BIG SUGAR/Brothers & Sisters, Are You Ready?(2001)

Yes indeed Brothers and Sisters this was Canadian Act BIG SUGAR’s fifth studio album released back in July of 2001!

Now for those around those parts of the world that have never heard of BIG SUGAR that cover says it all. That would be Sugar founder Gordie Johnson on the cover with that Double Neck Gibson which he still flings around t0 this day!

(Speaking of Gordie he’s good pals with the Black Crowes and has also produced a bunch of the Government Mule albums as well.)

If you recall from my blog posts from this past  July.  Big Sugar showed up to our 3 Day Blues Festival and in my opinion stole the weekend as Gordie J showed up and mowed the crowd down with his Double Neck Gibson  and back catalogue of Sugar Hits from years past like The Scene/Diggin A Hole/Better Get Used To It and not to be outdone previewed a few new tracks that are so good that I will preorder the next Sugar album when GJ decides to drop it!

Space Rock Reggae is the sound that Gordie has described Big Sugar as but to be honest with you. I can add in a side order of mid to late 70’s ZZ Top guitar rock and Big Sugar basically  mash’s up  the two styles that collide on the Very Excellent  Brothers & Sisters,Are You Ready?

My Fingers are sooooooooooooo Greassssssssey!

From the opening sound of a car  motor rev in and squealing out to the simple yet powerful Bass Line of Garry Lowe leads right into Gordie’s guitar and its such a wicked tone as he lays down slithering riffs of delight on the opener Red Rover. What a cool ball of rock genius …check out the video below and oh yeah ..Crank It!

Nashville Grass follows with a wicked like Sabbath attack on the 6  string and basically keeps the pace going right into She Left Ashes which Gordie and crew ease  off of the gas but I just love the simple yet effective use of the production on this album as it sounds raw and no polish is anywhere evident on any of the albums 14 tracks!

Nicotina(She’s All That) was the  debut single from this album and is just a flat-out good time ZZ like track featuring  Mr Chill on the harmonica. The video is classic with a bunch of lady friends that will no doubt make my pal’s Rockin Roberts & BMellis H-A-P-P-Y!

Butterball is just like the title implies! This song is Greasey with a cranked up fuzz Guitar with some ladies dong the backing vocals during g the chorus! Real cool like shuffle with this tune…

Big Sugar digs deep with their own Space Rock Reggae on tunes like Bump On The Head,We Could Live and man I dig so much Gordie’s opening riff rock of Pretty Bird.

Such a great sound that comes across!

All Hells For A Basement is another Super Duper Tune that is like a mashup of Sabbath/ZZ Top as the song rocks in a real Space Rock Way but basically with a Sledgehammer cracking ya over the noggin!

Gordie and Crew finish things up with his electrified version of O Canada

Big Sugar is a great band and even though Gordie shut down Sugar for a few years he’s back with a few new players in his band (Including his wife) but make no mistake he still means business!

Check these guys if they come around your neck of the woods! You never know as Gordie is based out of Texas now!

Pic below is from this past July when Big Sugar rocked the masses in Tbay!


8 thoughts on “BIG SUGAR/Brothers & Sisters, Are You Ready?(2001)”

  1. That’s neat to hear that Big Sugar now has a wife/husband combo – I like that visual of the double neck guitar taking care of business at the TBay blues festival too Deke!


  2. My first time seeing Big Sugar was in a small club in Kitchener, probably 92 or 93.
    Back then Gordie wore a Hugo Boss suit, so my buddy wore a purple suit (they were in then, I had one too) to the show.
    It was cramped, super hot and sweaty.
    Big Sugar killed it. It was the loudest concert I ever saw.
    I think my ears just stopped ringing.


  3. ALL HELL FOR A BASEMENT! That song still gives me chills. I would recommend this album to J, just for that one song. Yes Nicotine is on it too…but honestly this is one of the songs that is so good, it would be still worth buying a shitty album for.

    BTW – Gordy is semi-regular on our local radio station, he has co-hosted with them before and he is by all reports one of the most laid back cool guys ever.

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      1. I saw Big Sugar a few years ago at a bar in my hometown. I stayed after to get my stuff signed. Gordie was awesome. We chatted about Big Sugar, Grady, Wide Mouth Mason and Gov’t Mule. Mike is right, he’s a cool dude.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Never got to see Big Sugar in concert, and I’m pretty sure I never had this record (I think?) but I know a lot of these songs so I must’ve heard a friend’s copy or something… all this to say I love Big Sugar and I am remiss in not having this one in the collection. Thanks for the reminder Deke! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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