Vinyl Queen!

Last night my daughter Lexie ended up at Sunrise Records and scored this album for her Dad(moi)!

Queen/The Game!!!!

If you recall Queen were one of the first bands along with KISS/Cheap Trick/New England/AC-DC that I had discovered when The Game was released back in June of 1980.

Queen had their own sound and did not sound at all like the four bands mentioned above  and the fact that they could lead off an album with a track called Play The Game and keep this 13-year-old at the time amused is impressive to say the least!

Always loved the silver shiny cover which was opposite of all the dark colours used on most albums. The band decked out in leather and Freddie Mercury is mustache less as well! Ha!

This album inside is pure brilliance and I’m stoked to get this again!

Lex was pumped to buy this for me as an early Bday gift and she didn’t want to wait to give it to me as she has heard me for months now babble on and on  at how classic this record is and how  much of a music game changer  it was for me.

My babble only intensified  as Lex and her twin sister Lauren were in their High School production  of We Will Rock You. Lex said she couldn’t believe it that Sunrise had it and she said it was no brainer purchase as only copy of The Game was stocked!

Thanks a bunch Lex!


By the way friends. Read Sarca’s great post about music that she just put up on her site which led me to post this little Queen snippet.

Click Below..

Here’s the link to my Queen The Game Review from a few years back!

SONIC WAVES……Queen/The Game




31 thoughts on “Vinyl Queen!”

  1. Good find. Queen is one of the all time gray bands. We went to see the Magnus production of We Will Rock You and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s awsome that your kid is into it. I love that my youngest listenes to queen.

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    1. Great call! We cracked it open and played a few tracks before Lex went to work!
      Dragon Attack/Need Your Loving/Don’t Try To Suicide and Coming Soon….
      She loved the sound of it and plus the fact that her Pops was digging it…


      1. Yeah please do…would like to read it! Watched a few youtube clips of MegaDave and it looks like they got a ton of lights and even use of Klaus Smoke Machine…

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      2. I’ve seen them a few times so was ok.
        Would have liked to see the new lineup.
        The thing is, the show start was 7, and Megadeth was on right at 7 and done before 8.
        I saw a ton of Megadeth fans leaving as I was walking in.

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      3. I met up with a buddy.
        He brought his teen son and his son’s buddies.
        They are in a metal band. They were only there for Megadeth.
        I think since Megadeth is thrash that metal fans enjoy them.
        Many metal fans would feel Scorps are too old and/or not metal enough.
        I know Scorps won over the young dudes I met last night.
        They were absolutely awesome last night.

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    1. HA! The cool thing is that though she won’t listen to my music all the time she will hang out and listen and let me ramble on about certain albums…
      Hell a few weeks ago we listened to Styx’s Killroy Was Here together….
      She has an open mind when it comes to music whereas i’m the one trick music pony!

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  2. Yes! Awesome gift… your lass knows what you like, Deke; you’ve clearly brought her up right!

    As for the review of this one, I seem to have missed that one! I don’t know too many Queen albums and it’s not one I’m familiar with, but I think I’ll need to prioritise that one on the strength of your review and this post!

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    1. Yeah its too bad they shut down touring in North America after 1982!
      I know for me The Game is a musical game changer in my world!
      Just how it impacted me when I heard it and it still resonates huge with me to this day!
      As if you can’t tell! hahaha

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