Jimi Hendrix/Are You Experienced(1967)

Was gonna keep it under wraps out in blogsville but Mr Books aka Aaron from Keeps Me Alive sent me this awesome Birthday Gift that came in the mail today!

Aaron said in an email to me earlier in the week that I could open it upon arrival  or wait til my Birthday(Oct 8th ) to open it.

Well,  today when I got home after work my eldest daughter Kylee who flew home from Kingston to surprise this old sack of bones last night as well  told me when I kicked off my sneakers that I had a parcel that was in the shape of vinyl!

Not waiting or happening to Sunday so to speak and the unboxing began!

Blown away and as I told Aaron I have never ever owned any Hendrix vinyl (just a few CD’s)and here we are in my soon to be 50th Year and Mr Books hits a grand slam out of the park!

Thanks a bunch Aaron!


28 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix/Are You Experienced(1967)”

  1. Hooray! I’m so glad you dig it! I just knew I wanted to find a kick-ass 50 year old album for your kick-ass 50th!

    Can we expect a full review after you drop the needle? 😉

    Even better, you daughter arrived to surprise you! FAMILY!

    Happy happy on Sunday Deke! Rock on! COMMUNITY! \m/ \m/

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    1. Yes i will review it and yup the kid is back in town but off to hang with her friends…haha..but thats ok….shes back to Kingston Tuesday morning am….
      Great to have her around….


    1. Like I told Danica its always nice to get cool things from your mailman occasionally!

      Both Sue and myself had no idea Kylee was coming home. All three girls pooled there cash together to make it happen….

      Great kids!

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    1. Ha Thanks Geoff..its been a great weekend so far..
      The vinyl count is pretty cool for someone turning 50…
      Queen/Jimi/and two Maiden albums along with a few gift cards to our local shop and Sunrise records as well will add to that total!
      Forgot to mention that my sister ordered me Maidens Live After Death as well but it hasn’t gotten here yet!

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