Whitesnake and more importantly David Coverdale has  been in the press lately promoting the huge mega selling 1987 album that featured the classic Still of the Night single amongst others!

This reissue intrigued me as to Dave went the extra mile and added bonus tracks that were not on the Canadian version originally along with a live show from 1988(more thoughts on that below) and as fellow blogger Destroyer of Harmony states the real ticket here are the demos that were finally made available 30 years later to hear how these tunes were constructed!

This is a monster reissue  with 44 tracks, clocking in at 3 hours and 57 minutes!

The Demos as of right now I cannot stop listening too.

What you get is Coverdale and John Sykes creating the songs we have heard a million times over yet at their earliest stages with just Dave and John jamming with Dave jibber jabbing words trying to make sense and add words to the guitar riffing of Sykes.

You can hear as the song progresses from its earliest stages as Coverdale has basically dubbed in as the song goes along to the actual demo form with the whole band playing. Basically the evolution as the title implies.

The 11 songs that make up the demo portion are as Destroyer stated are GOLD!

Sykes is a fuckin monster on these demos! His playing is ferocious on these demos! He alone is worth the listen as you hear him figure stuff out and as the song progresses to the solo sections he takes off!

Beyond a doubt he is brilliant!

Still of The Night begins and you can hear Dave figuring out words and John noodling around. Whats even cooler you hear an actual telephone ring in the background  and Dave adds “he hears the bells ringing” Amazing stuff with  Coverdale clapping along to keep a beat as Sykes riffs and before too long you hear the song advancing to the actual demo stage and the solo is magic!

Bad Boys has a drum machine and at the beginning is in slow mo but as the song progresses you hear them speed up to the point that its faster than the studio version that we all have heard!

Straight from the Heart has a whole different chorus as Dave sings Love Drives You Crazy. I cannot believe these stayed buried for 30 years! Dave noodles around on a keyboard while John and him fool around with vocal lines.

Crying In The Rain is an absolute monster on the demo. Sykes destroys the six string during his solo as drummer Anysely Dunbar and bassist  Neil Murray hold down the fort!

Listen to the song posted above which is Is This Love where Sykes blazes a huge solo at the end of the demo. So friggin good!

Children of the Night in its earliest form is a great track. I have always loved this tune. Sykes just cranking out huge riff after riff….

I never understood Coverdale’s motive for firing John Sykes/ Anysley Dunbar/ Neil Murray and producer Mike Stone as soon as their parts were done but after listening to these demos I see why!

Sykes is the deal here and it sounds like Coverdale wanted all the fame which is what he got but don’t forget the dude who wrote the riff’s!

Sykes though was smart. To this day he collects 50 percent of the publishing off of this album and perhaps thats why he doesn’t do too much publicly!

After Sykes was booted Coverdale hit the road with a whole new version of Whitesnake which featured Vivian Campbell/Rudy Sarzo/Tommy Aldridge/Adrian Vandenberg.  Added on to this deluxe 87 album  is a live show from Tokyo from 1988.

This audio show is ok to say the least as its heavy on the 1987 and Slide It In albums but the guitar work especially during the solos are disappointing to say the least as neither Vandenberg or Campbell have the firepower that Sykes brought to the table!

Basically Adrian and Vivian took these solos to the shop! A butcher’s shop that is. I don’t get it as Vandenberg on his own solo material is awesome as was Campbell in DIO/Def Leppard but in Whitesnake its a different sloppy ball game. Maybe a bad night in Tokyo? Too much hairspray? Too much Tawny?


I wonder if Sykes has ever heard this live show? If so he is probably laughing and he must have really laughed when on the 1988 MTV Music Awards (I think it was) when Vandenberg used a violin bow during their performance of Still of the Night!**

No wonder Robert Plant went bat shit crazy when he seen that!

** I checked and watched  Vandenberg as he does indeed use the violin bow during the Snakes appearance on the 87 MTV Awards! Watching it gave me a chuckle how Coverdale took what he and Sykes created and flushed it down the crapper by this performance just to sell a few more million copies!

I miss the 80’s!



39 thoughts on “Whitesnake/Evolutions(2017)”

    1. Thanks Danica!
      This is one of the better reissues as it seems no stone is left unturned!
      If your going to shell out any dough for any kind of reissue consider this one!
      It’s a monster!

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  1. Brilliant… that’s what these deluxe reissues are all about, eh? Labels shouldn’t bother releasing them if they don’t have demos and live stuff to throw in.

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    1. 4 hours of Snake!
      Mind you this album for many including myself is etched in our memories but not hearing it for so long its been a good revisit!
      I cannot believe how good Sykes is on those demos!
      2 words come to mind!


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      1. I only heard this album a couple of years ago. Again, it was one that I ignored cause I thought it was 80s hair-rock material. Turns out I like it.


  2. Ugh, the violin bow! In your opinion, was Vandeburg miming that part? I cannot imagine how you’d play that with a bow. Sounds like volume swells on the knob to me, but you never know.

    I really badly want this but have to hold off for now. Thanks Deke!

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    1. I think its one of those all time ‘Fake Moments” who knows beyond silly as Sykes probably puked in his mouth when he seen that!
      When you get your mitts on this Mikey u will not disappointed….
      Wish iTunes would have dropped a digital booklet with it but oh well!

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      1. Booklets are one nice thing about a set like this.

        It does kind of bug me when there is a previous “deluxe” edition and then it gets beefed up even more, but this one is well worth it and makes the original deluxe completely unnecessary. This is the stuff that (for better or worse) we have been asking them to release for years!

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      2. Yeah I avoided the last one as it had nothing other than the studio material with Sykes. The live stuff was just featuring his current band at the time….
        Crap deluxe, this one more than makes up for it!

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      3. I hate when they put stuff from the current band on there. The current band already has a live album coming out! Two Whitesnake releases for one Christmas….

        Crap deluxe indeed. I know I’m going to be really happy with this one!

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      4. Yeah I bought that Made in Britain/Live Album a few years back and listened to it and its alright but I don’t know I just have no motivation to even spin it anymore with that rotating lineup….

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      5. It’s hard to keep track of the band. I can’t remember the bassist currently…or the keyboardist! I know on drums it’s still good ol’ Tommy Alridge…who incidentally played in John Sykes’ version of Thin Lizzy.

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  3. Deke, great review. The Evolutions disc is freakin’ sick. The best thing about this reissue. I flipped out when I heard Sykes on the Still of the Night Demo…Unbelievable how awesome that was. The whole concept of blending the demos through different stages has set a new standard for me for demo releases. Genius idea. Dead on with the Live show to. I am glad I have a live show from ’88, but it was lacking.

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    1. Thanks Mr Snow!
      The demos are beyond brilliant!
      SOTN as you said is crazy good as Sykes takes over but for me its the Crying in the Rain demo where he just lifts off! Unbelievable that Cov would fire this band and move on…
      Coverdale got away with it back than but you see now how he went from being musically fit with muscle car in Sykes on the studio stuff to driving a pinto with that 87-88 road band…

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      1. True I think Cov felt threatened by Sykes why? Who knows but listening to these demos you can hear how Sykes takes everything to another musical level….
        Rock Candy had a great interview with Sykes back in February and man he still is pissed at Cov..30 years later…

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    1. These are nothing short of brilliant Geoff…
      Its amazing how shortly after Coverdale canned the whole band and along with it an excellent songwriting partnership with Sykes that Coverdale has never recovered from…

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    1. A total shame as Coverdale after he canned Campbell in 88-89 hired Vai to do his wacky doodle stuff in Whitesnake! Vai worked well with Roth but not to ears anyways with Whitesnake!
      Funny thing is with that Vai Snake album Vandenberg didn’t play any guitar as they said he had a hand injury so Vai did it all…but what I read was the hand injury was not true…..so who knows….
      Fuckin Dude Rock Band Drama…

      I love it! haha


    1. The demos are Gold as I had mentioned! Sykes and Coverdale figuring stuff out as the demo goes through its evolution from start to finish is mind blowing….I can’t stop laiteneing to it!


      1. I dunno….perhaps the touring side would drum up some decent business but as far as recorded material? Doubt it but with Sykes doing squat he might have built up a huge empire of cool rock riffs…..

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