Iron Maiden: ‘The Book Of Souls:Live Chapter(2017)

So today at work on my coffee break as I was scrolling my timeline on FaceCrack out of nowhere comes direct from Iron Maiden HQ’s the news that Maiden is releasing a live album to coincide with the recently finished Book Of Souls tour.  Here comes the live album!


That was my first reaction. My second reaction was to show my pal at work Deaner the Maiden posting as well!  This came out of nowhere and what a pleasant surprise as the studio album and tour were stellar!

November 17th 2017 is when this bad boy drops and I CAN’T WAIT!

The packaging looks spectacular! Check out the pics below! 

Must also mention that Maiden is going to stream the Concert Video of this album for free at a date to be determined.

The full show recorded at various points round the globe!

The track listing is as follows!

01. If Eternity Should Fail – Sydney, Australia
02. Speed Of Light – Cape Town, South Africa
03. Wrathchild – Dublin, Ireland
Children Of The Damned – Montreal, Canada
05. Death Or Glory – Wroclaw, Poland
06. The Red And The Black – Tokyo, Japan
07. The Trooper – San Salvador, El Salvador
08. Powerslave – Trieste, Italy
09. The Great Unknown – Newcastle, UK
10. The Book Of Souls – Donington, UK
11. Fear Of The Dark – Fortaleza, Brazil
12. Iron Maiden – Buenos Aires, Argentina
13. Number Of The Beast – Wacken, Germany
14. Blood Brothers – Donington, UK
15. Wasted Years – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Posted the live version of Speed Of Light at the top of the page that Maiden dropped today as the lead single from Live Chapter!

Maiden to this day still know how to do it right!

Up The Irons!

22 thoughts on “Iron Maiden: ‘The Book Of Souls:Live Chapter(2017)”

    1. Yeah I need this on vinyl …man its got me drooling like a 18 year old again when Live After Death came out….
      But I will preorder this on iTunes as soon as I see it ….for the audio but going to need the physical copy of this as well!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely….the only North American track on there!
      I was originally scouring the location of the recorded songs and hoping maybe a Minneapolis track would have have snuck on there but they probably couldn’t edit me out from hollering Bruce/Arry and Nicko all night!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeppers J! Lots of Maiden! This one I’m pumped about as of course its the tour I seen and the songs from Book of Souls just soared sonically live.
      People are gripping about it being to latest album set heavy! I don’t give a shit about that as long as your album in my mind is strong than go for it and Book of Souls was one of those…
      Than again these same people will gripe when Maiden shuts it down permanently and nothing comes out….

      November 17th….BAM!

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      1. It seems strange that folks would gripe about the amount of Book of Souls tracks on a live album named, eh, Book of Souls: Live Chapter. Kinda gives it all away doesn’t it? I tell ya, Deke, sometimes people just like to moan.


  1. I will definitely be getting this – a memento from the tour! There’s a Montreal track but no Toronto. Alas.

    The track list is a wee bit different – we didn’t get Wrathchild or The Great Inknown. We did get Tears Of A Clown and Hallowed Be Thy Name. No matter, it’s all good!

    Here’s what we saw in Toronto, for comparison’s sake:

    If Eternity Should Fail
    Speed Of Light
    Children Of The Damned
    Tears Of A Clown
    The Red And The Black
    The Trooper
    Death Or Glory
    The Book Of Souls
    Hallowed be Thy Name
    Fear of The Dark
    Iron Maiden

    The Number Of The Beast
    Blood Brothers
    Wasted Years

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