Damon Johnson/Birmingham Tonight (2017)

Damon Johnson is one talented cat folks! No only did he front his own band Brother Cane (excellent debut) but he also was a member of Alice Coopers band and is currently playing with some Thin Lizzy dudes in an act  called Black Star Riders.

It was on Facecrack that rock scribe/podcast guy Mitch Lafon had a post about DJ putting out a live album with a bunch of Solo/Brother Cane and some other musical nuggets along the way!

My only concern was this going to be an whole unplugged kinda deal as I’m burnt out on the whole acoustic thing.

This my friends is not! This album rocks from the opening track Horses & Needles to the last track a blistering harmonica driven rocker Got No Shame. 

The production is live sounding. Direct from a bar stage!

Basically 16 tracks of Hard Rock. Great vocals the band that backs Johnson is  tight. The guitars of Johnson and Tony Higbee are wicked as at times they play like there is no tomorrow!

A ton of highlights here including  Hard Act To Follow/Fools Shine On and a scorching hot cover of Lizzy’s Boys Are Back In Town make this album a must own!

9 thoughts on “Damon Johnson/Birmingham Tonight (2017)”

  1. Not a name I was familiar with, but this does sound really good. And I know what you mean about the acoustic thing… I’m kinda tired of those releases too, so an actual proper plugged in live album is a welcome thing.

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