Vinyl Hunting In Montreal! Part 1……


DATELINE/ Thursday October 26th 2017/ Montreal Quebec.

F.Y.I- This is a 3 parter….Today Part 1!

As many of you folk’s know I recently had a huge Birthday! My best pal of the past 4 decades TBone along with his cool wife Christine decided to take moi to Montreal for 4 full days of whatever we wanted to do. The only thing that was scheduled was to take in a NHL game between the New York Rangers(My team) and the Montreal Canadians (Tbone’s Homeboys) Saturday night at the Bell Centre.

Christine sat this trip out as she knew that myself and T have not done a dude road trip in about 15 years! The last one was back in November 2002 to go and see Rush  down in Minneapolis….

It’s been awhile….

It was only a few weeks ago I found out about this getaway so one of the first dudes I contacted was fellow Blogger Aaron from the KMA Blog as I knew Aaron had mentioned in some blogs that he lived in Montreal for a few years so I knew Aaron would be the go to for the cool record shops.

By Golly Mr Books did not disappoint!

In a matter of minutes Aaron replied to my email which he basically told me about 3 cool Record Shops and sent Google map info on where they were located in town. I quickly forwarded Aaron’s email to Tbone…..

Montreal here comes Tbone and Deke’s!

So once settled in our hotel it was time to plot our course so after a great Burger and Beer(at the Burger Bar) it was off on foot to our first Record Store stop and that was Cheap Thrills which is located in what looks like an old house and after you enter the porch you head up what seems like a set of crooked stairs  into Cheap Thrills.

Upon entering you walk right into a bunch of vinyl. Sealed section is kept separate whereas  all the used vinyl and books(tons of books) are spread throughout there own section. This place has a chill vibe amongst its employees to say the least.(ha) I wanted to score  on this trip  some CULT and Hanoi Rocks vinyl but came up short which by the end of our time in Montreal was no big deal!

Tbone dug in and started looking for me but to no avail so I moved on as I did not have a set plan to buy anything  but I give Cheap Thrills credit they had a decent supply of The Tragically Hip sealed albums and the one that caught my eye was Road Apples* which is one of my all time fav’s….

I wasn’t ready to commit on that first day in Montreal  as I wanted to see what the other stores had before I took the plunge. Moving forward if were keeping score I did return to Cheap Thrills 3 days later and purchased Road Apples (sealed) and Billy Joel’s Glass Houses** (used). They even had Ozzy’s Blizzard of Ozz used for about $14 but I dunno why, I just passed on it.

Definitely a cool place to check out. Total chill pill like environment as you could spend hours in there and the sales staff would not care as long as you brought Rolling Papers or a Bong!

Funny thing was while I was browsing away from the sales counter in the used bins T was by the sales counter and overheard the sales dude say “that fella over there has the copy of Road Apples” so I guess there were seeing if the Hip stuff was going to move out of their bins.

Well it did!

Coming up ….

Deke and T meet Spike!

*- It was cool to score Road Apples on vinyl as I had mentioned to Tbone that the Hip came out at a time(1989) right in the midst of the CD Generation as apart from the EP and Up To Here which I owned on cassette tape all the other HIP albums I owned  were all on CD’s!

**- What can you say about Glass Houses? The only Joel album I have ever owned  and probably ever will at this point as its so good from the opening You May Be Right. Billy is a partied out mess on this album which are the kind of tales/songs I tend to lap up as a listener!

Check Back On Wednesday For Part 2!



14 thoughts on “Vinyl Hunting In Montreal! Part 1……”

    1. It’s all good! Joel can bring it when he has to though its sad how he dismantled the band one by one.
      Hired Gun (documentary) explains it all…


  1. LOVE Glass Houses! And Road Apples of Course!
    Glass Houses has a couple of my all time favourites (All for Leyna, Sleeping with the television on) by any artist.
    Looking forward to parts 2 & 3 of the trilogy Deke!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Geoff!
      Those are two great tracks from Glass Houses! You cannot go wrong with any of that album now can u?!
      Road Apples sounds so good! Had Lex sample some of sonics and she liked the fact that it was a raw sounding album….
      Great kid to say the least! hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yas! Record shops! Crate digging! Coming home with Records tucked under the arm is great, eh?

    I don’t know that Billy Joel album… only one of his I know is An Innocent Man, which, now don’t say anything to anyone, I like. This one is recommended, though? I’ll need to have a wee look next time I’m in the Record Fayre.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hooray for Cheap Thrills! Man, I used to work in an office a couple of blocks over, so I spent many a lunch hour in there. I’m so glad they haven’t fixed the stairs and everything looks pretty much the same. So much good stuff in there on any given day. Dammit, now I wanna go to Montreal again!

    Nice scores too, by the way. Cannot go wrong with the Hip and that Joel is cool (you’re right on the “partied out” score. I see it at work now and again, coulda got you one cheap (thrills)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Considering I payed $6 for Joel thats not to bad! And It played well scuffs…
      Told Lex the other day I made out all right for vinyl in October!
      17 albums I got 10 on the trip 7 for my Bday and still waiting for Live After Death that my sister ordered but yet hasn’t 2 gift certificates I haven’t used…

      Liked by 1 person

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