Bryan Adams/Live At Wembley(2017)

This is a live Bryan Adams (1996) from London England  and back in 96 I was kinda starting to get leery what Adams was doing. His album at the time 18 Til I Die was ok to say the least. The title track is real good though. Check it out below thanks to Mr Vevo!

After 18 Til I Die I basically bought one more Adams album and that was it. I will go on record right here saying that guitarist Keith Scott is brilliant. If you don’t believe me ask Ed Van Halen.

So here we are in 2017 and 21 years later comes this Live At Wembley show which thanks to John at his site 2loud2oldmusic had mentioned on his Friday New Release Post about this album.

Off to iTunes and Bam, another purchase. Thanks John!

Adams opens this 24 song set with The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You followed by Do To You which features some nifty like Keith Scott riffs with the aid of the harmonica. For a couple of newbie tracks these cut across pretty good live.

Of course with this album Adams biggie record Reckless is featured predominately and why wouldn’t it! It sold millions and millions . Out of the 24 songs  7 are featured. You know the usual one’s (Heaven/Kids Wanna Rock/Somebody/Summer of 69/Run To You/It’s Only Love which features Melissa Etheridge) are represented from Reckless  but the one I was glad to see here was She’s  Only Happy When She’s Dancing. I dig the Stones like riffage of Adams/Scott with the guitars during the chorus. Such a Great Track!

There are a few goofy spots in the track I Wanna Be Your Underwear and that Robin Hood Track two songs in which I never really dug….

But out of 24 ( which also includes a few cover songs as well) tracks that isn’t to shabby and just like Reckless,1991’s release Waking Up The Neighbours(great studio album wishin House Arrest was on here) has a bunch of tracks as well especially Touch The Hand and There Will Be Never Be Another Tonight which are great songs featuring the driving drums of Mickey Curry.  Everyone goes on about the songs on Waking Up as being like Def Leppard. Course they are as don’t kid yourselves folk’s as producer Mutt Lange has more of a hand in the sound of Leppard than ya think.

In other words Mutt Lange writes how he writes and that’s his deal. Artists like Lep/Adams and Twain made zillions of dollars ..

Back to the task at hand….

Live At Wembley being a 1996 recording is a welcome release in 2017.

If you need a fixin of Adams N Roll. Wembley will do the trick!

18 thoughts on “Bryan Adams/Live At Wembley(2017)”

  1. Reckless and Waking Up The Neighbours are still the only Brian Adams albums I know, so it’s good to see there’s a chunk of material from those two…

    I used to love the Robin Hood track. It’s the guitar solo that got me. It was number 1 here for about 4 years!

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    1. 6 years more like. It was the only record my wife and I had 2 copies of when we put our records together. We’d both gone and bought it the day it came out without hearing it and both thought it was crap when we did get to hear it.

      I just think Adams wimped out so much after Reckless, chasing the dollars.

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      1. Thought Into The Fire was a sleeper album and an exact opposite album from Reckless which i thought was a brilliant move on Adams part as Into The Fire wasn’t sides 3 and 4 of Reckless…
        Guess both u and the wifey dug that underwear track since u both had copies!

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      2. I’m actually a sucker for it. First Ryan Adams album I owned, having bought the cassette in one of these 6 for for 99p each deals (thanks, Britannia Music Club). I will find it on vinyl one day and bask in the glory of that Robin Hood guitar solo (always felt the video needed Kevin Costner walking out the castle and playing that solo… kinda like Slash in the video for November Rain).

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  2. I’m just glad he stopped working with Mutt. The songs that worked, worked…but the song titles are virtual indistinguishable from Shania Twain song titles. He sure does love his “!” in a song title doesn’t he?

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