Cuss You!

When I was starting to dabble with music in the late 70’s it was a whole different time period growing up. From a musical standpoint when I first heard KISS and there track 100,000 Years I was shocked as a 10-year-old…

Did the Lead Singer of Kiss, Stanley Eisen sing what I thought I heard sung?

“I’m sorry to have taken so long
It must have been a BITCH while I was gone
You mind if I sit down for a while
You’ll reacquaint yourself with my style”

Whoah! Did I hear the word “Bitch”. Think about it for a second. I’m 10 years old snot still dripping from my nose and I see these 4 dudes in Makeup on a KISS album called The Originals at my pal John Youngs(MIA) place and these guys KISS not only look Hellish but there cussing even if it’s one word!

Speaking of John Young. His older sister had this greatest hits album by a band called Nazareth and a tune called Hair of The Dog where lead singer Dan McCafferty  growls in his Scottish accent…

“Now you’re messin’ with a
(A son of a bitch) now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch
Now you’re messin’ with a
(A son of a bitch) now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch”

HA…Nazareth get there point across where the line Son of A Bitch is sung 30 times on the track! KISS you have been dethroned by these 4 Scot’s …..

It’s funny as about 10 years later Guns N Roses hit the pot of gold with Appetite For Destruction album and it’s basically an anti everything record. In it though Axl Rose drops F bomb after F continually and basically goes to show you how far the F bomb had come.

Course I was 20 when Appetite was released so I wasn’t fazed but kinda funny as my younger brother Todd was getting into music in 1987 at the age of 10.(Just as I was as a 10 yr old discovering KISS) Appetite was his album and what not. My parents were always cool with this music being played in the house. I mean we weren’t burning down churches/robbing bank/drug dealing…well it would have been fun to have hoped on the NightTrain…

Sure there are other forms of music that Cuss/Cuss/Cuss like Rap and what not but I can’t really speak about that stuff but if someone is reading this feel free to angle another spin on it….

The most clever ever Cuss on an album hands down comes from Aerosmith on the all time greatest live album ever titled  Live Bootleg!

Dream On (recorded in Louisville Kentucky 1977)of all tracks! Yup the ballad of Aero! The song that shot them into mega stardom and with the ever clever Steven Tyler at the mic Steven sings the Cuss word so quick….I’m not telling you what it is ..listen to the vid posted

Check it out at exactly the 2 Minute 8 second Mark!

Sometimes less is more and Steve-o is the Champ at  Cussing Slyness!

25 thoughts on “Cuss You!”

  1. I remember when I was 10, it was so cool to hear a cuss word on a song. Sadly, now I hear it sometimes and wonder…what was the point of that? You could have been just as effective if you would have phrased it differently. Now, that is only when my 10 year old is in the car with me and a cuss word comes on.

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    1. True…Even Hetfield who cussed like a trucker back in the 80s during Metallicas live shows has really chilled out with the language at the live shows nowadays…..
      I prefer it that way…I mean I can’t even listen to Ozzys Live N loud back when when it was released due to all the cussing…maybe live but after a while it gets tiring….

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  2. GN’R was my first ‘parental advisory’ moment. It was immense. Parental unit #2 popped her head around the door asking, in horror, what I was listening to. #1 laughed at the poetry of Get In The Ring.

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  3. I went to Kmart with my parents who were cool enough to let me roam stores on my own. Somehow / someway I had enough cash to buy the album (appetite) so behind their backs I rushed to the tape department and bought it. Big time sweating going on as I was quite the puss with getting into trouble.
    I rocked that album for a long time on the headphones until I had the confidence to sit by the volume dial and drop the sound for all the “parental advisory” parts.

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  4. For some reason I wasn’t shocked by that Kiss “bitch” reference when I first heard it as a 10-year-old in 1976, yet a year later my friends & I giggled at Hall & Oates’ use of the same word in “Rich Girl” (“it’s a bitch girl…”), maybe because it was played all the time on Top 40 radio. A couple of years later The Charlie Daniels Band frightened the puritan radio censors in “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” forcing them to change “I done told you once you son of a bitch, I’m the best that’s ever been” to “…you son of a gun…” for the single release.

    Pink Floyd was the first band I was aware of that used the F word (on Animals) and they also mentioned “do goody good bullshit” on “Money.” And of course The Who famously asked “Who the f**k are you?” Those are the musical cusses that had the biggest impact on me.

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    1. Rich, thanks for adding these tracks as well! Charlie Daniel’s absolutely totally forgot about that one!
      For sure The Who but by the time I really got into the Who was 1982 and I was already sonically wrecked by than…hahaha…
      Pink Floyd never knew either of those lines in those songs …
      Great comment…


    1. I just discovered Jonesy’s Jukebox on youtube where Steve interviews all kinds of Musicians/Actors etc!
      Check it out if you haven’t….
      Some funny ones like the Ozzy interview….

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