Greta Van Fleet/Black Smoke Rising(2017)

You know it takes a lot for me to purchase any new rock nowadays but in 2017 it has been two bands that have made me take notice.

The first act was Royal Blood and now the second is Greta Van Fleet.

At work we have a radio playing our local rock station 94 Fm that I swear to god are funded by 3 Doors Down as they play those guys continuously to the point where my head feels fuzzy and I get nauseous whenever I hear “Kryptonite” or that “Hear Without You” sap track!

Having said that!  One afternoon with the radio blaring a song came on that my pal Frank The Tank commented with a “Holy Shit these guys sound like Zeppelin!”

I agreed it did sound like Zeppelin and what not but I had no idea who it was as myself and Frank where saying these fella’s sounded decent!

Maybe a day tor two later Frank spun into work and said “Those Zeppelin like guys names are Greta Van Fleet!

Highway Tune is the track that is elbowing its way to a ton of play here in Tbay when 3 Doors Down isn’t hogging the airwaves!

BINGO! We got a winner! Thanks Frank The Tank!

Off to iTunes and for $4.96 I purchased the debut 4 song EP from these dudes who look real young but have dug deep into the old school sound of rock and hey for sure there are a ton of snippets of Zep smatterings throughout! Who cares! A good song is a good song and these Cats have the chops to back it up! Must also mention that down the road GVF will be releasing two more EP’s to make one full album. Kinda a smart move for a new band. Make your EP available at half the cost of a full LP! Interesting……

Dudes of Greta…

  • Josh Kiszka – lead vocals
  • Sam Kiszka – bass guitar
  • Danny Wagner– drums 
  • Jake Kiszka – lead guitar

Cool that the band features 3 brothers so there must have been some real serious jamming going on down in Mom and Dads basement!

The 4 songs…Highway Tune/Safari Song/Flower Power and Black Smoke Rising are all killer tracks, Huge Drum sound/Killer guitarist/Bassist and excellent Lead Vocals. The production has indeed a total 70’s vibe. I read an interview with one of the guys and he said they grew up listening to a ton of vinyl so that  explains the Zep deal but I’m sure as they move forward they will carve out their own identity  and figure it out..

For now though this is a great little ass kicker EP that you should all check out….

23 thoughts on “Greta Van Fleet/Black Smoke Rising(2017)”

    1. Tons of Zep but these cats are young enough to figure it out and they will…
      Just read they got there batch of songs dropping in the middle of this of month so we shall where that leads…


  1. Safari Song is the latest single…but I really think Black Smoke should have been. It goes beyond the whole Zep sound into something new. I predict big things and I will be buying the next double EP as soon as it`s out!!

    Glad you are into these guys Deke!

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  2. Agree with Mike, Black Smoke Rising is awesome. It was the one song that didn’t sound like Zeppelin and is my favorite on the album. I haven’t picked this one up yet as I will get it when I get the double EP that is about to drop. BTW…is a double EP just an album??? What makes it a double EP??? Only 8 songs???

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  3. No denying it’s good to see a young band that are into their old rocknrolla, but listening to these guys just makes me want to listen to Led Zep. Very talented, no doubt, but as I mentioned over at Mike’s, it’s just a bit too derivative for me.

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      1. Totally… it’d be mighty boring if we liked the same thing. We’d have a list of “this is great” posts followed by “yes it is”.

        However, the most important thing is that we agree on those two… cause they are undeniably awesome. Plus, not agreeing over them is the kinda thing people fall out over, innit! Haha! 😃

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