Hanoi Rocks/Two Steps From The Move (Bonus Tracks) 1984

Gotta thank HMO who sent me a copy of the extra disc that was added to Hanoi Rocks “Two Steps From The Move” Rock Candy reissue from a couple of years ago.

It’s hard to believe that in an instant that this band grinded to a complete halt in December 1984 after drummer Razzle was killed in a car driven by Vince Neil.

I’m not going to get into the whole deal with the accident so to speak but i will say that Hanoi to this day in my humble opinion has put out a game changer album that when I purchased this back in 1984 it easily became of my all time fav’s  in my little world of rock.

When Hanoi limped to a couple of farewell shows in early 85 that was it until they regrouped many years later but it didn’t really interest me. What does though is anything from this era of Hanoi(1984).

So with the reissue came a bonus disc of live and studio tracks. Lets check it out shall we!

Don’t You Ever Leave Me(12 inch single) is tweaked around somewhat with some kind of echo added during the chorus when Razzle smacks his snare drumSinger Micheal Monroe sings the verses and chorus in english but the spoken word part that starts the second verse has guitarist Andy McCoy speaking in Finnish(I think,haha).

The next three tracks Back To Mystery City/Until I Get You/ Mental Beat are live tracks that I believe are all from the live All Those Wasted Years double live album from 1983. Three great tracks that has Hanoi firing on four cylinders as a punky/glammy act.

The three studio tracks that follow the live tracks are a little out there. Magic Carpet Ride/Oil and Gasoline are almost psychedelic trippy like tracks that to be honest fall way short of the classic Hanoi sound.Lets go with an experimental Hanoi here.

The third track Shakes has an almost Clash like vibe to it. Kinda neat actually as this is pre Two Steps Hanoi perhaps trying to figure out there sound.

Now here’s where it gets real good….

Four live tracks from the BBC featuring Four classics from Two Steps are played…

Leading the charge is I Can’t Get It.  Considering Monroe had that glam frontman look down I always dug that under that pretty boy look the fella had a bit of a growl in his voice. With this track being played live they keep the tempo to the same pace as the studio track. McCoy tosses out a real gnarly like solo that blasts some heavy metal licks mixed with a shot of glam syringed in….

Underwater World features Monroe not only on the vocal but on the sax as well! Underwater World oozes a cool groove as Razzle pushes the pace while bassist Sami Yaffa and guitarist Nasty Suicide keep the rhythm machine moving.

If Vince hadn’t tanked this band, Don’t You Ever Leave Me would have been a huge single. It had all the trimmings of a super classic single without sapping out. Razzle drives the bus on this track while Monroe delivers a great vocal and McCoy dials up a super solo.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams has an old Aerosmith like swagger to it and is such a great song with quick little tempo changes that just make the song soar.

This bonus disc is a great time capsule but its the last four live tracks that are the real score here. I wish there was more live Two Step Hanoi kicking around….

Thanks Scott!


13 thoughts on “Hanoi Rocks/Two Steps From The Move (Bonus Tracks) 1984”

  1. I feel like I should have liked the hair bands more than I did, since I really love the 70’s glam stuff (Sweet, Mott the Hoople, Bowie, NY Dolls, etc). But for whatever reason, never got into it. Still, great post. Thanks.

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    1. Funny enough other than the look I never considered Hanoi Glam. Always thought they had a lot more depth and swagger than the other acts that were applying eyeliner back than…

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  2. Hurrah! Bonus cuts! And hurrah for HMO! It’s down to that chap that I have some Hanoi Rocks in my collection, too! Although he is without a doubt the most evil man around, there’s a streak of kindness in him (don’t say that out loud, though).

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