Ever wonder about those Dudes and Ladies who are onstage playing behind solo acts such as Billy Joel /Pink/Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper?

Hired Gun is a fantastic look at the touring and session players in bands that no one talks about but have a huge impact behind the solo artists name that appears on the marquee!

A ton of session artists give thoughtful insight and stories on what its like to be a touring/session artist….

Lots and I mean lots or artists tell the tale of looking for work. Playing radio jingles to pay bills anything to keep the income rolling in…

Some wild tales and some actual not so cool endings like drummer Liberty Devito from Billy Joel’s band who discusses how Joel’s band had the all for one, one for all mentality but with success comes greed and once Joel realized he had been the subject of  fraud to the tune of 90 million bucks by an x-manager Devito says Joel became paranoid with everyone around him and one by one guys started to be replaced by Joel.

Devito sums it up best by saying your actually never fired  from your gig but you never actually called back to it. That’s what happened Liberty after a ton of years drumming for Joel.

Rudy Sarzo talks about the whole band dynamic once guitarist Randy Rhoads was killed and Brad Gillis talks about how it was like to play the first bunch of shows replacing Rhoads with kids flipping him off night after night.

This segues right into Jason Newsted and Jason explains how replacing a member that has died that is loved is no easy task. Newsted explains how he survived those early days with Metallica where he was paid $500 a week for a year until they made him a full-time member in 1987.

Some good ol Cancon in at as well with Phil X*** talking about stints in Bon Jovi but the real cool stories come from another Canadian Jason Hook who played with teen acts like Mandy Moore and Hillary Duff but was spotted by Alice Cooper  and Alice snagged Hook for Coops band.

Which in turn led to Hook joining Five Finger Death Punch as an equal member. I quite enjoyed Hooks analysis on what it takes to make it and the drive you have to make a full-time living at it.

It’s amazing all the cool stories that these Hired Guns talk about. How about Ray Parker Jr talking about the whole Ghostbusters song and the phenom it became!

Of course there is some resentment in the Hired Guns that play in Richard Patricks “Filter”.  Quite the attitude from the frontman and at the opposite end the Hired Gun Bass Player…two different opinions on how one should be treated. Interesting stuff….

I could go on with a ton of stories but you get my drift and should really make the point of checking this Doc out! Just watch the clip posted. You will get Hooked!

*** I still got an issue with the comment that Phil X made when he was ‘Hired” by Jovi and the word was around the campfire that Richie Sambora had quit due to Money issues at which time Phil X commented to the effect that he wouldn’t leave his house for anything less than 10 Grand a month which I thought was a douche statement…

Here read this for yourself….from the Toronto Sun…

“Filling in for Sambora on the tour is Phil X, a Toronto native who, according to RumorFix, is earning about $10,000 per month – far less than Sambora’s estimated $2 million haul.”

On Twitter, Xenidis said the website is “full of s***” because  “I wouldn’t even leave my house for that salary.”





21 thoughts on “HIRED GUN(2017)”

    1. I know its out in the stores and its also available at iTunes to buy or rent….
      It’s real good…Five Finger Death Punch is not my deal but Jason Hook is one smart driven dude. Great speaker as well…

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Very interested in this, Deke. The session musician is often overlooked and certainly don’t get the credit they deserve! Good to see there’s some recognition and light shed on their unappreciated talents!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will dig this John.
      So many tales and nothing about debauchery as that has been played out a million times.
      This is just the story of Hired Guns…and what they have to go through,,,
      Cooper gives awesome insight as well as do others….
      You will love it

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    1. No theres really no sordid stories. Each person that is interviewed keeps there employer out of the nitty gritty ….
      Just a real good doc to watch…


  2. This sounds awesome.

    Cool to include Ray Parker Jr.
    Even though he got pretty big in the 80’s, he probably had to slug it out in the 70’s.

    I wonder how much the fake Joey Tempest is getting paid.

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