, I won’t be upset. Saying that, I still find this release interesting and I might pick it up one day. As far as their more recent releases, they have all been great. I like it better than the old stuff.

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  3. I hated most cheesy 80’s keyboards. The Final Countdown was one I hate for that reason.

    The last time I heard it played was at a KW Walmart. A guy that looked a lot like Joey Tempest was playing it on an electronic piano in the music section. He was rushed off by a frantic couple before I could inquire.

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  4. I’ve never heard a Europe album ever. Now I’m scared to case there’s messages planted there by evil Joey.

    This sounds like a pretty good release, though. Live albums are all the rage.

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    1. I love live albums! Aerostoned’s Live Bootleg and the two Kiss live albums(Alive and Alive 2) blew my mind even though I still say Kiss Alive is my top 3 of all time Kiss studio album’s…

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  5. Wait a minute. Europe have been counting down their final countdown for 30 friggin’ years??? That’s a long time to be counting backwards. I wonder what number they started at…

    Hey I was wondering, when Europe tours, touring Europe makes sense. Europe in Europe. But when they go elsewhere, it sounds like the whole continent is touring, like Europe’s North American tour… I sure hope they played with the wordings for this stuff on their t-shirts. There’s comedy gold in there, I know it.

    Good on ya for getting into the new stuff, Deke!

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