Bruce Dickinson/What Does This Button Do?(2017)


We all know about Bruce Dickinson’s  resume which includes Fencing/Beer Brewing/Owning and Operating  his own Aviation Company/ Licensed 747-757 Air Line Pilot/Solo Artist/Book Writer/Cancer Survivor and that band  he sings for. The Mighty Iron Maiden!

Here come’s Bruce telling his story and if your wondering Bruce used no Ghost Writer in this book! Everything you read in this book is from his own handwriting as he wrote this book in between shows on Maidens Book of Souls World Tour (  ironically enough Maiden releases the Double CD Live Chapter  which is out today!)

Bruce tells his tale from his early days of growing up/being bullied at various boarding schools until he came across someone in their room at school playing Deep Purple.

Bruce found his voice so to speak and this is where the book lifts off and he writes about his earliest bands right into his first professional band that being Samson.  In Samson he was given the name Bruce Bruce( which he hated) and from there caught the watchful eye of Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood.

I’m not going to give away too much about the Maiden stories in this book as there are some fascinating insights on those Maiden albums from the 80’s. I will say that if you’re looking for any kind of dirt on anyone go look elsewhere as Bruce mentions that he will not discuss anyones business as if they want it discussed they could write their own book!

Well played move by Bruce! He does write about the dynamic between him and Steve but keeps it professional in the book.

Course he mentions about his solo career(Bruce gives a very detailed look at the time he went to Sarajevo to play a show. There’s a picture in the book that shows what bullets can do) and leaving Maiden in 93 yet returning 6 years later and since than they have not stopped!

Aviation plays a huge part in the  Bruce story as well as taking on Cancer and beating it and coming back stronger than ever!

I could have jammed a ton of stories in here but that would take the fun out of it so better yet pick it up and give it a read!

Ok ok there’s a cool story about Bruce, a Domintrax and a Dungeon  taking place in Halifax Nova Scotia circa 1984!

Ha..I’ll leave it at that!

Total MUST Own!

23 thoughts on “Bruce Dickinson/What Does This Button Do?(2017)”

  1. I spotted this one in the supermarket! An interesting chap for sure, so I expect there’s a whole bunch of interesting stuff here… and it’s pleasing that he’s stayed clear of throwing in stories that others haven’t told themselves, though I bet there are quite a few he could have shared!

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    1. Well Steve and Bruce were piss in vinegar in the 80s as one of the first things Bruce said to Smallwood was “I’m not going to be singing to the back of the bass players head on stage” In other words they staked out there territory….
      When Bruce returned in 1999 Harris asked Bruce why and Bruce stated “We can do big things” Harris said “sounds good to me” and they were off….
      Mind u Harris bought Bruce a trampoline so he could excersize when he was recovering from Cancer …Bruce said it was one of the best gifts ever he has received!
      Ok one more Gers before he played on Tattooed Millionaire was about to sell all his gear and get a degree when he bumped into Bruce. Bruce told him “do not sell your gear and if u do I’ll buy it and u can use it!”
      Of course in the end it all worked out for Gers!

      Great stories….

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      1. Believe it or not I did know these stories! Unreal about Gers. That album introduced him to Maiden fans and we’ve loved him ever since!

        And I knew about the stage territory thing. Literally, “this is MY spot.” “Well it’s MINE now.” And that’s what made them SO GOOD LIVE!

        The trampoline is such a sweet gesture! Man, I need to get this book. Say no more. Ummm hey how bout them Leafs.

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      2. Yes I’ve plainly heard enough to know what I want to know. This is a long time coming. One of the great rock and roll lives that needs to be told about. And the fact that he did it respectfully is really nice. Not like when you buy a book from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

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      3. The Stanley book was good especially the stuff he battled through with his deformed ear and such…
        Bruce has written a book about himself with a different angle…
        Thats what makes him so fascinating

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    2. Actually I recall reading Mick Walls Run To The Hills book on Maiden that Gers flat out refused to dish the break up of when Bruce left Maiden….now we know….
      Both are solid guys…


  2. I really loved this book, in particular the non-Maiden parts

    As for the Maiden parts, I enjoyed them as well but to be honest I was expecting more. He kinda glossed over the albums when I wanted insights into tracks and his thoughts on them.

    I would of also liked to hear his side of Mission from Arry but its omission isn’t too irksome.

    He was also skimpy on his thoughts on Blaze (which I really wanted to hear).

    All in all a great read, especially the not well documented non-Maiden times, but despite its large size, lacks some detail in regards to the Maiden years

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