Iron Maiden- The Book of Souls/Live Chapter(2017)


Mikey Ladano posted on FaceCrack that he was posting his review of Live Chapter the same day it came out but the catch was he was posting it at Two Minutes To Midnight! Awesome Idea so for a first time ever Blogger slider move I have as well  posted my review of Live Chapter  at the Two Minute To Midnight mark as well! Another first is I have never reviewed a new release album on the day it hit the shops or in my case iTunes and today is the day of new  Live Maiden(Nov 17th/17)

As You Were….

Once again Iron Maiden  have taken this fanboy for over 36  years and have delivered an absolute monster Live Album called Live Chapter that has basically knocked me on my ass!

IT’S SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Following protocol there is a ton of “Scream for Me(insert city here) through out as well!

Live Chapter is taken from various cities(15 songs from 14 cities) that Maiden visited on its Book of Souls Tour in 2016/17!

The album opens with Book of Souls opener If Eternity Should Fail. First of all Bruce Dickinson is on fire on this album. His vocals are stellar. Course Maiden have aged. Bruce is about to turn 60 but who can sing and do that scream and have the energy that he has? Yeah exactly…no one! He is the deal throughout this album. I still love the outro of this song with that piped in vocal “Good day my name is Necropolis’ especially when I heard it live pumped at what over a 100,000 Watts  in Minneapolis! Beyond Awesome!

Speed of Light and Wrathchild complete with that Dickinson wail just keep the momentum moving forward! Crank Wrathchild the video that I posted below from  Live Chapter!

Children of the Damned is a great version from Montreal Quebec as Bruce intros the song in French! Nice rip of the guitars during the solos and I have to say Nicko McBrain’s drums mixed by Tony Newton and Maiden Bassist Steve Harris sound exceptionally brilliant! Added points for Nicko’s Gong Smash at the end of the track! Tbone! We need to catch the next Maiden show in Montreal at the Bell Centre! Just saying!

That was the great thing with this tour as they mixed up old classics with a steady blast of current songs and why not as Book of Souls is right up there as a great album in the Catalogue of Maiden! Death or  Glory featuring Bruce telling the crowd to “climb like a monkey” while Adrian Smith actually dabbles with a bit of slide guitar on the solo to shake it up a bit!

Steve Harris starts off The Red and Black with a little jam out on the  Bass and the song is 13 minutes of all things Maiden! Lotsa Vocals/Lotsa Riffs/Lotsa Tempo Changes/Lotsa everything mixed in!  You get the picture right?

Course no Maiden show would be complete with out the inclusion of The Trooper! Song is so powerful live…Great Adrian/Dave Murray soloing while Nicko just drums like its nobodies business!

Ok I gotta say Powerslave has to be in my all time Top 5 ever Maiden Tunes! Dickinson wrote a classic here folks! Love the aggression of the guitars during the verses yet the chill out avenue  the guitars go before the solo’s ramp up and Dave Murray  lifts off as his fingers burn that fretboard during the solo! Not to be outdone I love as the solo’s wrap up and Nicko does his patented McBrian drum rolls. My brother Todd can confirm this as when Nicko played this part at the Minneapolis I basically lost my shit!

The Great Unknown another newbie is a great tune as it builds and builds up to the chorus. More great soloing and holy hell that’s all I can keep saying is the playing is monstrous on here!

Ok just a few paragraphs back I said Powerslave would be in my all time Top 5 Maiden songs of all time! The tune Book of Souls would be as well! Steve Harris and Janick Gers composed a standout track and Bruce’s vocals soar on this song during the chorus! 10 minutes and 49 seconds of pure sonic brilliance all wrapped up in a fantastic track and BAM another smash of Nicko’s Gong and song just shoots into a whole other level! Maiden go bonkers and Gers when he’s not flinging around his six string and doing aerobic workouts delivers an absolute stunner of a solo!

The classic Fear of The Dark has more sizzle in its step live as Maiden just rock it non stop. The chops are huge! Iron Maiden (the song) ends the main portion of the show and we all know  Eddie pops up behind Nickos drums after Harris and Nicko do their bass/drum swirl a whirl and Kaboom Maiden is done!


Number of The Beast leads off the encore and Bruce blows out our eardrums with that wail! Wail away! The Boys play this track like its 1982 all over again! No dip whatsoever  in the Maiden Music Chops Section folks!

Blood Bothers is another newer Maiden track but when I say that its already 18 years old! Blood Brothers is a fantastic Irish Jig like boot up you backside and Bruce delivers the chorus in spades. Tons of solos and Tons of Bruce dipping and diving in the upper and lower registers of his voice!

Wasted Years wraps up the whole shebang! Adrian Smith wrote this tune which is my Bro’s fav  Maiden song! Love the riffing at the beginning of this song and its basically Maiden writing a single but with a sledgehammer taken to the side of your noggin! But man give it up for Adrian Smith as he has a flair for writing a real cool rock single without pussing out!

Well what can I say! This album is brilliant from start to finish! The production is crisp with a little roughness added to it to not make it sound weak! Steve Harris bass is mixed deadly! I think its the best live album mix of Harry’s bass tone since 1985’s Live After Death! Bruce is brilliant! Janick/Dave/Adrian fling wicked leads throughout and Nicko holds down the fort and as well his drums sound deadly!

Live album of the Year! Easy Peasy! 




27 thoughts on “Iron Maiden- The Book of Souls/Live Chapter(2017)”

  1. OK you’ve convinced me. I didn’t think I needed another Live Iron Maiden album but you’ve made quite a case for his one and it’d bbe nice to have a memento of last summer seeing them in the same place I watched them 22 years earlier.

    And Blood Brothers is 18?? We can’t keep calling everything after Bruce returned new anymore can we?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Your right I guess we can’t call Blood Brothers new anymore! HA…time flies!
      You won’t be disappointed with this album. Promise!
      Where did u see them live….?


  2. I saw them at Donington in the U.K at the Download festival. The last time I saw them there they were touring Fear Of The Dark.

    They released that whole show as a live album and it was a phenomenal gig.

    Last year they were still just as good but the whole site was a mud bath and people were suffering in the crowd as the weather was merciless.

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  3. 2…minutes! to midnight…

    Well done Deke. This was super fun, reviewing “live” so to speak last night. I’m glad you did too!

    So without going and repeating anything you said, I will add that my only disappointment was that I didn’t get the deluxe CD. It would have been nice to match my Book of Souls deluxe. But it was too expensive at Sunrise so I went with the standard jewel case. No biggie. As soon as Jen got home last night I popped it in and got at it. Over 2 hours later…I finally had something to eat! LOL. What a night! It was fun chatting last night while rocking out to this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ton of fun…I had started it when I seen your post about reviewing and than later adding that u were posting at 2 Minutes To Midnight!
      Brilliant move and I was all over that! hahaha…
      I’m not good at rushing stuff out that quick but i wasn’t doing much and it was cool talking Maiden with you and doing it on the fly!
      How much was the deluxe at Sunrise?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Sabbath I preordered as well and I listened to “After Forever” The sonics sound good and Ozzy sounded good in there studio as well! OOOOPS meant to say sounded good live!(Ahem!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Itunes just thad the straight live show …..
        I need to listen to it but man its tough to focus when one is a heavyweight like Maiden and they both drop the same day!


  4. Brilliant review, Deke. You and that Ladano chap are really enthusiastic about this one. As I said over at his place, I was tempted by this, but Causa Sui’s new album was an essential (plus I picked up a few other things). I’m sure I’ll pick it up at some point down the line.

    A lot of tracks from Book Of Souls on there, though… could have done with some variety… haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well fir myself I’m ok with the Book of Souls material being on there as Maiden has so many live albums out that cover all different eras of the band.
      Glad to see they are not just a on trick pony nostalgia trip act

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Completely agree. I think if a band has that many live albums, you can’t really grumble that they’re focusing on their latest studio album, eh?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Your right as Maiden seem to document each tour with a live release….
        Rush started doing that as well ..
        I like the format as the current studio songs go up a little in tempo when they are played live!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I was always weary of live albums, but I’ve certainly been won over a bit by a fair few in recent years (not all new releases, but some albums I just hadn’t heard!)

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